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prepairnz Yesterday we delivered a healthy relationships workshop at a retreat. when we first arrived the girls were unsure about what self-love meant. at the end of the day, we gave out a blank piece of paper so they could write a letter to themselves. we sat in awe as we were asked again and again for more paper. they wanted to remind themselves of what self-love meant to them. it really is the little things that count. we can't wait to post these letters out to the girls in a few weeks time 💗
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Erica Kristene
1 minute ago
inspire.motivate.ericakristene Flossy flossy on the way to film some major value content for you at the beach! 💕
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6 hours ago
ipunchbitches4fun 👀😝😝#momentsofmine #outofsightoutofmind#magical#loveme #selflove#almostthere#live#ibebored #inthehouseallthetime#moreselfies
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hoogieslastnerve Who can say that they had an awesome tasting delicious chocolate banana mango shake for supper and did not feel guilty? #selflove #beaglemom #maketime #strongemomsrock #momofboys
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Chelsey | 25
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chelsey_vsgjourney Help!!! instagram fam... i made it to third round interviews for a life changing teaching job, which is tomorrow. i normally where a blazer and pumps with a nice top and black pants but i have to teach a sample lesson to fourth graders so i wanted to be comfortable and look approachable. thoughts?! halp! i'm nervous 🤓
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Stephanie Johnson
1 minute ago
😱 i wasn't lying when i said these products will cover anything 💗
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Derrick Clayton Ang
1 minute ago
derrickangcs Day 116 : throwback my jog yesterday nite. just see how much sweaty i get after a jog. can make one 100 plus already. haha.
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Mama Light
4 minutes ago
the_mud_lotus "remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another. working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is a supreme creative act." - ram dass
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3 minutes ago
amsthinks We define what happiness is for ourselves, but it can never be found in someone else, it can only be shared. always remember only you can give yourself the chance to be happy 🌹
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14 minutes ago
rev_yo_engine Mirror mirror on the wall..sorry for the selfies and all 🦋 honestly, it took me a long time to be happy and comfortable with my body. i only started feeling satisfied with my body and body image 3 years ago. - i have stretch marks as you can kinda see. i get bloated and have a little tummy sometimes. i get comments that i'd look better if i lost just a few pounds. but all in all, i'm finally proud with how i look. i know to some people it may sound like vanity, but to me it's self-love. - all seriousness aside..how cute is this madagascar @beachbunnyswimwear kini? it's sold out and i finally found it this week 🤗
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Tayla 🌸
1 minute ago
tayseatsandtreats Wednesday is #humpday..... but everyday is pump day 🍑 - keen for gym tonight even if it is only an upper body day 💪🏼 - had a much needed relaxing day yesterday laying in the sun. got some vitamin d on the buns ☀️ probably the last chance i'll get until winter is over which makes me sad. it's already raining today after such a lovely day yesterday. cold is not my friend ❄️☃️🙅🏼 - 🌸 h a p p y h u m p d a y 🌸
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mercibarajas The main thing i tell my lovelies when it comes to wardrobe for a boudoir shoot is to be comfortable, no need for too much clothing, seriously what's sexier? i'll provide the stockings 😏
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