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❣️ giveaway closed ❣️ we’re teaming up with @littlebarnapothecary to give two lucky winners the skincare products they need to keep their skin glowing all year long. one winner will be chosen to receive a set of body products and one winner will be chosen to receive a set of face products just follow the steps below! ⬇️ 1. follow @obsessee and @littlebarnapothecary . 2. like this post. 3. tag 3 friends in the comments below and tell us why you love skincare. ⬇️ one entry per person. all entries must be submitted by wednesday. january 31, 2018 at 11:59pm pst. users must live in the united states and must make their accounts public for the duration of the giveaway period. we will direct message the winners via instagram dm by thursday, february 1, 2018 at 5pm pst. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⬇️ per instagram rules, we must mention that this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with @instagram. by entering, entrants confirm they are at least 13 years of age, release instagram of responsibility, and agree to instagram's terms of use.
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🎉 3k giveaway 🎉 a few days ago, i hit another milestone, and wanted to celebrate with a giveaway. ⠀ the prize (👉🏼swipe for closeups) 💆🏻all 6 laneige water pocket sheet masks: ⠀ water pocket sheet mask skin relief (soothing) water pocket sheet mask clear c (nourishing) water pocket sheet mask sparkling water (brightening) water pocket sheet mask water bank (moisturizing) water pocket sheet mask sleeping mask (replenishing) water pocket sheet mask time freeze (firming) ⠀ 💋a small makeup pouch, featuring an illustration i created. ⠀ 🐱3 sheets of my original skincare stickers. ⠀ how to enter ⭐️ follow @by.minoue and @laneigeca. ⭐️ like + comment on this photo, telling me something about yourself. it can be anything: what you do for work, the name of your pet, where you live—i’d like to get to know all of you! ⠀ please don't follow me and then unfollow me just for the giveaway. i prefer to have followers who are actually interested in my account and content! ☺️ ⠀ extra entries (each action is worth one more entry) 💛 regram this post, tag me in the photo, and use the hashtag #byminoue3k (swipe 👉🏼 for static photos) ⠀ 💜 mention the giveaway in your story and tag @by.minoue to make sure i see it. ⠀ 🖤 tag three friends in the comments. ⠀ more details 🗓 the giveaway ends february 23, 2017 at 23:59 (11:59 p.m.), eastern daylight time. ⠀ 🌎 the giveaway is open internationally. ⠀ 📨 i will select a winner at random from the eligible entries over the weekend of february 24 to 25 and contact the winner immediately through direct message. if the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be drawn. ⠀ notes: the sheet masks was graciously provided by @laneigeca. the rest of the prize and international shipping are provided by me. however, i am not responsible for the package once it’s been shipped. this contest is in no way affiliated or endorsed by instagram or facebook. ⠀ 🚫 no giveaway accounts, please❗️ ⠀ #byminoue #byminoue3k #beautygiveaway #beautycontest #beautygram #beautylover #skincareph #skincareproducts #beautyobsession #beautyflatlay #beautyobsessed #beautyjunkie #beautyeditor #abcommunity #bbloggersca #beautyaddicts
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👩🏻‍🔬 tested the ph of the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser - requested by @rosiemoradi and @hernameisconnie . thank you to everyone who has sent me requests 🙏🏻 please keep them coming! i love learning about which cleansers you are using and wanting to know the ph of! 🔬✨ . 💠 cetaphil gentle skin cleanser revealed a ph of 6.50 🤔🙅🏻‍♀️ . wow - i’m shocked!!! 😱 why? because on the back of the bottle it states that this cleanser is, “ph balanced for effective and gentle cleansing”. additionally, the @bootsuk website says it “cleanses without disturbing the skin’s natural ph balance.” 😳 and not to mention, this is apparently a cleanser that is often recommended by dermatologists? . this prompted me to look into the ingredients list (i was thinking that i must be missing something here?!) nope. in fact, the ingredients are even worse than i thought: aqua/water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, bulylparben, methylparben, propylparben, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol 😰 so - to recap; not one ingredient on that list has any benefit to the skin. disturbingly, it also contains sls (sodium lauryl sulfate) which is a proven skin irritant. ❗️ i would reference this statement, but there are just too many scientific journals linking sls to skin irritation and dermatitis that i wouldn’t have enough space in this post to type them out! 😵 how absolutely ironic to think that cetaphil is marketed as being “gentle” and suitable for those with dry/sensitive skin. 😱 this would only exacerbate dry and sensitive skin by damaging/disrupting your skin’s acid mantle. . sls coupled with the high ph result of 6.5, means a definite no from me. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ psa: friends don’t let friends use cetaphil cleanser.❗️ . what are your thoughts? 💭 . . . - - -
why is ph in skincare so important?
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💟 purple peel off mask 💟 it was super fun to try out this 3-step purple mask from @doubledarespa yet also painful🤷🏻‍♀️ #skincareroutine #facemasks #facemask #beautygurus
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👩🏻‍🔬 tested the ph of the kiehl’s rare earth deep pore daily cleanser - requested by @queenktjean🔬
💠 @kiehls rare earth deep pore daily cleanser revealed a ph of 6.34 🤔🙅🏻‍♀️ (my ideal range is between 4.5 to 5.5)
i’m not surprised to see such a high ph from this cleanser… after trying this sample only once - my skin was very tight, dry, and dehydrated. 😣 i cannot believe that the title of this cleanser suggests it can be used “daily”! please don’t use this daily. in fact, personally, i wouldn’t use this at all. ⚠️ . another disappointment with this product was the high amount of alcohol in it (listed 4th out of about 20 ingredients) alcohol as a *main* ingredient in any skincare product is a problem.❗️ let’s talk about alcohol in skincare…
. firstly, not all alcohols are bad. (such as “fatty alcohols”: ie. cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol) today, i want to talk about the bad alcohols; these are simple alcohols such as ethanol, alcohol denat., ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol etc. 🚫
. simple alcohols cause moisture-loss on the skin, resulting in dryness (jacobi, o., 1958). whats more is that alcohol can also play a role in extracting lipids (ie. oils) from your skin’s protective barrier (goldsmith. et al, 1988).👎🏻 while the immediate ‘de-greasing’ and mattifiying effect of alcohols can be appealing to those with oily skin - using products with alcohol as the main ingredient will only make your oily skin worse. 😱 your skin will, in turn, produce more oil in attempt to restore the lipids that make up your skin’s healthy barrier. alcohol has the potential to affect your skin’s function (by influencing its keratinocytes - the protective cells that make up 90% of your skin’s outermost layer), but it can also affect your skin’s condition (ie. causing rednesss and irritation) (cartner et al., 2017). ⚠️‼️ . have you tried this cleanser? what are your thoughts? 💭 what are your thoughts on alcohol in skincare? do you look out for it in your products? . . . - - -
why is ph in skincare so important?
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🌟el premio es un conjunto de 3 productos seleccionados para ti, (en el sentido de las agujas del reloj desde arriba a la izquierda) evita beauty whip soap de kanebo, mascarilla facial sweet honey bear de look at me,mascarilla facial carnival pearl mask de mimiang. ✨¡además como regalo extra! 1 hoja de stickers diseñados por by.minoue✨ ⠀ 🌟cómo entrar 🌸debes seguir la cuenta @fromsokototokyo & @by.minoue en instagram 🌸darle me gusta a esta foto 🌸etiquetar a 3 amigos 🌸dinos qué te gusta de nuestra cuenta 😊 ⠀ 🌟más detalles el sorteo finaliza el 17 de febrero del 2018 a las 23:59⠀ 🌸el sorteo está abierto únicamente a méxico🇲🇽 🌸seleccionaremos un ganador al azar entre las entradas elegibles el domingo 18 de febrero y contactaremos al ganador a través de un mensaje directo. si el ganador no responde dentro de las 48 horas, se sorteará otro ganador. 🌸este concurso no está de ninguna manera afiliado o avalado por instagram o facebook. 🌸no cuentas de giveaway, por favor. 🌟por favor, no nos sigas y luego dejes de seguirnos solo para el sorteo. ¡preferimos tener seguidores que estén realmente interesados en nuestra cuenta! #frosokototokyo #beautygiveaway #sorteobelleza #beautygram #beautylover #beautyflatlay #skincareph #cosmeticoscoreanos #cosmeticoscoreanosmx #cosmeticosjaponeses #cosmeticosjaponesesmx #beautyobsessed #beautyjunkie #cosmeticoscoreanos #cosmeticoscoreanosmx #cosmeticosjaponses #인스타뷰티 #마스크팩 #koreanmakeup #rasianbeauty #bellezacoreana
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Weekend essentials (robe + mask). who’s chlorophyll masking this weekend? 📷 @epiphame
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MaryJ Skincare
Lipolax ppc solution advanced phosphatydil choline 1g 💉experience the new premium product from south korea! lipo lax an innovative f*t burning therapy based on lipolysis that is simple and effective at diminishing cellulite and excess weight. 💉benefits of application: 1. there is no need for anesthesia 2. the procedure for administering lipo lax is very simple and effective, convenient and, above all, painless; 3. lipo lax dissolves and destroys f*t cells (fat cells are eliminated through sweat and urine); 4. lipo lax is effective against cellulite and, due to the peptide content, makes the skin supple and elastic; 5. lipo lax quickly removes f*t deposits in parts of the body that cannot be reduced with physical exercise or diet; 6. lipo lax guarantees a safe treatment, due to the highest purity of raw materials; 7. maximizes the effectiveness of lipolysis. 💉using lipo lax, you can correct the following areas: 1. chin area 2. f*t deposits in the abdomen, as well as lateral folds 3. reduce the volume of f*t tissue in inner thighs and knees 4. reduce the volume of f*t tissue in the shoulders, back and on the back of the hands 5. contours of the hips and buttocks #maryjskincare #maryjskincareproducts #maryjskincareph #skincare #skincareph #skincareproducts #beautifulskin #healthyskin #lipolax #korean #mesotherapy #mesolipo #lipomelt #slimming #bodycontouring
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[onhand] tonymoly  delight tony tint mini #2 red (3ml) handy! sale now: p95 each (mini size) before: p110.00 to see all onhand items: just hit ➡ #availdavkor sweet and fresh tint coloring like a cute fruits this is applied moistly and smoothly with abundant water so it colors your cheeks and lips shyly and lively how to use adjust amount of contents on the tip at entrance of a container,  so apply from inside to outside of lips naturally as you make gradation #klairsph #naturerepublicph #misshaph #laneighph #skinfoodph #cosrxph #etudehouseph #innisfreeph #aprilskinph #sulwhasooph #rireph #kbeautyph #koreanskincareph #koreancosmeticsph #skincareph #davaobased #davaoonlineshop #davaoseller #apieuph #muaph
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1. the saem healing tea garden white tea cleansing water 2. cosrx low ph good morning gel cleanser 3. skinfood black sugar strawberry 4. cosrx aha/bha clarifying treatment toner 5. dear, klairs supple preparation facial toner 6. cosrx snail mucin essence 7. dear, klairs freshly juiced drop serum 8. cosrx holy snail mask 9. etude house blueberry mask 10. tony moly 24k gold eye cream 11. innisfree green tea eye cream 12. galderma benzoyl peroxide 13. i’m from vitamin tea tree gel 14. celeteque matte moisturizer spf30 15. tony moly my sunny spf50 #koreanbeautyph #kbeauty #americanskincare #asianskincare #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarekorea #skincareph #thesaem #cosrx #skinfood #dearklairs #etudehouse #tonymoly #innisfree #imfrom #celeteque #cleanser #exfoliator #toner #essence #serum #facialmask #eyecream #acnetreatment #moisturizer #sunblock #suncreen
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Skin Buffet
02. 25. 2018 🇵🇭 save. the. date. #bentoniteclaymaskph #skincareph #skinbuffet_
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BeautéDerm Western Australia
Say goodbye to dry skin, acne, pimple marks, uneven skintone, melasma and most of all to tons of makeup to conceal all of these! try beautéderm and see the difference in just a week! pre-order your first set for as low as aud49! beautéderm western australia distributor +61478.837.071 #beautéderm #beautedermaustralia #beautédermaustralia #skincare #skincarephilippines #skincareph #beautederm #beautedermph #acnesolution #saygoodbyetoacne #effectiveskincare #effectiveskincareproducts #effectiveskincareph #effectiveskinwhitening #skincareaustralia #acnesolutionaustralia
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sɪɴᴄᴇʀᴇʟʏ, ɢᴡʏɴ
Too caught up with crazy rich asians, so here’s a photo from forever ago when fishnets were still cool ⚡️
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Blax 🍉
💦🌤💦 simple healing routine~ have a couple of insect bites on my nose and cheek which are thankfully not cystic bumps~ supposed to be acid night but my skin was irritated~ the redness is gone now~ ariul tea tree sheetmask not in photo 😅 . 💦 son&park beauty water~ mildy exfoliating yet leaves skin moist 🌾 naturie hatomugi skin conditioner~ makes my skin eventoned and ready for next steps 🌸 kiku masamune hight moist skin care lotion~ i recently stopped using this to test the beauty water and omg my skin missed this! 😢 a very important step in my routine~ ceramide toner . 💥 cosrx one step pimple clear pad~ seriously this one kills any emerging bumps or spots and makes skin glowy too . 💧 cosrx one step moisture up pad~ hydration bomb here makes my skin smooth, plump and glowy . 🌿 the beauty bakery witch hazel clarifying scrub~ oh man i look forward to bath time with this, i use this 3-4 times a week and my skin is smooth and radiant! i leave this on for 5-10 mins while i shampoo and do other bath stuff and rinse in the shower ahhhh!!! minty vanilla mallow goodness! . 🍃 the beauty bakery witch hazel + tea tree antioxidant facial cream~ a little goes a long way! similar texture to the scrub above minus the sugar particles, can leave a white cast probably from the spf, still a very good cream! i also use this at night when i have some redness and i wake up to clearer and brighter skin ✨
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SKIN Dermatology & LaserCenter
Get 20% off on services! call us now or visit us at bgc (fort) to book your appointments!
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ongoing giveaway til feb28
Sheetmask empties! special mention to the xilix panda sheetmask i got from watsons, i had a really bad reaction with this! woke up with extra itchy hot burnt skin! swipe to see which ones i liked and which ones i did not like ;) ___ #rasianbeauty #rbeautytalkph #beautytalkph #abbeatthealgorithm #abskincare #skincarereview #abcommunity #abcommunityph #koreanskincare #sheetmask #skincare #skincareph #skincareroutine #asianbeauty #productreview #skincarecommunity #amroutine #pmroutine #asianblogger #asianblog #beautycare #asianskincare #sheetmaskgraveyard #sheetmaskempties #empties
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[onhand] banila co. clean it zero 2 pc mini kit (original + resveratrol 7mlx2) p250.00 to see all available items: just hit ➡ #availdavkor korea no.1 cleansing cream sherbet type cleanser. papaya extract which gives a complete removal of make-up it leaves nothing, but freshness. it has papaya extract which gives a complete removal of make-up. just simply apply it on your face and massage thoroughly, and then either wash it off or wipe with a tissue how to use apply proper amount of the product with dry hand and massage softly. after cleansing, wipe out with tissue or wash off with water. #naturerepublicph #misshaph #laneighph #skinfoodph #cosrxph #etudehouseph #innisfreeph #aprilskinph #sulwhasooph #rireph #kbeautyph #koreanskincareph #koreancosmeticsph #skincareph #davaobased #davaoonlineshop #k
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Korean Skin Care and Make Up
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Korean Skin Care and Make Up
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Korean Skin Care and Make Up
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Cosrx natural bha skin returning a-sol php 750 . highly recommended . formulated with 60% black bee propolis and 1% bha, this toner is designed to prevent further breakouts while soothing and hydrating the applied area. . this lightweight toner treats complex skin issues with a combination of propolis, aha, natural bha, and natural moisturizing ingredients. this formula has properties that can naturally reduce sebum production and clear impurities. . it’s excellent for combination to oily skin types.
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💯organic FREE SF 500 Worth
#repost @go_organicpinky (@get_repost ) ・・・ #repost @go_organicpinky with @repostapp ・・・ #repost @go_organicpinky with @repostapp ・・・ insta white lotion spf 45❤️❤️❤️ with it's new label👍👍👍insta white lotion spf 45💓💓💓 💓get the insta white you've always wanted 💓whitens skin 💓protect the skin from sun damage 💓improves overall skintone ing: fruit acid kojic absolute white extracts arbutin and enzyme 280 pesos 100 ml viber +639328881088 #organicph #organiclipstick #organicsoapph #soapph #legitsellerph #sellerph #affordableph #affordable #skincareph #organic #skinwhiteningph #igersph #followersph #onlineshopph #oilsph #instablog #instabloggerph #soaps #organicsoap #beautyph #wholesalerph #shoppingph #lipstickph #organiclipstick #beautyph #organicph #wholesalerph
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💯organic FREE SF 500 Worth
#repost @go_organicpinky (@get_repost ) ・・・ #repost @go_organicpinky (@get_repost ) ・・・ #repost @go_organicpinky (@get_repost ) ・・・ #repost @go_organicpinky with @get_repost ・・・ cbws soap (complete bleach whitening system)is a one step beauty bar that offers instant whitening. we dare you try this bar and see for yourself! economical to use and great for busy gals like me, no more buying of good for one day whitening paste mix of ice cream beauty paste this beauty bar is truly very convenient to use! 150 pesos viber +639328881088 #organicph #organiclipstick #organicsoapph #soapph #legitsellerph #sellerph #affordableph #affordable #skincareph #organic #skinwhiteningph #igersph #followersph #onlineshopph #oilsph #instablog #instabloggerph #soaps #organicsoap #beautyph #shoppingph #lipstickph #organiclipstick #beautyph #organicph
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GlutaPancea InspiredYou 🇵🇭PH
The wonder sleeping mask in asia! ❄️😍 inspired whitening cool mask on hand! . helps in removing dead skin cells to gently peel off while increasing efficiency on the process of creating a new youthful and brighter skin cells. provides anti-inflammation, and anti-irritant contents so it can serve as moisture retention for your skin. . 1650php, 30g apply 2-3x a week before bedtime, then leave it overnight, no need to rinse.😉 . guaranteed safe and effective! all inspired you products are registered with fda. no to harmful chemical ingredients!✔️✔️✔️ . for orders and inquiries: 👉🏻dm us for faster transaction 👉🏻viber 09261306125 👉🏻cash on delivery nationwide 👉🏻we accept major credit card/paypal payments, shop online at www.pinkroombeautystore.com.ph . #inspiredyouphilippines #inspiredyou #facecareph #collagenph #sleepingmaskph #coolmaskph #coolmask #whiteningmaskph #facecreamph #detoxph #whiteningph #antiacneph #acneph #skincareph #thaiskincareph #pinkroombeautystore
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