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5 hours ago
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Ich the Siamese
11 hours ago
blueeyedichabod It's wednesday already? mommy's happy the week is halfway over 😺 happy #whiskerwednesday everypawdy! 😸💙🐈 yesterday ended up much better with ich! i bought a piller/pill popper for the mirt and it worked like a charm! this is the most decent he's felt in weeks, he's eating and happier. also gained 0.2lbs! which is a lot for my little man. he also 💩 after missing out on two days. yay ich! 😺😻 i'll have a good sleep tonight! i've been using his feliway spray lately as well, seems to help him a lot! the diffuser was amazing but it's expensive and i think i ended up with a faulty one. has anyone thoughts on feliway, the spray or diffuser? i don't know if it's working, or if i'm wasting my money and just think it's working haha
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