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My sweet baby was in the hospital yesterday with a 103.3 temperature. this was my first time seeing him in so much pain and i couldn’t stop wishing it was me instead of him. he’s doing so much better today, but still wants all the snuggles (which of course i happily oblige☺️). all of this has made made me realize how precious days are with himπŸ’›
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16/365: movie night! we went to see ferdinand tonight and had the whole theater to ourselves. it was tess’ first time at the movies and she loved it...just kidding...she watched about 20 minutes of the movie while she ate candy, and then asked to go home. . . . . . #simplychildren #familymovienight #unpluggedchildhood #letthembelittle #thatsdarling #candidchildhood #momswithcameras #momlife #letthekids #littleandbrave #momtogs #cameramama #our_everyday_moments #magicofchildhood #uniteinmotherhood #joyfulmamas #childofig #ig_motherhood #mytinymoments #kidsforreal #mom_hub #motherhoodrising #joyfulmama #thehappynow #umh_kids #thebloomforum #runwildmychild #motherhoodthroughinstagram #kidsofig
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Soooo...i may be jumping the gun here, but i did a poll in my stories asking if you’d like to see a ‘cleaning power hour while the boys are awake’ video..and most of you were all about it! so, naturally i’m going to do a bath time video too!! this will for sure be a learning process..so be kind πŸ˜‰
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Why do our kids never listen when we tell them to stop growing up so fast? so rude😭
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Hadley’s reaction every time we needed to leave the beach over the last 4 days. the bear is buttons- he’s her preschool buddy and he lived with us the past week and went on adventures with our family. he has to go on to another family today and she’s pretty torn up about it. i’ll post some of the story in my story πŸ‘†πŸ»
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How's that for dramatic? leave a πŸ™‹ if you've been there...
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Casey Alexandra Photography
Sunday snuggles
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Kristin Noffsinger
My handsome buddy. . . #follow_this_light, #cameramama, #letthekids, #clickinmoms, #candidchildhood, #magicofchildhood, #pixel_kids, #childhoodunplugged, #dearphotographer, #ourcandidlife, #childrenseemagic, #clickpro, #clickmagazine, #documentyourdays, #galleryoflightfeature, #letthemexplore, #dearestviewfinder, #let_there_be_delight, #lightinspired, #momswithcameras, #mom_hub, #momazine, #simplychildren, #themindfulapproach, #the_sugar_jar, #thesincerestoryteller, #adventuresofchildhood, #knoffphoto
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Karolina Piwonski
That ponytail!!! ❀️ it’s so hard to keep up with this girl that most of her picks are of her back 🀷🏼‍♀️
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Rachel Goodwin, Mindset Coach
I wouldn't lie to you. if you want to grow you have to do scary shit. one of my girl friends just called me and she nearly had me in tears. i won't get into specifics, but a certain situation had her nervous about something she had to do today. she said she just had to call and share with me that some things i share on social media help her.😭i seriously almost started crying! she said she thought about messages i share and my affirmations and she had an incredible experience today. that's why i do this shit. that is why. to help women through their struggles and hard moments in life. to help them feel like they have the courage to push through even when they are scared. this seriously made me day! proud of this girl for doing scary things that were super uncomfortable at the same time. this is how you grow courage. the is how you grow your self love and self respect.πŸ’•what will you do in the next 24 hours to get uncomfortable and grow?! #mombloggers #motherhoodunplugged #anxietywarrior #motherhoodrising #spiritualgangster #letthembelittle #uniteinmotherhood #momswithcameras #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #simplychildren #letthekids #lifecoach #bodyposi #littleandbrave #confidentwomen #honestmotherhood #thehappynow #dailyparenting #mytinymoments #livethelittlethings #womenempoweringwomen #toddlerlife #loveyourself #selfcaretips
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I couldn’t believe it when someone asked me, “are you taking the semester off?” i was 19 years old and 6 months pregnant going to nursing school. i felt offended! heck no, i’m not taking the semester off. i don’t know if it was because i was young and naive but i took it as an insult, like because i was a teenager, i couldn’t manage to continue on my path. well i did. i had my son, went back to school when he was 6 days off, work up at 5am to get him and i ready and off to school for 12 hours shifts many days. that summer i realized nursing wasn’t my calling. i always knew i wanted to help and serve others but realizing the hardships that come from a small-town hospital nurse (after working at the hospital that summer) i was out! i felt like a failure, i was suppose to be the first to graduate college and instead i dropped out 1 year short. who can relate? now i know that was a blessing, that took me on the path to finding my dream career years later and being in control of my own time. sometimes through our journey we go down paths we are not proud of, things we know we are better than but i just want to remind you today, it is apart of your journey. stop being so h*****n yourself and cherish the now. i wish i was better at that when my son was young because now, looking back, i don’t remember much and it makes me so sad! so i hope this give you hope to know that you are worthy, slow down and cherish those little moments because they really are the big ones, and lastly, go after your calling!!!!
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BRB Going To Disney
We always make sure to stop into the big top souvenirs tent to grab a goodie (or two)! 😍😍 here you can find so many varieties of candy apples, chocolate covered pineapples and strawberries, rice krispie treats, cookies, cupcakes, and slushies too! 🍦🍭🍩 don't forget to show your annual passholder card (or pull up your pass on the disney world app!) -- you'll save 20%, which means you can buy 20% more treats, right?!! 😜😜
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Chelsea Damon 🍍
When i originally saw this dress i imagined myself wearing it in a warm field of wildflowers. nice to know it works on 50° rainy days too. #pnwlife
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Katie Tomlin
Happy 7 months, little nugs! you are a happy and easy going little lady! this month has been all about exploring new foods! πŸπŸ‡πŸ₯‘ prunes and pears are your favorite and while peas and spinach were once yucky, you’re slowly becoming a fan of the greens! after three nights of baby boot camp, you now put yourself to sleep and have consistently been sleeping thru the night! 🌝you love dancing with daddy while standing on your own two feet, and are still trying to figure out the whole crawling thing. you make us so proud every new day, little love... there is nothing better than watching you grow! πŸ’— #7monthsold #watchelliegrow #babygirl
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Megan Heinen
Boy, n.: 1. the wildest of all animals 2. a noise with dirt on it 3. most precious to their mothers πŸ’šπŸ¦–
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Disney Mom & Breastfeeder 🀱🏻✨
Seriously obsessed with my little wild child 🌻🌿🌻 . . also, when i finished shooting this set someone i don’t know had the audacity to tell me “that baby really should be wearing a shirt” πŸ™„ why do people insist on giving their unwarranted opinions? like do you really think i’m going to leave my baby n***d the whole day? or can you not see that she was only n***d for 25 minutes so i can take photos of her...in miami...on a sunny day? and even if i did chose to leave her n***d all day, how is that any of your d**n business?! what was the stupidest thing a stranger has told you about your baby? i know i can’t be the only one experiencing this πŸ˜‚ . . . . . #magicofchildhood #clickinmoms #momtogs #jj_its_kids #childhoodunplugged #pixel_kids #dearphotographer #candidchildhood #littlefierceones #letthembelittle #childofig #simplychildren #umh_kids #makeportraits
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k a t i e
When you feel overwhelming self doubt, anger, sadness, judged, different or discouraged; i will forever be in your corner. i will stick by your side and battle the tides all along the way. we got this! βš“οΈπŸ–€πŸ€ŸπŸ» #mylife #myheart #myworld #myboys
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Cody Portlock
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Just do it sunday || 21 january 2018 think happy, be happy, ok? just do it, ok?
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rue wilde 🌿
There’s isn’t much this sweet b**e loves more than music. she’s a huge fan of being on stage - singing, playing and dancing all at once. it’s a blessing and a curse. πŸ˜‚βœ¨ . . . 🌿🌿🌿 | #ourdarlingrue
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