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Do you want to experience more happiness, fulfillment, bliss?⁣

you can create more happiness in your life instantly if you identify and use your god given gifts towards a cause or mission.⁣

show me a person who has a cause, crusade or mission in their life that they are passionate about, and they use their best gifts and talents towards that cause and i’ll show you someone with the recipe for happiness, fulfillment and bliss. ⁣

one of the most fulfilling things i do is use my natural gifts to touch millions of people's lives. if you want to experience more happiness, try using your natural gifts for the benefit of other people.⁣

very few people invest enough time in themselves to identity their own gifts . they see gifts or talents in others , but don’t give themselves the gift of⁣
identifying their own gift!!!⁣

the good news is every human being has them ! and they are unique to you .⁣

is it your intellect, humor, intensity, passion, communication ability, compassion, nurturing, listening, speaking, strategy, critical thinking, beauty, kindness, teaching, strength , determination, strength, faith, engineering, math , creativity, art, music, relationships, calmness? etc etc ...what are yours? ⁣

come on! quit for one second being so critical of yourself and tell me and you something you are great at!⁣

the first step is to identify 3 of your gifts! i guarantee you every single one reading this post has at least 3 natural gifts. be proud of it!⁣

one of my natural gifts is being able to identify natural gifts of others. i make it a ritual. whenever i meet someone new, i identify one of their natural gifts and tell them what it is!⁣

once you've identified your 3 gifts, be intentional about using those gifts in your everyday life to help you chase your destiny, fulfill your dreams and serve other people. ⁣

it’s an amazing feeling to know you are gifted and acknowledge your own greatness ..yes you!⁣

share one of your natural gifts in the comments! or tag someone you think is gifted and should read this ! #maxout
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I had a dream that i was fine. i wasn't crazy, i was devine. ✨
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Early christmas present 😙
its so easy to let yourself go 'a bit' when your a mummy. time to focus on myself a little bit more.
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Stop doubting yourself...
you have greatness within... credits :- @millionaire_mentor
doubt kills more dreams than #failure ever will. as we close off this year, it’s the perfect moment to look back and celebrate all our victories. it’s also a good time to see if perhaps we didn’t take certain #opportunities because we doubted ourselves. one reality that has come up over and over again in this past year is that amazing people often underestimate what they are capable of. ✊
may you be kind with yourself and others and embrace going for it no matter what #fears are looming in the back of your mind. that little voice that makes you doubt yourself will probably always be part of your journey as it is with most of us. the trick is not believing it.
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Do not let anyone treat you like you are anything less than you deserve. you get what you settle for, so aim high and surround yourself with those who see your worth, who love you, who respect you, who encourage you and build you up to a higher level. ✨
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Christmas season 2013 and 2018 with my wonderful nephew. the difference between these photos, besides an obsession with star wars and sharks, and nearly 75 pounds for me! i no longer get exhausted at the idea of having to keep up with that 6 year old energy. i'm able to play on the floor and climb with him. i'm able to have the mental focus to listen to him tell me facts about sharks and volcanoes, then switch to singing the empirial march and nutcracker suite. 74.7 pounds and counting has given me so much life and freedom!
what do you want to gain as you lose? let's talk about your dreams. let's do the december dash together!

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All you have to do is be the best version of yourself and keep allowing god to work on you!! as long as you have breath in your body and air in your lungs, god can still use you‼️
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Progress//self confidence
i actually built up the courage to call the endocrinologist and make an appointment myself instead of waiting for a doctors referral. i've waited long enough for someone else to advocate for me, so i advocated for myself. i have an appointment january 15th at 8am and i'm so happy i didn't wait for someone else to make that call.

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Raise your hand if you sailed through your high school years without a care in the world.
bueller...bueller? anyone?
i didn’t think so. me either. 😩 high school is hard! between navigating the social hierarchy, managing school work, and dealing with the strictest parents in the world (hang on a second, i just got a flash back of a convo with my son 😂😂), adolescence can really, really suck.
add some acne in there for good measure and what have you got? a recipe for low self-esteem, that’s what.
if our #unblemish regimen existed back in 1987, that’s all i would’ve asked for at christmas. 🎄#truestory .
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Sophia's got her santa suit on and she's ready for christmas! whether she's dancing the night away with her girls taking groupies or she's going solo to her company party she makes the most of the season! because sophia's brain is trusting of others she can relax and have fun! how does sophia do it?

sophia isn't aware that she's doing anything special. remember she grew up in a family where she felt safe and loved. no wonder she has a more carefree attitude. it's easy for her to be comfortable and just be herself.

for the rest of us, we can learn from sophia. sophia is a role model for nora and isabelle. she shows us how to trust, relax and be lighter hearted. ⠀

what can you specifically learn from sophia?⠀
1️⃣ don't overthink the holidays and get stressed.⠀
2️⃣ positive energy is contagious. try to be upbeat, and gracious, people will respond positively back.⠀
3️⃣ be more flexible, in your attitude and ideas about things. be game for last minute invites and dates. ⠀
4️⃣ tell yourself, i am enough! sophia never questions her value or worth. she looks in the mirror and says, i'm good enough!

while sophia isn't perfect, she does have a nervous system and brain that are both calm and relaxed.⠀

other techniques you can practice to be more like her.⠀
⠀ ⠀
🔑breathing meditation, yoga, and exercise to calm your nervous system. ⠀
🔑 cognitive behavioral therapy and reframing negative thoughts to help you see things more neutrally.

having a calm body and mind and thinking rationally help sophia be lighter in dating and her relationships. ⠀

raise your hand if you are either naturally sophia, or you want to be like her this christmas 🙌 🙌
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during my holidays in ibiza this year, i met the beautiful spot "cala xarraca". we (my bestie and i) found a rope-swing in the water and decided we could make supersweet and pretty pictures of each other on it.🏝️☀️
we thought it could look "super sporty and special."
➡️as you can see - my results....the only sporty thing was my face!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂
i tryed desperately to stand straight on it and to "look good" but i was not strong enough + this rope hurt (!!!) me so bad - everywhere! - it was impossible🙅🏽‍♀️🤣
(the pictures of my bestie are looking like "a mermaid in paradise" 😭🧜🏼‍♀️😍)
at the end i really do like these pictures, cause they showing the truth + telling this funny story.
and i was thinking about @karinairby_raw who is clearly an inspiration to me! 💞
this is me - it's not "society-perfect" - and i love it! ❤️
always trying to fit in is so, so exhausting. we should be true to ourselves way more often!
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“you’ve changed” – probably one of the most negatively connotated statements ever! this is one of those things that people say right before they’re going to break some bad news. but, why is change bad? change is the one thing that’s inevitable in the natural world. change is physical proof of growth, development and transformation. ⠀

it’s a beautiful thing to change. change shows that you’re open to new ideas, new perspectives and new habits. next time you think someone’s changed, take a step back and think of it from their perspective. give them the benefit of the doubt. they’ve grown in their own way. because one day, you’ll be the one that changed and you’re going to wish that your friends or family took the time to understand your growth. ⠀

i have so many people tell me that i’ve changed, now that i am so passionate about spreading this knowledge so openly on social media. but the truth is, this is who i really am. i’ve changed in the fact that i’ve stopped hiding what i’m passionate about. i’ve stopped keeping my thoughts quiet. i’ve stopped letting everyone else dictate how i need to be living my life. ⠀

change is inevitable, so instead of resisting it, let’s welcome it. comment below with “i am open to change” and see where that takes you! 👇🏽⠀

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#transformationtuesday 😂😂 exactly 1 year apart. first picture i was about 9 months pregnant, second picture my daughter is almost 11 months old. so grateful that i'm able to workout at home and keep losing this weight. also thankful i figured out better lighting. 😂

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The best compliment you can receive is “you look happier”. #happylife #myjourney #mylife #momlife #ginger #loveyourself #selfconfidence #selflove
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All of my christmas presents are wrapped already, so i guess you could call me santa claus. or your majesty. i’ll answer to either. i have access to a throne now👑
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