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🌞 good morning! 🌞 . . πŸ’–πŸ’– here is fairy walk to gemini for our #januarycombochallenge ... one of my favorite moves from gemini is the twisted gemini, aka the infinity πŸ’–πŸ’– . . . hosted with the lovely @dredee1983 and @tara.renelle.roxy and sponsored by @darkside.fitness ... #pdfairywalk #pdgemini #pdtwistedgemini #pdinfinity #poledancenation #poledance #dance #poledancersofinstagram #vekkerla #vivavideo #poletricks #pdcombo #challenge #flow #fitspiration #fitness #strongisthenewskinny #workout #funworkout #exercises #shoulderstrength #legs #dowhatyoulove
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Pilates as hard as you can. πŸ’¦πŸ”₯
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Throwback thursday here is an exercise i posted in the past that you may have missed. it’s one of my favorites to strengthen the shoulders and work the hollow shape! more tips and exercises at coachkeithpettit.com - #repost @coachkeithpettit ・・・ shoulder and core exercise here is an exercise we do to work the planche strength and core. have a friend (if you don't have a friend then just some random person) grab your feet. lean your shoulders all the way past your hands in a planche position. then have your friend/random person pull you back so you are in a tight hollow with your arms in front of you. keep your upper back slightly rounded and squeeze those abs. ever wanted to learn a planche, press handstand or gymnasts strength skill? head over to coachkeithpettit.com for some tutorials! #makenewfriends #gymnasty #gymnastics #crossfit #planche #calisthenics #bodyweight #bodyweight #calisthenics #calisthenicsworkout #bodyweightworkout #shoulderstrength #abs #core #fitness
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Day 156/365 strengthen your rotator cuff - standing external rotation to wall - the standing external rotation to wall is a great exercise you guys can use at the field this spring if you don’t have access to a band to activate your rotator cuff before throwing - this exercise can also be utilized before a training session - common questions: q: how often should i perform this exercise? a: i would perform this exercise before practices, games, and training sessions q: how many sets should i perform? a: if you’re performing this exercises in your warmups perform 1 set. if your performing this exercise in a workout perform 3 sets q: how many reps should i perform? a: 8 reps per side - if you have any additional questions - comment below! -alex
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#letsgethandy anna and i are overwhelmed by all the messages of support, tips and drills people are sending us for our handstand challenge. also, it's amazing so many of you want to join in!! team work and support will 100% make it easier to reach our goal and stay accountable. . we thought we should start a hashtag (#letsgethandy) so we can all support each other in this journey and share encouragement and tips. the goal to handstand doesn't have to be date focused - the point is to say you want to learn, give it a try and face your fears. i have tagged everyone i think has shown an interest to join us (so sorry if i've missed anyone off). everyone is welcome to join so comment below if you want in and i will add you to the list #letsdothis!! . head over to anna's account @annajohnston_pt where she details this drill and which muscles to engage to get the full benefit. . #handstandchallenge #handstanddrills #babygirl #faceyourfears @the_smart_pt @sarahfretwellyoga @ariaugus @morgantroyer @riksras @steveesmall_ @meganjacksonstoffer @slowflowem @jgb67o @ashratul @paleo.mama.in.japan @jennyaquinn @dianaromanenco @kristie_mae_j @christie_yoga @alohaandcoffee @starpuffed
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Here’s a great rotator cuff exercise if your looking to help strength your bench press or just have good overall shoulder health and strength #pepstrong @o___eddy7 getting ready for the 2018 cfl regional combines! @gryphonfootball #injuryprevention #shoulderstrength #rotatorcuff #dumbbellworkout #combinetraining #upperbodyworkout #strong #pepfast
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Try this one arm rotation bridge movement.. it’s likely to be pretty weak! it’ll help your overhead shoulder mobility as well as shoulder strength above and across your body.
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Dr. Matt Maggio
@edmylett is becoming one of my favorite people to listen to and get influence from. he is an outstanding man of faith and has worked incredibly hard to build and grow into what he is now. he recently did an interview on @bedroskeuilian podcast and he spoke about what his true deep driving internal purpose is. i thought it was so awesome that he shared what his true internal purpose was. so many influencers will share their goals, but not many share their deep driving purpose, and there is a big difference. in the podcast, he said he believes that one day when he dies and meets his creator, that he will be shown the version of himself that he was created to be. the best version of who he was supposed to be. what drives him is the idea that he doesn't want that version of himself to be a stranger. he wants to be the best version so that he knows he fulfilled his mission and purpose on this earth. that is such a profound thought and visual. it's impossible not to be inspired and driven with that as your driving force. the podcast itself is only 20-25 minutes and i highly recommend checking it our and then checking out all of ed's stuff online.
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Bryanne Marquis
Non-scale victory: 9 weeks into the program and i finally feel confident with these mule-frogs. my shoulders are stronger, my legs aren’t as wobbly when they’re over and i don’t almost fall over each time i’m in the air. (that means my core is stronger and keeping me balanced) πŸ€œπŸ½πŸ€›πŸ½ . at the start of this program in january there was no way i thought i’d be able to do this move with confidence, but with practice, repetition and determination, i made it happen! it’s amazing what you can achieve with a little faith. . don’t give up on you. whatever it is that you want to do better - you can do it! . . #mulefrogs #cardioflow #gettingstronger #washboardabs #shoulderstrength #coachlife #nsv #nonscalevictory #healthylifestyle #fitlife #fit #believeinyourself #havefaith
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Natasha Lawson
Shoulders πŸ’ͺ🏻 - my weakest area so gotta work hard...make them burn πŸ”₯ - 4x10 cleans 4x10 press 4x10 clean & press 4x10 upright row - #bouldershoulders #humpdayworkout #humpdayfunday #workoutwednesday #shoulderstrength #strong #cleanandpress #uprightrow #fitness #weights #noexcuses #progress #gymmotivation #practicewhatyoupreach #personaltrainer
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Juliette Amadsoedjoek
✨kneeling superman✨ great exercise for the core and shoulder stability. keep your spine in neutral position. #pilates #pilates #pilatesteacher #corestability #abs #pilatesworkout #shoulderstrength #superman #learntofly #power #strengthening #coretraining #pushaway #neutralspine #stretchitoutgirl #pilatespower
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JULIETTE | Strongbody_nl
✨pilates move of the week - kneeling superman✨ . met deze oefening train je je rug -en buikspieren. het vergt bekkenstabiliteit en versterkt de schouderspieren. je bent op je handen en knieën met je handen onder de schouders en de knieën onder de heupen. je kan eventueel een kussen of deken leggen onder de knie wanneer het pijnlijk wordt. . hou je rug neutraal en duw je jezelf weg vanuit de rechter pols. strek tegelijkertijd je linkerbeen (uit tot bilhoogte) en je rechterarm uit. hou 5 tellen vast en wissel dan van been en arm. doe dit 5 maal aan beide zijden. . tips: hou je kin ingetrokken en blijf kijken naar de mat. zorg dat je een holle rug maakt wanneer je je been en arm uitstrekt. als het te moeilijk of te pijnlijk op de handen en knieën zijn, kan je dit ook op de buik doen. . #pilates #pilates #pilatesteacher #corestability #abs #pilatesworkout #shoulderstrength #superman #learntofly #power #strengthening #coretraining #pushaway #neutralspine #stretchitoutgirl #pilatespower
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Elite strength & lifting coach
Having correct shoulder position is an important part of any strength exercise, including lower body exercises. in this pic i'm cueing mel's shoulder position before a deadlift because poor shoulder position can affect the position of our rib cage, which affects the position of our spine, which affects the position of our pelvis, which will affect the strength of our legs. so a better shoulder position = better deadlift. cool, huh? πŸ‘Š
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Jeremy Strong
Handstand push ups - this is the goal, this πŸ‘†πŸΎ is the work. smashed a solid session of strength work on the boulders last night, focusing on building strength from deep at the bottom of the pressing range of motion. after freestanding reps (one at a time) half depth, i moved on to p-bar elevated feet pike presses and then onto heavy military press. safe to say, shoulders were smashed after that πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’₯πŸ™ƒ #handstandpushups #shoulderworkout #boulders #millitarypress #ampmhq #iamjeremystrong
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Exercise breakdown- shoulder press — one thing i notice about newbies to climbing is that they tend to rely on their biceps... a lot. if you can, straighten out those arms when you get stuck in a spot! shoulder strength is one of the keys to increasing the length of your climbs and protecting that ball-in-socket joint! — the shoulder press works quite a number of muscles but the ones i want to point out are:deltoids, supraspinatus(one of the rotator cuff muscles), traps and serrated anterior. it will help to improve that shoulder girdle and scapular strength and stability. keep that core tight as you press overhead and refrain from leaning backwards to keep tension out of that low back. #anatomygeek #shoulderpress #exercisebreakdown #rockclimbingwomen #climbingworkout #workouttips #tuesdaythoughts #fitnesslifstyle #anatomynerd #photobomber #rescuedogsofig #shoulderworkout #shoulderstrength #bayview #outdoorworkout #latergrams #shoulderstability #crosstraining #weightliftingwomen #pilatesprinciples
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Check out jesse in springfield! make sure you have strong wrists if you try this one. #repost @jessefisherfitness ・・・ narrow to wide roll out push-ups to target inside and the outside chest, then into db front raise from plank position! it is a killer finisher 2x12 on push-ups with a 2x10each arm superset with front raise! try it next chest/shoulder day! ••• ••• ••• #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bodyweighttraining #chestworkout #chest #chestday #functionaltraining #gainz #gymlife #workout #workoutmotivation #functionalstrength #strengthtraining #shoulderworkout #shoulderstrength
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Dr. Matt Maggio
Never back down when you know you’re right. never back down from your convictions and what you believe in. you have an obligation to stick to your guns and fight for what you believe in and are passionate about. if you don’t feel you can and will fight no matter what the circumstance, you should question how much you really believe in it.
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Brooke Seaman
Day #19 lack of sleep has a way with messing up your recovery. my upper body is fine but i did some heavy leg work last gym session and the lack of sleep these past few days has really worn me out. hoping i can stop promising to catch up and actually do so tomorrow. then i'll be back on track and start working towards those 10 straight on the toes! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏿 #beast40for30 challenge! 40 push-ups a day for 30 days! . #believeachieve #fitnesslife #healthylifestyle #upperbodystrength #shoulderstrength #pushupsfordays
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S A M U E L O ' M A L L E Y
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Soleil Mystère
My inversion balance practice to date. headstand , armstand, bridge, shoulderstand, and a new one to my practice, chinstand! #invertyourself #inversion #headstand #armstand #wheelpose #shoulderstand #shoulderstrength #supportyourself #balance #strength #mypractice #dailypractice #stillatit #yogabalance #fitgirls
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Linn Engelstad
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In this world you can be anything. i choose to learn how to be a dolphin. 🐬
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Melbourne Osteohealth
Assessing scapula-thoracic movement doesn’t always mean standing and lifting your arms in different directions. watching how you move tells us more about how your scapula and thoracic spine work in an everyday setting, and can identify other compensation strategies that may need addressing. it’s part of our holistic approach to movement at melbourne osteohealth.
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