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Sneak peak from today with @ellenbhansen ✨ (swipe for sooc!) so thankful for fellow creatives who inspire me, push me, and most of all, get me 🙌🏼
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I cannot wait for this sweet girl to join me and my 40 senior reps for the class of 2019. y’all..... i had 4 two years ago, last year 14, and now 40. 40 senior girls that trust me to capture their senior year. i’m in complete shock. i’ve trusted the lord’s plan for me, and he’s given me more than i could have ever imagined. i cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me and my new girls. class of 2018 has been more than i could have ever imagined, and i have gained lifelong friendships from them. so here’s to you class of 2018, for showing out and spreading my name. you’ve been everything to me and i’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. forever my girls. • • • #senior #seniorrep #seniorreps #seniorpictures #seniorportraits #seniorpic #seniorstyle #senior2018 #seniorphotography #seniormodel #classof2018 #classof2019 #bethegood #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #kspwanderer #lindsaykatephotography #murfreesborophotographer #nashvillephotographer #franklinphotographer #buildandbloom #shootandshare #777luckyfish #vogove #featureme
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You know what i love? pink champagne gummy bears 💗
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I have been absent from instagram lately because my family was hit hard by the flu 🤒 between caregiving and then catching it myself, it’s been a rough two weeks. but i’m back! and just in time for the two weddings i have this week 💃🏻💃🏻 booyah!
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Emi • class of 2018 (1/3) some ridiculously adorable photos of my senior emi from her session in the fall with her pup 😍
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Class of 2019 ~ 828senior team forming soon! be a part of an amazing, unique and creative experience throughout your entire senior year. nominations are coming in now. link in my profile for more info. #828seniors #co2019 #seniorpictures #hendersonville photographers #youbeyou
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Senior saturday: did you know that i’m looking to add guys to my team ‘19?? who’s in?? if you’re interested, go find one of my team 17 or 18 reps and see what’s it’s all about! * * jt whs 2018 * * #warrensbsurgseniorphotographer #senioryearmagazine #seniorinspire #seniorsignite #modernsenior #modernteenstyle #teenstylemagazine #seniorologie #seniorpictures #seniorsaturday #guyscanmodeltoo
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Terrennce R Jackson
It’s nothing like seeing your baby girl grow up right before your eyes and all the hard work you’ve done is paying off... senior year . . . . . . . . #family #trjphotography #photography #biscuitpaintwall #blessed #love #fatheranddaughter #houstonphotographer #htown #seniorpictures
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Kyle Burnell
I love the different styles of outfits my senior clients wear for their shoots 🔥
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Perfect Touch Productions
🖤 headshots with @my_perfecttouch starting at only $50 🖤
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Perfect Touch Productions
🖤 headshots with @my_perfecttouch starting at only $50 🖤
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Perfect Touch Productions
🖤 headshots with @my_perfecttouch starting at only $50 🖤
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When her groom sends over an unexpected but very stunning, sparkly gift, her heart overflows with love and it all just has to spill out! such a touching moment for all of us! it's a privilege and joy to be a photographer and to capture these sweet moments. 💖
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jEnNiFeR uMi. 🖤📷🍄
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