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gracefulfaceblog Finally, months later, i'm ready to review the huxley brightening products i bought in the summer. i've had good experiences with huxley (love the cleansing water and gel cleanser) so i had high hopes for these. unfortunately they didn't quite live up to my unrealistically high expectations. i did like the brightly ever after essence. it did a good job moisturizing and i like to use it on top of my thinner watery serums as it is a little more emollient. i didn't find it to really brighten but since i exfoliate quite aggressively with aha, it was hard to tell. i like the lush floral scent. so overall, i enjoyed this serum and i'll probably use it regularly in the winter as it has some nourishing oils in it. the glow awakening cream, was sadly a bit disappointing. it is a very thick opaque cream that just felt kind of sticky. it left a layer on my face that almost felt like a traditional sunscreen, but in the morning i didn't feel like my skin was significantly softer or more moisturized. also, the lid cracked and pretty much disintegrated (and no i didn't drop it) which was really kind of a bummer. i would not repurchase this again. anyone tried these? what did you think? #rasianbeauty #skincareaddict #kbeauty #kbeautyaddict #kbeautyblogger #skincareregime #skincarereview #skincarecommunity #skincareblogger #bbloggers #skincareobsessed #huxley #koreanskincare #asianskincare
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House Tyche
13 minutes ago
housetyche Let's 💃🏿groove for the moment and do what they say can't be done 👩🏿👩🏾👩🏽! moisturizing your skin should be soothing and purposeful! #housetyche #miamiflea #relaxingday
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Kimmy Sturley 🦄💭💕
18 minutes ago
thebeautyboutiquebykimmy 🌿 look after your skin 🌿 . . i’ve been using this cream now for a week or so....it’s available from @smoothaesthetics.x and is recommended for use after treatments like acid peels as it gives an amazing amount of protection to your skin from harmful rays and free radicals. it has an spf of 30 and is a total sun block. i’ve made the decision to use this everyday to protect my skin and keep it youthful!!! look after your skin whilst you’re young girls!! i see so many people with tell tale signs of using sunbeds and their skin looks horrific....what they think are just freckles brought out from the use of sunbeds....i look as and just see sun damage all over their faces!!! freckles are sun damage!!! even if it’s raining or a dull day, you should always wear an spf, it’s sooooo important! make that change today 👏🏽💗 . . . . . #blog #bblogger #bbloggers #beautycare #skin#skincare #skinstories #sun #sundamage #spf #spfxmakeup #spfmoisturizer #moisturizer #moisturise #facecream #loveyourself #loveyourskin #freckles #damage #chunkyknit #acidpeels #skincarereview #beautytalk #sunbed #sunburnt
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allergictovanilla Shot some fun holiday videos with @macmich yesterday and debuted this gorgeous chocolate @colourpopcosmetics lip! who else is a fan of a super matte lip? 👄
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leyglow Mekanisk, enzyme & kemisk peeling. ☁️mekanisk peeling är peeling som man masserar på huden som innehåller små korn som "river" bort gamla torra hudceller. påverkar främst det översta lagret av hyn. ☁️enzyme peeling innehåller enzymer oftast från frukter, dessa löser upp gamla torra hudceller. skonsamt mot hyn. ☁️kemisk peeling är peeling med syra som likt enzyme peeling inte river bort gamla hudceller utan löser upp och är djuprengörande. ♥️förutom att klargöra skillnaden mellan de tre olika varianterna så vill jag tipsa om världens bästa mix av dessa. @dermalogica daily microfoliant. vill ej leva utan denna. ett risbaserat pulver som aktiveras i kontakt med vatten. innehåller små korn som löses upp fort, enzymer och bha. använt den så länge jag kan minnas. funkar på alla hudtyper då den är skonsam. min hy blir helt len och lyser efter. spelar ingen roll hur mycket jag syrar, denna kommer för alltid bestå i min rutin. instant effekt ✨. obs! dyr men dryg.
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💪SUPER MOM👰of Matt2x👦& Natt2x👶
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ronalin1996 #repost @thecatandsnail (@get_repost) ・・・ november marks my 1-year ig anniversary! it's been a full year of making new friends in the #abcommunity (both in person and online), talking and sharing about everything beauty with the not-so-occasional discussions about boba and desserts mixed in. so with this sappy thank you, i'm also doing a giveaway to commemorate my first year with you all! . giveaway includes everything in this picture, including one of my fav products from this year, the dr. wu intensive hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid (and also some of my all-time favorite pens). i will also be including a bundle of sheet masks, because no giveaway from me is ever complete without masks. . rules: 🌠follow me & like this post. 🌠comment below with your fav beauty discovery from this year (a new sheetmask, a lasts-for-way-too-long lip tint, i want to know!) and tag 3 friends that you think would enjoy this giveaway too. please don't tag people you don't interact with. 🌠no giveaway accounts. if your feed looks like a giveaway account, your entry will not be counted. 🌠must complete all steps above to be eligible. open to anywhere usps ships to. giveaway ends 11/30, 11:59pm pst. i will draw names over the weekend. . optional: 💠share this giveaway on your stories for 3 extra entry 💠repost this image on your ig page for 5 extra entries 💠tag me and #thecatandsnail1year. your account must be public to count. . 🍀good luck!!🍀 . this giveaway is not affiliated with instagram or any of the brands. i am not responsible for any customs, lost/damaged items once the package ships, or any allergic reactions you may have to the products. . . . #giveaway #giveawaycontest #asianbeauty #abcommunity #ab #abskincare #skincare #skincarereview #beautyreview #1year #1yearanniversary #iganniversary
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1 hour ago
seoul_for_skin Tonymoly i'm real tea tree mask skin soothing . i purchased these in a pack of ten from the tonymoly 50% discount. even if my main skin concern is dryness, i'm also prone to blemishes and sensitivity. because of that i always like to have plenty of soothing masks just in case! i have tried other masks from this line before. . this mask claims to get rid of uneven skin tone. it has a regular amount of essence and it was dripping a bit when i took it out. there was some leftover essence in the pouch. the scent reminds me of an old house like any other tea tree products. 😄 the sheet material is pretty stiff but the fit was okay. . it had a small cooling effect when worn and i got no irritation. i wore it for around 25 minutes before it started to dry. the leftover essence absorbed fast leaving my face matt. i guess my redness went down a bit? it was slightly hydrating. . overall i am not really impressed by this mask. i'll use the rest of them as everyday masks but after finishing them, i won't repurchase unless it magically starts giving me better results. ⭐⭐/5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sheetmask #tonymolyimreal #tonymoly #tonymolysheetmask #sheetmaskreview #review #skincarereview #beautyreviews #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #skincare #beautyproducts #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #asianbeauty #koreanskincarereview
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Inspirational Beauty Habits
1 hour ago
beautyjournalteam Illi real cotton yuja mask (moisture) ⭐️citrus yuja extract: helps skin soft & radiant ginseng extract: potent antioxidant with anti-aging and moisturizing properties ⭐️citrusy scent ⭐️unbleached cotton sheet ⭐️sheet adhered pretty well: not one of the best adherences ⭐️for all skin type ⭐️tackiness that goes away after ⭐️everyday mask ⭐️good ingredients ⭐️morning & evening usage ⭐️good results: hydrating soothing: makeup went on nicely ⭐️recommend ⭐️$3.75 ⭐️3.5/5 ⭐️will not repurchase #skincareproductreview #skincare #skincareaddict #instabeauty #kbeauty #koreanskincare #instaskincare #skincarereview #productreview #asianskincare #asianbeauty #smotd #instasheetmask #sheetmask #moisturemask #sheetmasks #realcottonmask #yujasheetmask #beautyblogger #illi #hanbangmask #homecaremaskprogram #sheetmaskaddict #시트팩 #매일팩 #뷰티그램 #마스크팩추천 #피부관리 #beautyfriends #beautyjournalteam
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bennett_boozeandbeauty Empties. i’m a fanatic about finishing products. i hate waste. some of these i’m restocking and others i’m happily passing on. #empties #skincareempties . . 🥥the #koparibeauty products took me forever to finish but i did it! i’ve already gotten another #liplove and may restock on the #coconutcrush scrub. need to think about that one. this is my second or third #coconutmelt. but i’m going to take a break for a while. 💦 #laneige #waterbank moisturizer. got this as a sample. and it’s delightful. but i have so many moisturizers to work my way through. unless it’s the second coming it’s tough to commit. 🍃#kiehls coriander moisturizer. i’ve already upgraded to the #cremedecorps for winter. 🍇 i love this #caudalie hands and nails cream. i’ve already restocked. 🕳#drbrandt #magnetight um. masking should not take this long to remove or s**k up so much product for one application. thanks but no thanks.
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littlesnowglow In the thoughts of the last review, i thought i’d show another, but yet really different product; the primary raw soymilk renew essence. ▫️ this little essence has brought me a lot of joy. i tried this among a lot of the brands other products when i first got it. this product is based on rice extract instead of water, which i love. it also holds ingredients such as green tea, soybean and fermented soymilk which i find very lovely and interesting. it holds a few ingredients i would normally avoid such as bergamot, lemon and sage oil as it has a tendency to irritate my skin, but in this formulation it doesn’t. ▫️ the texture is very watery/milky. it has a light milky color but is very thin in consistency. as soon as i put it on my skin it feels very silky and has a great slip to it. i usually pat it in, and it doesn’t absorb completely until 5-10 minutes later (most likely due to my very hydrating steps before it in my routine). it feels super calming on the skin, and has a lovely clean scent to it. i really love the scent as it remind and of something from my childhood. i have no idea what, but it’s really comforting. the scent is a little strong, but it goes away as soon as you pat it in. there’s no added artificial fragrance, so that’s a plus. ▫️ this is a lovely product. whenever i use it, i feel comforted, my skin feels calm and hydrated and it makes my face feel like a little cloud with continuous use. i use this in my night routine, and i always wake up with smooth skin, and it calms down my redness well. out of all the primary raw products i tried, this is by far my favorite (out of all the brands products this is actually almost the only one i ended up enjoying). this is my 3rd repurchase already! it lasts a while and is just a stable in my routine by now. ▫️ by my understanding from asking different primary raw retailers and shops who curate their products, primary raw is cruelty free, but i have never heard back from the brand when i emailed them myself. therefore, i can not ensure whether or not their products are 100% cruelty free. ▫️ i bought this essence as a requested item through @testerkorea_official 🌱
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BeautyDataBank (BDB)
1 hour ago
beautydatabank Empty no.103: philosophy purity made simple cleanser. . 🌿this bottle has been in so many of my skincare routine posts 😜it has been placed up-side-down and completely scraped clean!! 🌿gentle but cleans very well. . 🌿excellent for my combo, acne-prone skin. leaves my skin clean but not dry -🤗helps to balance skin. 🌿doesn't foam a lot. . 🌿a little goes a long way - i used it morning and night for probably a year 😂. 🌿i still have a travel sized bottle of this cleanser 😍otherwise a definite repurchase!! 🌿background: destinations of a lifetime by national geographic. . . . . . . . . #philosophy #philosophyskincare #facecleanser #facewash #projectpan #panningcommunity #useitup #projectuseitup #skincareroutine #skincaredaily #skincarereview #skincare #skincarejunkie #skincare #skincarelover #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #acne #acneproblems #beauty #beautyblogger #beautylover #beautifulskin #clearskin #instabeauty #instaskincare #flatlay #minimalism #cleanser
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hey_itslinds My @kleibeauty claify mask review is now up on the blog ✨ click the link in bio to read my thoughts and opinions and how you can get yours today 💖 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #kleibeauty #clarifymask #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarereview #ontheblog #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #skincareblogger #beauty #beautyblogger #beautycounter #beautyguru #photography #photographer #photoshoot #beautycounter #blogger #bloggerlife #bloggergram #beautyreview #naturalskincare #organicskincare #naturalbeauty
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Open PO Singapore
1 hour ago
frelinz Hadalabo gokujun hyaluronic cleansing foam (160ml) . . . rohto hadalabo gokujun hyaluronic cleansing foam is a upgrade version from senka perfect whips. . . blended with super hyaluronic acid and quick absorbing hyaluronic acid. the rich foam removes excess dirt, dead skin and make-up with ease, while simultaneously delivering extreme moisturizing power. . . preserve your skin's natural moisture as you wash. instantly foaming and easy to massage, this wash rinses clean without drying out your skin. use morning and night for a luxurious practical start to softer, more supple skin. . . pro -fragrance -free, - colorant-free, - mineral oil-fre free . . price : idr 150.000 . . #openpojepang #openpojapan #openpojp #openpojpn #pojapan #pojepang #pojepangmurah #pojepangindo #pojepangcepat #pojapanstuff #pojapanindo #pojapanskincare #skincare #foamcleanser #pohadalabo #openpohadalabo #jualkosmetikjepang #jualmakeupjepang #hadalabogokujyun #jualshiseido #jualshiseidomurah #skincarereview #beautyblogger #japanindo #jualhadalabo #hadalabogokujyunfoam #hyaluronicacid #personalshopperjapan #bandungbeauty
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A D A O O 1
1 hour ago
Watched the note book last night and cried my eyes out, woke up with unbelievably puffy eyes and eye bags. a sunday home spa with the @001skincare eyecicle is a must! "by rolling this chilled globe under the eyes, blood circulation is stimulated, draining any toxins and blockage, pumping oxygen to the area to brighten and depuff- my eyes feel much lighter just after a few rolls" 💎💧❄ 25% off www.001skincare.com . . . #homespa #sundayfacial #sundayspa #spaathome #beautycommunity #beautygadget #beauty #skincare #eyecicle #eyecontour #eyecare #eyeshadowtutorial #eyelashextensions #puffyeyes #thenotebook #ryangosling #massage #eyebags #darkcircles #hangovercure #movienight #instabeauty #makeupfreeday #nudeface #makeuptutorial #skincareroutine #skincarereview #beautybible #beautyawards
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2 hours ago
overglowedit Looking for a little light sunday reading 📚? i just put up a ✨ new blog post ✨ about my 5 products i use for extra glow in the cold months, and how i like to use them ➡️ overglowedit.com! any other glowy products you’d recommend for winter?
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2 hours ago
styleishbeauty These best products to help me transition to the cold weather. 1️⃣@pixibeauty glow mud cleanser -this cleanser is also an exfoliator which my skin loves. i use this almost daily but especially when my skin is feeling very dry. 2️⃣@clarisonic mia and foundation brush - i absolutely love how it blends foundation and cream blush so well and it makes applying my makeup so much easier. 3️⃣ @pixibeauty peel and polish - this is such a great exfoliator for your skin. it removes all your dead skin cells and my skin always feels amazing after i use it. 4️⃣ @dermologica stress positive eye lift - this is hands down my favorite eye cream. the applicator is so good too as it’s cooling to the touch so it feels so good when you put it on. 5️⃣@dermologica pure light spf 50 moisturizer - i believe in a great spf even in the winter. this moisturizer is nice and lightweight so i can wear it under my makeup. 6️⃣ @itcosmetics confidence in a compact foundation - the coverage is amazing. i usually just use an undereye concealer and this foundation and call it good. i love that it’s a cream foundation as it makes it so easy to apply and then blend with the foundation brush. 7️⃣ @itcosmetics confidence in a cream moisturizer - this is a super hydrating moisturizer. it’s a cream but also not too heavy so you can use it during the day or night. 8️⃣ @origins cleanser - this is a great gentle cleanser to remove your makeup and to use on a daily basis http://liketk.it/2svlo #liketkit @liketoknow.it
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2 hours ago
fancymherie My current favorite mascara is my volume glamour max definition mascara from @bourjoisparis. this mascara is smudgeproof and definitely waterproof but the good thing about this is that i don't get panda eyes when removing this mascara. application is an ease even if i have shorter lashes because of the wand and its small bristles. i'll show you guys the wand on my next post. and when removing this mascara, i still have to wash my face right after removing my makeup with a makeup remover. love this mascara so much! 😍😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mascara #makeup #makeupph #cosmeticsph #cosmetics #bourjoisparis #makeupreview #skincare #skincareph #skincarereview #reviews #reviewph #blog #blogph #eyemakeup #bloggers #beautyblog #instablog #beautyblogger #instablogger #instabloggerph #beautybloggerph #vlog #pinayvlogger #productreview #blessed
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Grace Chatters 💕
2 hours ago
gracechatters *empties* just finished up (after 3 uses) this sample pack of @skinfood_official 's watery berry ampoule and gel cream. i gotta say i'm quite liking this! the ampoule feels lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly. the gel cream, likewise, feels lightweight on my skin and absorbs well too. i didn't feel that it gave intense hydration, but it hydrated my skin sufficiently :) my oil skin does not really need extreme hydration anyway. oh and it smells good too! there's a nice fruity scent (not sure if it smells like berry though). it didn't break me out, and i think it made my skin softer and smoother 😅 i still have a few more packets of these, i'll update if i change my mind about how i feel about it :p . #skinfood @skinfood_sg #gcxempties #gcxreview
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