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Bendy from “bendy and the ink machine.” i drew this with a pentel brush pen. this was my first drawing with a brush pen and it was tough. but it was fun.
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Reviving an old one back to life..work in progress for this little (big) shit
this is so add i actually started with crayons, then color pencils, and climexed it into oil, oil always wins and i hate it coz oil is so alive and perfect but messy and that's it, once you go oil no never go soil (what? i don't know, it rhymes, but everybody ends up in soil eventually so never mind)
2 30 December 2017


No no i definitelyyyy didnt forget to color her hair line
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Essence of ozu 🏮 a commission piece i did paying homage to the films of japanese master director yasujirō ozu (1903-1963). ozu’s films are distinct in their style and usually revolved around the themes of marriage, family and generational differences. his later works are known for their static camera shots with littleor no tracking and his signature ‘tatami shot’ where the camera was placed in the scene at the height of a tatami mat for kneeling, even in scenes where characters were standing or absent.
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Grey is a color too
actually a bomb color
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/// capture the light /// (postcards, posters and acrylglass-prints available) #sketch #sketchbook #drawing #light #hand #handstudy
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