12 minutes ago
beauty.and.seoul.of.texas Day 25 of #maskmadness : hydrating 💦💦💦 i picked this up for $2.50 on my most recent grocery trip and love having a readily accessible mask 😍 . . 💧#garnier skinactive moisture bomb super hydrating mask . 💧claims: provide deep moisture & freshen and soften skin . 💧ingredients: witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, and pomegranate extract . 💧cotton mask with a blue protective film drenched in half of a bottle of essence! the essence has a mild, yet refreshing, fruity scent. pouch contains extra essence, which i applied to my neck and chest . 💧mask is refreshingly cool, yet somewhat uncomfortable chilly with the ceiling fan on. i could feel my skin immediately begin to cool and plump. i applied this mask for 25 mins as it wasn't anywhere near dry after the recommended 15 min application. i then folded the mask and applied it to my neck because it's quite refreshing! . 💧 essence absorbs quickly and leaves no tacky/sticky residue. i applied a thick night pack following this mask without any pilling of products. my skin feels extremely hydrated and refreshed! . 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 . . . #smotd #sheetmask #kbeauty #beauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #abcommunity #beautycommunity #skincarecommunity #skincare #betterskin #skinobsessed #skincareroutine #skincareregimen #skincarereview #instareview #instablogger #instablog #minireview #productreview #beautyreview #hydration #hyaluronicacid #pomegranate #refreshing
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🌷S H E L I A
14 minutes ago
skinmusings #1empty1newbie - antioxidant serum idea started by @skinminimalist • #skinmusings_empties 🌻 empty #kypris antioxidant dew | $72 usd | 47ml antioxidant serums are a crucial part of my morning routine. i got this when i started to explore green beauty as it surprised me by containing vitamin e, vitamin c ester, superoxide dismutase and ferulic acid in addition to numerous plant extracts. • the antioxidant dew provides a nice layer of hydration with antioxidant benefits and also works great as a light moisturiser for oilier skin types. the light and fluid texture makes it easy to apply and it dries down quickly to a smooth finish, perfect for busy mornings. on days i'm feeling dry i like to add 2-3 drops of oil (#munskincare aknari is a recent favourite) and the result is a beautiful emulsion that absorbs readily. the larger size also meant i could use this liberally on my face and neck. • overall i liked this for its ease of use, versatility and how it kept my skin hydrated throughout the day, but i won't be repurchasing since i'm fickle and there are so many other serums i want to try. • 🌹 newbie #demamiel intense nuture antioxidant elixir | £80 | 30ml de mamiel is quickly becoming my favourite green beauty brand and the love affair continues with this serum. this was actually an unplanned purchase enabled by fiona @orchidsandpeonies when we saw it at a great price on net-a-porter. • the ingredients list reads like a nutrient powerhouse. there's quercetin (bioflavonoid) to restore and protect; antioxidants malachite (mineral extract), ferulic acid and superoxide dismutase to neutralise free radicals; sodium hyaluronate and ceramides to boost hydration. • i like to dispense a few drops on my fingertips and dot it on my face then apply. the texture is fluid and spreadable but you need to work fast as it dries down quickly and turns slightly tacky before absorbing. there's an earthy natural scent that dissipates shortly. • for the past week, my skin has been experiencing increased sensitivity, redness and dryness. i think i may have compromised my barrier so i’ve been avoiding actives and sticking to repairing and nourishing products. • continued in comments👇🏻
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Elisa 에리사 | Beauty Blogger
19 minutes ago
sokobeauty • [ 🌸 origins 🌸 ] • 🌷 omg girls, it is my birthday 🎉🎊!!! hopefully many good skin-years will continue to come! and to celebrate i will be going to g-dragons concert today 😆! such a good way to celebrate right? • 🌷 i am all new to the products from @origins and it is actually my first time trying anything out from natural skincare brand origins. • 🌷 products in the picture: • 🍃 @origins cleansing oil with radiance boosting with white & purple rice. it claims to illuminate the skin as it melts away dirt, makeup, and impurities. it is free of parabens, sulfates & phthalates. • 🍃 @origins age-defence eye cream spf20 with white tea, it is my very first time seeing an eye cream with spf, i mean why not? i normally don’t put sunscreen around my eye area but the eyes do need protection from the sun too, so seeing this is definitely interesting! • • 🍃 @origins spf40 age-defence moisturizer with white tea • 🍃 @origins ginzing energy boosting spf40 tinted moisturizer. • 🌷 have you tried anything from origins before? • #prgifted
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Sonia 🌵 K-beauty Blogger
22 minutes ago
moikobeauty 🌵pm routine 🌵 skin diary: a bit irritated and red because my period. :/ and my last dermatologist told me it wasn’t hormonal.. nooo.. its because i’m allergic to the orange color… (sarcasm) anyways as you know i’m still looking by my own the begging of that and this is my final thoughts: 1. i quit birth control pill 2. i had a total thyroid surgery 3. i started smoking so, first one, yeah, unbalance hormonal but.. not for that severe acne. i’m also taking milk thistle tablets and yeah, i feel they’re working on my liver but not enough. the second one.. i never thought on that.. but there are strong links between thyroid hormones, insulin, testosterone, and acne. tomorrow i’m going to hospital to do my first trimester blood analysis after the my endocrine stabilized my thyroid (for life) medication, and i’ll show her how is my face… the last time i was in her office my skin was clear.. :( i’ll let you know what she told me. . pm routine: . ⚡️ #klairs deep black oil cleansing. -super deep cleansing!. ⚡️ #innisfree rebalancing 5.5 gel cleansing ⚡️ #earthsrecipe energy boosting toner. ⚡️ #tiam vitamin c 20 ⚡️ #dr.g barrier cream ⚡️ tea tree oil mixed with #cosrx centella cream ⚡️ tamanu oil on scars . . 🇪🇸 🌵pm routine 🌵 diario: un poco irritada y roja por mi periodo :/ mi última dermatóloga fiasco me dijo que no era hormonal… nooo.. es porque soy alérgica al color naranja… (sarcasmo) de todos modos como sabéis sigo buscando por mi cuenta el principio de todo esto, y este es mi resumen: 1. deje la píldora 2. me quitaron todo el tiroides 3. empecé a fumar así que primero, si, desajuste hormonal, pero no creo que demasiado para el brote de acne que me dio el otro dia.. también estoy tomando cardo mariano para el hígado y me está yendo muy bien, pero no es suficiente. lo segundo, nunca había pensado en eso,.. pero he estado leyendo y hay un lazo de unión entre las hormonas tiroideas, la tetosterona, la insulina y el acne.. mañana voy a sacarme sangre para la primera revisión trimestral desde que me estabilizaron la pastilla (de por vida) que suple a mi tiroides, y le enseñare como llevo la piel.. la ultima vez que estuve en su consulta no tenia ni un granito
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Misa Skincare Online
25 minutes ago
misa_skincare This is the skincare routine for tonight! i'm so ready for my bed💤⭐ • ✨cleanser by @mamondekorea lotus micro cleansing foam and by lala rose day nature deep cleansing oil • ✨exfoliation by @skinfood_official black suger mask • ✨lipbalm by @burtsbees rejuvenating lip balm with acai berry • ✨treatment by @cosrx natural bha skin returning a-sol • ✨toner by @pyunkangyul essence toner 💦 • ✨sheet mask by tami sense revitalizing all in one mask • ✨serum by @klairs.global rich moist soothing serum and by @deciem niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% • ✨eye cream by @mizon_official snail reparing eye cream🐌 • ✨moisturizer by @etude_official ac clinic daily gel lotion and by @cosrx advanced snail 96 all in one cream🐌 • ✨spot treatment by @dear_klairs midnight blue calming cream🙌🏻 • hope you had a lovely day~ • • • • #koreanskincare #beautyblog #kbeauty #skincareroutine #beautycare #koreanbeauty #skincareproducts #skincarereview #routine #koreanskincareroutine #blogpost #beautyproducts #ontheblog #bloggerlife #kbeautyaddict #bloggerstyle #beautyful #products #chooselovely #skincarekorea #beautyaddict #bloggerbeauty #koreanproduct #skincarelover #review #koreancosmetics #sheetmask #koreansheetmask #rasianbeauty #skincare
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30 minutes ago
sharmtoaster My @saturday_skin one brand review is finally up ____ over the past few weeks i've been knocking out posts i've been planning on writing for months. and while i'm happy with all that... i'm also not sure what to post before the holidays come around (i have a lot of stuff planned for then 😏.) are there any posts/ reviews you're interested in reading?
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The Great Sheet Mask Adventure
48 minutes ago
legendofsheetmask In the last couple of weeks or so i tried 3 different #maskingdom chinese medi line masks (and only took a pic of one...the others were the roseroot & liquorice and the four substance formula). usually i'm not bothered by a mask with fragrance but these all have a strong bitter/sour herbal note. the four substance one left a lingering scent in the room i used it in for an hour or more! #sheetmask #asianbeauty #skincarereview
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49 minutes ago
midnyteblaque Review: c.solution cosmetics cyrus .002 vita c mask pack phew that's a mouthful. so... these were supposed to be reviewed like 3 months ago. i didn't get the update that i was chosen by @0.8l_usa to review these for free until it was too late and it was shipped out while i was about to board my plane for europe and vacation for a month. came back to hopefully do a late review, but my workplace misplaced this package. we just found it sitting in the warehouse like a week ago. 😧 so anyway, yes, the mask. this is a sheet mask infused with a vitamin c serum. the serum itself is a little more viscous than water and it pretty much stains the entire mask a light orange. i sometimes worry the orange or yellow color of vitamin c products might mean they have oxidized already, and thus, became less effective. but this did sit in a warehouse that was not temperature regulated through the summer, so... i'll give it a pass on looks and just judge on results. the mask itself is a very thin tencel kind of mask. feels soft, but also super thin. might be a little too thin because i ripped it a little while trying to place it on my face. again, it could be due to the conditions it sat in for a while. the smell is citrusy as is with all vitamin products i've encountered so far. very light and pleasant. as for results, it gave my face a nice temporary glow and more of a skin tone evening. i can't give any thoughts on anti-wrinkle care, since that's not really a concern of mine. but it felt hydrating and lasted a good half hour. wish i could give it a better review. but without knowing if sitting cycling hot and cold environment did anything to it, i can only can only kind of a half confident "this is a nice mask" 🤷🏻 . . #csolution #sheetmask #vitamincmask #vitamin #08l #beauty #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #instabeauty #skincare #koreanskincare #asianskincare #instaskincare #beautyblog #instablog #abcommunity #skincarereview #midnytereviews
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4 hours ago
beautyskinergy Day 18 of the #maskmadness challenge by @maskaddict @mapletreeblog and @miirushop ! . 🌼theme for day 18 is eyes! bear with me people, i'm trying very hard to catch up in this challenge✌《#drhu collagen and algae extract wrinkle treatment eyes mask》 . -claims & ingredients list- swipe⬅ for the whole list. it's supposed to moistures, tighten and reduce dark eye circles. . . 💭thoughts💭 ★this is not my first time using these. i have used this once before i still have to try them out more before i make a more in depth review. so this is a sort of "first impressions" . ★i hate that they have such a huge box but there is a plastic insert inside and only 6 pairs included. they are hydrogels eye masks so really cooling on the skin. the scent is a sort of sea/waves sort of scent which i like. . ★the packaging is horrendous, i literally have to use the strength of a dozen bulls to rip it open. i'm a pretty weak gal but even my bf couldn't get this open. i use all my b****y strength and i hate them for that. . ★these slide off really easily. even lying down they will slippery slide off your face. so if you think you can put these on and do your makeup, forget it. as for the results, i do see visible smoothening and plumping of fine lines. i think it does hydrate my under eye area and reduces a little of the darkness there. the finish is quite matte and doesn't leave any residue. surprised by the results because did not notice it previously when i used it. as i said, needs more testing. . . 🌟repurchase?🌟 i bought these 2 for the price of 1, essentially just bogo. still on the fence about these!
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52 minutes ago
naturalskincarediary @herbivorebotanicals pineapple enzyme + gemstone instant glow mask gently illuminates, energizes, and exfoliates skin, giving a fresh, new glow. this mask does a really good job addressing texture issues and cleansing pores. ▪️use for:▪️ ▫️dullness and uneven texture ▫️uneven skin tone ▫️pores ▪️ingredients:▪️ ▫️brazilian white tourmaline: brightens and illuminates the complexion. ▫️pineapple and papaya enzymes: gently resurface and exfoliate skin. ▫️rice powder: brightens, softens, and smooths skin’s complexion. ▫️rose distillate: tones, brightens, and calms the complexion. ✖️ ✖️ i wrote the following right after i first tried this product when i bought it a few months ago. the ingredients on this is super nice, all plant-based! you only need about a quarter sized amount for your entire face. i like that it comes with a tiny scoop, you have to stir the product before each use as the rice and gemstone particles settle at the bottom. i applied a thin layer and left it on for 20 min. didn't feel any tingling, it dries and leaves a white film on the face that's easy to wash off with lukewarm water. afterwards it leaves your skin feeling super duper baby soft! they recommend applying a mist and facial oil after using it, which is perfect since that's how my nighttime skincare routine usually goes anyway. they also rec using it 3-4xs a week to start and then going down to 2xs. ✖️ ✖️ presently i use this mask about once a week, i really like it and would definitely recommend it. it feels very gentle. there's another #fruitenzyme mask that i use more often that'll i review, it leaves my face with a noticeable glow and clarity for days after! . .
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1 hour ago
glowing_pains So pumped to pamper myself with these goodies i got in the mail today completely of @influenster 🤗 this is my very first #voxbox & im so excited to try these products out and share my thoughts with you all!
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Jasmine Salvador
1 hour ago
mrsjassyglows Sneak peek! some of the products i'll be using this week in my evening routines. these are typical products for me, nothing you probably haven't seen from me before. hope it's not boring for ya! oh and see those sheet masks in the very back? yea they expire soon 🙈🙈 whoops! gotta start using them, because i genuinely do love me some sheet masks, i just forget to use them these days! • • • #skincare #skincarejunkie #selfcare #skincarereview #beauty #facial #instaskincare #skincareluxury #skincarecommunity #skincareroutine #beautycommunity #instabeauty #washyourface #selflove #lessbutbetter #365inskincare #bayareaskincare #workingonmyglow
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1 hour ago
serumtologie There is no way #olivianewtonjohn can get any more ageless. we're hopelessly devoted to sandra dee.✨
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🌿 M A R C E A 🌿
1 hour ago
marmarcea I spoke really briefly about this serum the other day but i decided that i have not harped nearly enough about my love for it. so let’s chat. i received this in the mail a few weeks ago (from @preendotme! thank you so much 💚) and have been faithfully using it every day since. i tend to apply it mostly in the evenings because that’s when i use my actives, and i like to have a layer of hydration to soothe my skin afterwards. however, i have used it in the morning to pre my face for foundation. [claims]: deliver moisture and nourishment [ingredients on next slide] [results/verdict]: this serum is more on the liquidy side than thick, spreads easily, and sinks quickly into my skin. i feel like my skin has gotten a fresh burst of hydration as soon as i put it on 💦 i did notice that when i pumped too much product, it did become tacky on the skin. but a little actually goes a long way with this serum, and that says a lot from someone whose dry skin loves to be loaded with all the hydrating things. basically, i love this stuff! and i may have already added a couple more to my shopping cart 😂😂 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 *i was sent this product as a gift with no expectations of a review. all views reflected are my own* 🌱 🌱 #innisfreeusa #innisfree #greenteaseedserum #washoffteaon #hydratingserum #drydehydratedskin #dryskin #dryskincare #kbeautyforbrowngirls #blackgirlskincare #skincareritual #skincarereview #skincareregimen #preenmevip #preendotme #blackgirlsofkbeauty #366inskincare #skincarecommunity #jejuislandawaits
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Aimee Lauren James
1 hour ago
aimeelauren_mua Seeing as i missed my sunday night pamper session - monday is in... my skin broke out this morning and felt so dry all day so i popped to @bootsuk and went for @soapandglory #miraclemoisturemask - sheet masks are sexy aren't they?! 😂 . . ▪️review 👉🏻 really lovely smell, as it's a gel mask it's like putting a floppy sponge on your face, the bottom half dried quickly - probably because my skin is super dry. as you can see the nose bit was too big and as a result i couldn't breathe through my nose 😂 now it's done, my skin feels hydrated, but not as fresh as other masks i'd give it a strong 6/10. . . now to watch the #kardashian 10 year anniversary special! ❤️ . . . . . #pampersession #review #beautyreview #soapandglory #facemask #facemaskreview #mondaynight #aljmakeup #beauty #skincarereview
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1 hour ago
alaaabdelmegied55 Pimples are healing hopefully it's the last purge ,redness all over my face will be testing this product out #osmosisskincare #rescueserum #skincarecommunity #skincareblogger #skincareblog #skincarereview
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Beauty Blogger • MakeErinOver
2 hours ago
makeerinover Still obsessed with the @tzoneuk range. those nose strips are sore, but so satisfying 😂👏🏻 #tzone #prsample . . . . #scotbloggers#scottishblogger#dundeebloggers#singlemumblogger#yellowtheme#loveyellow#thegirlgang#bbloggeruk#discoverunder10k#discoverunder100k#olympuspengeneration#dundee#britishbeautyblogger#lbloggeruk#ukblogs#discovernewbloggers#discoverbeautybloggers#beautybloggeruk#beautyblog#makeupreview#skincarereview
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Pioneering Clinical Skincare
2 hours ago
muradskincareaus #free! under a week left to uncover glowing skin thanks to murad.com.au. get 1 week's worth of rapid resurfacing peel towelettes with every order until the end of the september!⠀ .⠀ connected beauty is murad's unique philosophy to allow you to feel better, look better and be healthier. each and every cell in your body is connected so treat them all well.⠀ .⠀ #connectedbeauty #murad #muradskincareaus
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KP | Lifestyle + Biz Coach
2 hours ago
thekplife Guess what’s in this jar? it’s kaolin clay. what’s the big deal about it? well, it’s known for gently exfoliating the skin while absorbing oils and detoxifying your pores without overdrying. it’s great for helping your skin stay smooth, soft, and healthy. 🙌🏾 and guess what? it’s an ingredient in one of my favorite, all-time cleansers that many of my customers swear by!👊🏽 whether you are looking to just maintain a healthy glow, or are battling another skin condition and just need relief, let’s chat. 📥 send me a dm and i’ll share a quick skin quiz you can take and determine a customized plan just for you! let’s glow together! 💎
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