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Do you match your outfit with the places you're going to visit? this matching outfit with the building is really pure causality πŸ˜… to be honest i don't try to match my outfit with the locations i visit, cause i visit many attractions for every destination πŸ™ˆ (it'd be crazy to match clothes with every of them) i think about what i'm gonna wear of course as any other person, i like to look pretty but that's part of my personality no matter if i'm travelling or if it's a normal day πŸ˜…
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Amsterdam memories πŸ’ i‘ve already been here so many times, but it‘s still the same amazing feeling πŸ’— this city always fills my heart with so much joy, i just feel so comfortable here! have you ever had a similar feeling with any place?
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So the news is out!

i’ve been super busy which means my blog has been really quite for the past couple of months however my guest post is finally live!
i finally got to write a post for @twowanderingsoles on ethical volunteering!
something that if you know me, i’m super passionate about!
i loved having the chance to write about it and i’m honoured to of had the opportunity to write for these two! they have been in the blogging game for years!
so if your interested on ‘ how to volunteer abroad ethically ‘
click the link in my bio for more info! 😊
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Ich habe neulich irgendwo einen witz gehört:

was denkt ein mann mit einem bierbauch auf einem strand?“ ich bin der geilste“ und wird noch weiter wie ein pavian stolzieren, als wäre er brat pittπŸ˜…
β €
und was denkt eine frau mit einer perfekten figur?“oh mein gott, ich habe cellulitte!“🀷‍♀️ β €
was denkt ihr, ist es wahr, dass die frauen sich selber viel kritischer wahrnehmen und somit öfter selbstzweifel haben als männer?πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ
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As free as the ocean πŸ€™πŸΌ werbung da verlinkt #heiligenhafen #holyharbour #ostsee #beach #balticsea #travelgram #ocean #lifeisbetteratthebeach
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Smirking because i just finished snowboarding and mountains are already starting their "x days until snowboard season begins" countdowns. are you guys ready for this winter season to start already?
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