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amoramor_mx Cocina amor/amºr necesitaremos: 20 tortillas de maíz 500 gramos de pechugas de pollo cocidas y desmenuzadas 1 frasco de salsa de tomate 4 tazas de lechuga finamente rebanada 1 taza de crema dulce 11/2 de queso fresco ½ taza de cilantro picado 4 cucharadas de aceite de canola 20 palillos de madera para preparar los taquitos a cada tortilla le pondremos un poco de pollo y las enrollamos y las sostenemos con un palito de madera, después en una sartén colocamos el aceite y la llevamos a fuego medio y ahí doramos nuestros tacos hasta que estén crujientes. los ponemos en un platón y los bañamos con la salsa de tomate, que previamente calentaos, agregamos la lechuga, el cilantro, la crema y el queso fresco y servimos de inmediato. #recipeoftheday #easyrecepies #withamoramor #products #mexicanproduct #simplecooking #creativecuisine #food #foodlover #amoramor #tomatosauce #❤️
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eva.p.nutrition Prepping food in advance can be hard to get into, especially when you're not sure where to start! well this here is a great place to start! 2 or 3 times a month (it will depend on your schedule and # of mouths you have to feed) i make a p*t of beans or lentils and use it in different ways. 💡 • eat when it's fresh and hot with a salad and fresh bread. • add it to salads throughout the week. • throw it in a blender and make a dip. • use it in recipes. it will keep in tightly closed containers in the fridge for a week otherwise it will freeze beautifully! all you need is beans/lentils (pre-soak for faster cooking), an onion, a carrot or celery and salt & pepper! if you prefer simple tastes, just add some salt to the water. *i often add olive oil & lemon once it's done cooking. **if planning to use in sweet recipes, cook them plain 😽
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losethosegains Homemade salmon patties. came up with it myself. super healthy for you, too! each patty has: p: 52 c: 0 f: 45 gladly will give out the recipe! quick, easy, and minimal ingredients. fatty! high in protein! and no net carbs!! #simplecooking #fatty #lchf #keto #ketosis #ketodiet #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthyfood #salmankhan #easycooking #filling #foodporn #food #proud #recipe #recipes #recipeshare #macros #countyourmacros
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fiona 🍜 | @librarydiaries 📚
1 hour ago
libraryeateries Chinese dried rose tea for water retention . every time i go on a trip, my water retention goes through the roof - probably from my change in diet eating so much fast food suddenly 🙊 . a chinese herbalist recommended this handy tea concoction and it worked really well to reduce my water retention . in each tea sachet, package just two affordable ingredients: . 1. dried rose petals x6 2. dried goji berries x8 . enjoy!
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lunchwithgabbie Kale seasar! #kombu #seaweed has so many amazing benefits and it's great for big salads when doing #intermittentfasting. it is rich in iodine for healthy hormone production, and improves thyroid function. kombu is also 👍🏼 for digestion. i mixed up raw kale, pepitas, crunchy spouts and macro vegetarian seaweed salad from my friends at @integralyoga_naturalfoodsnyc for my first power meal of the day. 💪🏼 . . . . . #veganfoodporn #vegan #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #homecooking #simplecooking #nourishment #homemade #ketosis
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School Of Wok
3 hours ago
schoolofwok Sometime when capturing the art of wok cooking it feels like we're creating just that; art. isn't this stir-fry mid action beautiful?
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mrjaytheman Well today was a simple cook..... sometimes i have to stand back and realise just how lucky i am with my kids. when i was their age no way was i trying broccoli ergghhh its green... salad of any type, mushrooms no... the list continues! i was such a fussy git with food and my lot i mean wow anything i cook they are there and willing to try it all. even when the spice is a bit much for their little taste buds they go for it and are always so postative and appreciate it all. so proud of them all. sooooo anyways tonight ive kept it simple and easy sausage, french fries, eggs and baked beans! they love this and its a super child menu dish 😁 think ill bake the little troopers some muffins for dessert now too! ♥ #simplecooking #noskillsneeded #oldschooldinners #kids #bestkids #lovethem #instafood #instadinner #homecooking #simplelife #yummy #tasty #nomnomnom #forthekids #easy #sausage #chips #eggs #beans #homecookinghero
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rose & kitchen affair
3 hours ago
kitchenaffair Simple fried rice served with honey chicken and sliced cucumbers. 😋🍛🍗🌶🥒 recipe's in malay, adapted from fb page: resepi memikat suami >>> nasi goreng cili kering by nur fazilah arifin <<< resepi untuk 2 orang mkn: segenggam cili kering - buang biji dan basuh bersih segenggam ikan bilis bawang putih 3 biji bawang besar 1 biji telur 2 biji, goreng hancur cara-cara: tumbuk kesemua bahan, jangan blend ye. tumis sampai naik bau, masukkan nasi sekali dengan telur goreng hancur. perasakan dengan garam dan ajinomoto (tak perlu letak kalau tak suka). gaul rata, siap. source: https://www.facebook.com/resepibuatsuami/posts/399065937162967
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eatfitlaugh Fried sweet plantains directions: •heat the butter •peel the plantains and slice - about 3⁄4 inch thick •carefully place the plantain pieces into the hot butter and cook for roughly 2 minutes; repeat by turning the pieces over and brown the second side •sprinkle brown sugar and let stand for a couple of minutes
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amoramor_mx Pasta amor/amºr necesitaremos: 1 frasco de tapenade de alcachofa 250 gramos de spaghetti 1 canasta de tomates cherry partidos a la mitad ½ taza de crema dulce 2 cucharadas de hojas de albahaca picada ½ taza de parmigiano reggiano olivo, sal y pimienta. colocamos una olla con agua y sal a fuego alto y cocinamos la pasta al dente, reservamos. colocamos una sartén a fuego medio agregamos un poco de olivo y salteamos los tomates por 2 minutos agregamos el tapenade de alcachofa, la crema y en ese punto agregamos la pasta, el queso, las hojas de albahaca, sal y pimienta servimos de inmediato. #foodlover #food #withamoramor #pasta #tapenade #artichoke #products #mexicanproduct #simplecooking #creativecuisine #easyrecepies #recipeoftheday #❤️
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