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jenr24 Haven't shared much on my weightloss but i have lost a bit over 20lbs in the past few months...i found some jeans in the sale rack a size smaller than i used to wear 🙌🏼 they said $19.99 but rung up to $3.97!!! double yay!!
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#cynty blackberry
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#selfcrush👄😜😲😘😍 #selflove 💘❤💝
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SFU Passion to Lead
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sfupassiontolead We have a contest for you all, send us a photo of yourself to this page with the answer "what does passion mean to you?" and be entered to win some amazing prizes including gift cards to the sfu bookstore, the old spaghetti factory canada, the hive bouldering gym, and rocky mountain flatbread, park royal! one photo equals one entry, and if your answer is featured on our social media, you'll get three additional entries!
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lunaveganista Just did my yoga practice after a long shitty, emotional week and feeling good. i bought some crystals the other day so tonight i'm going to do some meditation with these babies. petrified wood: past life regression work - lots of things have come up this week for me which shows me i have lessons to learn. amazonite: to help me move beyond the fear of my new venture and to help me live to my beliefs and values. to help me channel that positive behaviour. preseli: a strong and powerful crystal that will help me s***p back the layers of my personality to help me get back to the core of who i am and what i'm trying to create. clear quartz: used as an activator tonight. i'm going to cleanse these afterwards (well tomorrow i'm too lazy to get out of bed now) and i'll use them again on the night of the full moon to re-set my intentions! sleep tight x #yoga #relaxation #metime #selflove
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Beautiful Ladies
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beautifulladyoftheweek "let each day be an opportunity to practice more love, more kindness, and more compassion to ourselves and others." - sherrie carnicle 🔸 we are blessed with the gift of today. what will be your practice today? 🔸 www.sherriecarnicle.com photo credit: @kimperina stylist/muah: @makeupbutterfly @mssherrielynne #sherriecarnicle #beautifulladyoftheweek #fitmom #fitspo #fitness #workoutanywhere #entrepreneur #mompenuer #wellness #fitness #workoutanywhere #transformation #strength #practice #love #kindness #compassion #purpose #selflove #bikinicompetitor #fitnessanywhere #coach #kimperina #kimperinaphotography #arizona #scottsdale #johnwooden #picoftheday
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Katie Baxter
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kbax.wellness Young athletes always inspire me✨💪🏼
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jumpingjacksjules Sun in my eyes, wind in my hair, sand in my toes, isn't the beach wonderful?😍 i'm at my grandmas house in michigan these next few days so i'll be a little mia. when i'm here, i don't work out (other than beach walks😍) and counting calories is a no no. at first, this was very stressful to •let go• of my control over my fitness and food. but i've learned the memories and time spent with family are more important than leaving for hours to work out, or pulling out my fitness pal after everything i eat. life is more than calories in v out. it's still not easy, but balance is beautiful❤️ this weekend, i challenge you to be •present• with your family or friends-whether this means leaving your phone upstairs for an hour (or more!) or going out for dinner with someone you've lost touch with and not worrying about how many calories are in those fries and wine (my faves)🙏🏻 enjoy, loves and happy almost weekend!
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⠀ ⠀ 🌿S h e r r i M o o r e🌿
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onehealthynut No excuses.... she is 57. are you ready for a change? you can do it too. let me know i can get you started on the right path to a healthy better lifestyle. i love what it has done and what it is doing for me. message me and let's chat. ❤
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happy2be_ash This taco got me feeling some type of way. or maybe it's the fact that i don't have to worry about another exam for a while 😊 no, i definitely think it's the taco 👅🤤 big, f*t piece of wild salmon, mixed greens and roasted garlic brussels ohhhh dayuummm 🔥#health #healthy #healthyfood #healthymeals #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthylife #cleaneats #cleaneating #eatgreen #eatgreen #lifeafterwhole30 #eatbetternotless #edrecovery #bingeeatingrecovery #wellness #selflove #balance #balancedlifestyle #healthyfats #weightloss #weightlossjourney #myfitnessjourney
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miss_no_excuses I do it for the after selfie 🙃
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Michelle Marie McGrath 💖🌸🌙
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sacredself Aah some #roselove. 🌷flashback to #aletlesbains in #languedoc in #france from one of my trips last year. i've never seen so many amazing roses in my life. this region is just full of them. the perfect flower when visiting sites connected with #marymagdalene - something so special about the land there. so supportive and nurturing. the more we connect to #mothernature & realise we are interconnected, the more we tap into our own innate essence, intuition and wisdom. everything becomes clearer. take 3 deep breaths and ask yourself which part of you would most enjoy some rose healing right now. visualise a beautiful rose blooming within your heart & #wombspace strengthening your connection to the #divinefeminine within. ❤️ #sacredfeminine #sacredself #selflove #womblove #wombblessing #shepower #sacral #heart #goddess #priestess #sacred #dailyritual #sacredspace
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truthseekingirl ❤ beautiful❤ inspiration stay happy, stay positive, stay f*****g madly yourself❤ no matter what others will say. #angelinajolie #angie #angelina #jolke #smile #sorriso #beautiful #beauty #spontaneous #happy #selfcare #selflove #selfacceptance
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Renay Howey 🌿
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renayhowey I'm nearly done with another book that has had me nodding my head in agreement so many tines! how many times do we put off doing something because we'll do it later? or because we trust that tomorrow will always come? in 2007 i was deployed to iraq. it was march 3rd, and i was having a disagreement with a close friend ---> someone i cared about tremendously. by this point though, so many trials and tribulations had taken place and trust had been broken so many tines, that i was just over it. i was frustrated and tired. the next words that came out of my mouth were, "i'm done. just go away. i don't want to see you again." on march 5th that same friend was killed by a roadside bomb. i meant to apologize. i meant to take back my words. i meant to fix it. but i put it off. i put it off because even with brothers and sisters dying every week and our death tolls continuing to climb, and watching violence day in and day out, i still took for granted that tomorrow would come. now, maybe your situation isn't as extreme as being deployed to a war zone or using video surveillance to secure the site of your friend's death will waiting for more soldiers to show up and bring his body back to base. but every day you make decisions based on the belief that you'll always have tomorrow or another chance. people make relationship choices, health choices, and life choices based on tomorrow. but what if tomorrow was the day you for diagnosed with a preventable disease because you let your health go? what if tomorrow is the day you a heart attack because you've contributed to make poor choices? what if tomorrow you contact a seemingly small illness, but your body is not healthy enough to fight it off? what if tomorrow something happens to your child and your not strong enough to help them? time is the only truly non-renewable resource that we have. are you letting it get away? or are you making the best of every day?
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