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totallycriminal I cry every time emily "dies" even though i know she lives sigh
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johnnymarryme You wanna know who is actually buying followers and a "fake" star? just curriculate engagemen trate. this is well work about instagram. for example. let's see the rate of well-known follower's buyer @shemarfmoore. let's take his selfie pic on 15th august as a sample. it only got 44k of likes and comments. so his engagement rate is 1.9 which is much lower than average. let's move on to @gublergram let's see his latest eclipse selfie. he got 163k of likes and comments, so his engagement rate is 9.8%. wow. just wow. moore's number is too low. why tf do those never-engaging followers follow him anyway only if they aren't fake? lmao. well, here "fake" means "affiliates" and "hired staff in hollywood", which are completely different what audit tools think "fake". for audit tools, the real people who made their accounts just for checking their idols and not for communicating with their real friends are all fake. ridiculous. when we hear "bought followers" we rather think those who are hired to promote the idol or the affiliates than the people who don't have many friends. well, it's difficult to tell the difference between egg and hired ones if only you judge based on the number of posts and followers. that's why the engage rate seems to be more accurate. it doesn't depend on whether his or her follower is eggs or not, but just shows the number of the real followers who will buy your movie tickets or will see your starring drama. having many real followers means popular. having many follows of affiliates or brainwashed careless sheep just proves you are overrated and advertised much more than you deserve, based on your unpopularity. btw, the rate of selena gomez, the real star, is 4%, the average. her followers aren't fake or hired. now you see the fact. @shemarfmoore is a f*****g followers' buyer, or only the affiliates care about. he can't drag any viewers to his own movie or show. yeah, this was an already proven fact. the tickets of his self-claiming movie that couldn't even make on demand or netflix afterwards weren't sold even 1k and rottentomato completely ignored it. right. @shemarfmoore is a living legend of "fake" star🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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T Russell Entertainment
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trussellent Let me tell y'all about this book the black dagger brotherhood by j.r. ward 😩
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shopsandk Ring the bell 🔔 . . school is in!! 🙋🙋🙋 . . sweet baby jesus i would pay serious tuition to go to this school!! 😍😍😍 . . choose three classes you cannot miss! . . 1.)p.e. @channingtatum . . 2.) english @jamie_dornan_theofficial . . 3.) and i don't even know what physics is, @shemarmoore.official, but mama is taking it! . . 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋. . . who else is going to be in my class?!?!?!? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 . . #bloggerstyle #tidelife #instafashion #instadaily #instagood #shoplocal #pensacola #pensacolavibes #gulfcoast #shoppcb #igboutique #school #shemarmoore #jamiedornan #channingtatum #instaboss #instantbossclub #instaboss #bossbabe #bosslady
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