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Evening cleanse and moisturise #oskia micro exfoliating balm #pixibeauty glow tonic #esteelauder advanced night repair serum #lululun precious white face mask #originsskincare ginzing eye cream #aureliaskincare cell repair night oil #kiehls ultra facial moisturiser
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Day 11 of the #abnewyearstashchallenge hosted by @mindyourbeauty @peepingpomeranian it is eye cream time and i take this category very seriously. i use eye creams twice a day and use separate ones for am & pm there are tons of deluxe samples in this post and a great way to try before committing to full size version because only tiny bit amount is needed. . . swipe to see the whole collection, the ones in use and the sealed, unopened ones. . . @amorepacific_us this one is my most favorite eye cream but it is so freakin expensive. now that all my samples are exhausted, i am struggling to save up and buy full size. @freshbeauty black tea age delay eye cream. this is really good for fine lines. @origins plantidote mega mushroom eye serum. this is great for getting rid of dark circles. @skii essential power eye cream. this is hydrating. @clinique all about eyes very comforting and gentle. @kiehls midnight recovery eye cream. this one is good for fine lines too. unopened ones: @lauramercier eye serum @origins plantscription and ginzing @olehenriksen total truth eye serum @shiseido white lucent brightening eye treatment @yslbeauty forever light creator @caudalie anti wrinkle eye cream @kiehls line reducing powerful brightening eye cream @naturabisse diamond extreme eye. i am more excited to try the last four unopened ones mentioned above. spot any favorites?
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Catching up on with the #abnewyearstashchallenge hosted by @peepingpomeranian and @mindyourbeauty and i am on day 13 which is oils! ✨ . before i got into ab (and skincare in general), i never would have fanthom that i would love oils like i do today. they are like magic potions that does a little trick to your skin and i am so glad i jumped on the oil train! . #whamisa organic flowers facial oil #manyofactory natural treatment rosehip whitening oil #deciem #theordinary 100% plant-derived squalane #treeannsea madagascar tamanu oil* #pyunkangyul oil* #huxley secret of sahara oil: light and more . my first facial oil was the whamisa one and at first i didn't really like it because of the pungent smell (i think it is the argan that is producing the smell) and how thick it is. but i started incorporating it into my moisturizers and saw how it effectively make my skin more balanced during the day. . my current favourite is the manyo factory rosehip oil! first, because it smells like roses and second, because it is so light.🌹 . i am so looking forward to trying the tamanu oil next because @aboutliahyoo recommends this for lightening acne scars. . *) unopened product . #asianbeauty #abskincare #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #abcommunity #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #skincarereview #skincareroutine
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Just came home from another life changing facial at @rescuespa✨i just have to say that @the_glow_regimen is the best facialist/therapist ever! period. here’s my mini haul from today’s visit - some refills, some samples, some newbies. during my last appointment i left with a sample of @janmariniskinresearch physical spf, which i am now converting to a full size. i’m also adding a new br serum into the mix: oligo proteines marines. does anyone use this spf or serum?? if so what do you think of it?
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Did you all see my #pmskincare routine last night on my stories? it was eye-opening! • i started with the @tatcha the deep cleanse. wow, just wow! i used it again this morning. it is incredible. i was not expecting much as i hadn't heard anything really about this cleanser. my face glowed... like that glow from within glow, clean, fresh, dewy, and youthful. • i topped it off with the new @drunkelephant protini polypeptide cream. it's a dream! no wonder the #idreamofprotini is so popular. i get it. it's consistency is not that of a gel or really of a serum. it's a light lotion that sinks in and provides much needed moisture for my poor dry, dehydrated face. i would highly recommend! • #drunkinlove #over30blogger #30plusblogs #30plusskincare #igbeauty #cleanse #justglowfirefly #igskincare #tatcha #bobbibrown #chanel #protini #agenda #skincarereview #review #skincarecommunity #makeupcommunity #glow #illuminate #freshskin #beyourownkindofbeautiful #effectiveskincare #30plusskincare #erincondren
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Hello lovely humans!💖 have you guys tried this sleeping mask yet?! the @glowrecipe #watermelonglowsleepingmask was probably one of the most talked about skincare products in 2017. constantly being sold out in sephora & raved by so many; i knew i had to check it out. when i shared on my stories that i purchased it a few months ago, i had several people message me asking me to review it. so here i am 🙋🏽‍♀️ #review 🍉✨i truly & genuinely do enjoy this product so much. little goes a long way! super lightweight & absorbs quickly into the skin, i use this as the very last step of my skincare routine to seal everything in. it really does work beautifully overnight! i always wake up with fresh, hydrated, happy, & gradient skin. i notice that after using this product, my makeup always applies on flawlessly; so on big presentations for school or if i’m going to a party, i will always use this the night before. 🍉✨it contains hyaluronic acid, watermelon extract & ahas to gently exfoliate your skin. i’m always talking about scents in my reviews but i really enjoy smells of products! this smells divine *lol my name*, but i don’t really smell fresh watermelons? smells more like a artificial watermelon jolly rancher candy, so yea it smells pretty sweet. 🍉✨a few complaints about this product would probably be that the gel texture is a bit funny, & very runny; i personally have to use a bigger scooping tool to get the product without it falling back into the jar. i also don’t find it as hydrating as other similar sleeping masks, so this will work best if you have normal/combo/oily skin. 🍉✨but other than that, i really do like this product! so i hope you guys will check this out to try for yourself if you haven’t already. i believe that @glowrecipe still sells a smaller size on their website if you are interested in trying it out😊 hope everyone has a great rest of their week! xx 💖 • #glowrecipe #watermelonglow #sleepingmask #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #kkbeauty #skincarereview
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✨ sunday morning essentials include all of these lovelies on my bedside table. my skin looks a little tired and dry this morning because it’s been crazy cold over here in texas and i’ve been going to sleep late watching netflix. 🙇🏻‍♀️ (i’ll try to be better about it this upcoming week lol.) . 🌟first cleanse: @glossier milky jelly cleanser works wonders! i love how this product smells... i can’t really describe the smell except for the fact that it smells expensive to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ i love how gentle it is on my skin and yet it takes off all of my makeup and leaves my face nice and clean. 🌟 second cleanse: @kiehls rare earth deep pore daily cleanser has really changed my skin for the better. after about five weeks of consistent use i have seen my skin become clearer. it has really reduced the size of my pores and has changed the amount of oil that my skin produces on the daily. if you struggle with enlarged pores and oiliness, this cleanser is definitely for you! 👀 ✨ toner: @kiehls rare earth pore refining tonic works incredibly well with the rare earth cleanser to reduce not only the appearance of pores, but also to help balance the amount of oil your skin produces. it has a light, fresh scent and feels refreshing on the skin. i will definitely repurchase another bottle when i run out! 💞 serums: @glossier super pure and super glow revitalize my skin especially in this horrible cold. my skin has really taken a hit this past week with the insane temperature changes. (classic texas. 🤦🏻‍♀️) i have been interchanging these two serums with super pure helping out my skin the most. i love both of these serums but ever since @sleepcleanserepeat told me that i should try @deciem serums... i’ve been curious.🕵🏻‍♀️ . 👀 cream: @saturday_skin wide awake brightening eye cream has only helped the skin under my eyes to feel moisturized. however, it does not really seem to brighten my skin much. i will keep using it consistently. it probably just needs some more time to see any drastic changes. i do love the way it feels on my skin: it is light and absorbs into my skin quickly. i also love that it has no parabens. (review continued in comments.)
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Evening cleanse and moisturise #terreverdi good oils cleansing oil #jurlique purely white skin brightening mist #zelens power d #indeedlabs hydraluron #sumanskincare awakening eye uplift #pixibeauty rose oil blend #komenukabijin rice bran milky lotion
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•iunik - vitamin hyaluronic acid vitalizing toner• 🧡 i’ve been using this exactly for a month so i (hope) could give a thorough review. 🧡 claims: gives powerful vitalizing effect to your skin. good for daily brightening and moisturizing. helps rebalance and softens the skin. 🧡 notable ingredients: it only has 16 ingredients and i like the fact that sodium hyaluronate is the first ingredient before water, at the second place. sea buckthorn is on the third place follow up by glycerin and butylene glycol and niacinamide. it also contains my fave ingredient too, licorice root extract, though it’s on the last place. 🧡 packaging: it comes in a plastic bottle, which is good for traveling. 🧡 texture: if you used snail mucin product before, this is similar. it has the sticky stringy kind of texture, rather viscous but still runny. (swipe to see the texture) 🧡 scent: i hardly detect any scent from this. 🧡 finish: matte feel to the touch after it’s all absorbed. 🧡 how i use: i use it in my am and pm routine after toning my face and before essence step. i pour a small pea size, rub it on my palm then pat it all over my face. i did 7 skin method with this toner with no problem until i realized there’s a bit of piling happening when i try to put my face base with a brush. i can’t find the culprit until recently, it was this toner due to its sticky and viscous texture. the trick to that is to not putting on so many layers, 3-4 layers are fine. or 7 layers but with very small amount. another way that i like lately is to apply essence after i toned my face and then applying this toner. i find it easier to pat and spread. please bear in mind that this only work if your essence is watery type and lightweight consistency. 🧡 result: i like how hydrating it is and i could feel the bounciness and suppleness it gives to my cheeks. in terms of brightening, i could see a subtle brightnening (nothing crazy) and my skin has been having less redness and more even tone. though i can’t say much about softening effect cause i’ve been exfoliating regularly. . 👇🏻continue in comments👇🏻
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d e n i s e
"reluctant" is the way i felt before trying the famous mask of magnaminty. 😕 why you ask?  i perceived #lush as a teen brand, a misconception earned by their vibrant retail presence, fluorescent and pastel coloured bath bombs, soaps, lip products etc and the sickly sweet smell of their stores... 😝 i can be a little fragrance sensitive so found it a challenge being in the shop long enough to make my purchase!  on top of that, my 13 year old daughter is lush-obsessed.  she also loves 1-direction and i still love dire straits, so we are definitely eons apart in taste. - - anyway, i digress!  the #maskofmagnaminty ... it's self-preserving, packed with antibacterial honey and comprises only 13 ethically derived natural ingredients. - - honey; kaolin; bentonite gel;talc; ground aduki beans; glycerine (plant derived); evening primrose seeds; peppermint oil; african marigold oil; vanilla absolute; limonene (plant derived); perfume (from essential oils); and chlorophyllin (primarily for colour). - - the scent was refreshingly minty 🌿 as you might expect and the cooling effect instant upon application.  the exfoliation was quite gentle even though it was physical and the evening primrose seeds and aduki bead granules look quite significant in the formulation.  the cleanse is deep, bentonite, talc and kaolin drawing impurities and excess oils from the skin.  it is however non-drying since plenty of humectant content (honey and glycerine), is added for a balanced solution. - - and the results.... smooth, soft, bright skin. yes!!!! ☺ - - if you're not sensitive to fragrance or essential oils and don't mind a bit of physical exfoliation, this provides a lovely gentle masking experience. - - have you tried it?  which other lush products would you recommend i try next? - - swipe for the gallery. a full review can be found here: http://clayandessence.com/lush-mask-of-magnaminty/
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✨ GGG. ✨
Simple skincare morning routine: ☀️ #cosrx low ph good morning gel cleanser ☀️ #missha moist lab cream ☀️ #missha madecanol cream ☀️ #thebodyshop seaweed oil-balancing toner ☀️ #missha safe block sebum zero sun —————————————— #koreanskincare #kbeautyproduct #haul #centella #glowyskin #kbeautyroutine #cream #redness #skincare #skincarereview #oilyskinsolution #skincareproducts #morningroutine #newproducts
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Half of my skin care @ultabeauty haul. i didnorder the wrong cereve cream, but the facial wipes are the softest wipes i've ever tried. @pacificabeauty lip scrub and balm. amazing! and some sheet masks by @tonymoly.us_official . #hangingoutwithlori #findingjoy #happinessmatters #crps #skincare #loveyourself #sheetmasks #facialwipes #lipbalm #lipscrub #moisturizer #ultahaul #beauty #skincaremusthave #lipcare #beautyblogger #beautyreviewer #blogger #beauty #skincarereview #lovelife
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Darlings, our first #youtube review is out! @gegesideris you are amazing ♥️ guys, check it out! and we have a huge giveaway for you too 🤩♥️🤫 exciting things coming soon #skincarecommunity #skincarecommunity_de #skincarereview #giveaway #startup #skincareaddict #skincarejunkies #skincareacne #acneprone #acneproneskincare
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The Chic Candid 🇬🇧/🇵🇰
I’ve tried this famous sleepy lotion from @lush on my daughter for 5 days in a row but i’m not sure it lives up to my expectations. my expectations were very high to begin with, i was hoping it was a magic balm that helps my daughter sleep through the night 🙈 it smells heavenly and i feel it is very relaxing as it has lavender in it, but i wouldn’t buy it again!
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大缺貨,納品需到2月美容展後😱且買且珍惜🙏sakirana👑皇牌面膜👑鮭魚幹細胞4d植皮面膜,一盒6塊4d植皮面膜➕6粒@0.5ml 鮭魚🐟幹細胞膠囊😍星級用家女神張柏芝小姐,日本美魔女水谷雅子💞日本銀座最級別既醫美中心都賣緊💥流傳係名媛界中既紅盒面膜😎讚嘆吧❗❗用過先知什麼叫做【100%貼面】【高效修復】【增強彈性】 🌸鮭魚幹細胞4d植皮面膜功效🌸 由於其獨特的成分,使得生物纖維面膜能理更好的抑制酪胺酸酶的活性,防止皮膚的色素沉著與形成色斑、與雀班的現象,並且能清楚含氧自由基,也有極佳的保溫效果。它能促進皮膚的新陳代謝,更新老化角質,使皮膚自然白晢,撫平皺紋,使皮膚更光滑舒適。 🌸植皮面膜的好處🌸 sakirana植皮面膜是最細小的天然纖維,在醫學界被用來作為心血管修復與人造皮膚使用。它的直徑僅有20納米,是布織面膜纖維的1/133,比皮溝的50納米還要窄小,緊密貼合臉部的面積為一般面膜的2.5倍,能夠完整封存精華液的滋潤,並且貼入皺紋與皮丘深處,讓精華液100%滋潤每一寸肌膚肌理,大大提升敷面效果,帶給你全方位的完美呵護與無限驚喜。 🌸植皮面膜對地球出一分力🌸 純植物性有機原料製造,食品級的綠色環保面膜!生物纖維是由植物性原料經篩選天然菌種,食用菌發酵產生的微生物纖維素,它具有高度的柔軟度與生物可分解性,無刺激無異味,不易生長細菌、不含熒光物質,不讓您的臉龐接觸合成石化面膜,用完後埋入土中可自然分解,符合現代人低碳環保的消費追求。 小編用後感:sakirana鮭魚幹細胞4d植皮面膜👍👍👍質感柔滑水潤,細膩如緞,觸感平滑細緻如脂,100%生物相容性,親膚無刺激😍勝過美容師柔軟既雙手!佢仲好有彈性度,能完美的緊密包住我既包包臉😂對皮膚施壓按摩,是營養更充分吸收滲透,更可調理毛孔,舒緩心情,一邊敷膜一邊自由行動,帶來敷臉的頂級享受! #sakirana #sakiranahk #sakiranajp #madeinjapan #japan #stemcells #collagen #egf #sakirana鮭魚幹細胞4d植皮面膜 #鮭魚 #三文魚 #幹細胞 #胎盤素 #骨膠原 #鮭魚幹細胞 #三文魚幹細胞 #sakirana鮭魚面膜 #女神必備 #女神 #張柏芝 #水谷雅子 #美魔女 #不老仙妻 其他聯絡方法: wtsapp +852 96638697 emily +852 98806241 hebe wechat loveskinshop line love.skinshop fbpage love.skinshop ig loveskinshop114 facebook.com/loveskinshop114 www.loveskinshop.hk 尖沙咀 加拿芬道41-43號 solo building 1樓116鋪 星期一至星期五 1300-2100 星期六 1300-1800 星期日休息 銅鑼灣 銅鑼灣富明街1號寶富大廈2樓g室 星期一至星期五 1400-2100 星期六 1300-1800 星期日休息 #skincarereview #skimcareroutine #skincare #igshop
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B u x o m 💄 • buxom has been one of my favorite lip brands for a while now! i pretty much own the whole collection🙈 • i love their plumping range because they are effective but don’t sting like most plumping lip products! • these have been my go to colors at the moment (l-r) -hot toddy -sugar -dominique -celeste -dolly • they have just launched plumping lip liners and i’m so excited to get my hands on them and try them out! • #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #bloggerlife #skincare #skincarereview #bloggers #skincarecommunity #skincaretips #skincareblogger #365skincare #skincareobessed #bloggerstyle #skincarefavourites #motd #instabeauty #newproduct #skincareregime #skincarediary #instabeauty #beautylover #beauty #skincareroutine #newskincareproducts #wakeupandmakeup #discoverunder100k #plumping #plumpinglipgloss #buxom
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Linh 💋🐷
💋red earth have fun hydrating facial mask ✨claims: these masks claim to replenish dehydrated skin and retain optimal moisture balance. ✨packaging: the brand has 6 different designs for this mask and they are all very typography-aesthetic. the mask itself was coated in essence and there was plenty of essence left for me to rub onto my neck and hands. ✨texture: the essence has clear thin runny consistency. ✨material: the mask has relatively thin papery-like material, which was kinda stiff in my opinion. but it surprisingly felt soft and comfortable on my skin. ✨fit: the fit left something to be desired, not too bad tho. adherence was nice but i did have some lifting around my face. ✨scent: there was no real scent i could detect, but it had a fresh scent. ✨ingredients: aloe barbadensis leaf juice (anti-inflammatory, soothes skin), allantoin (softens and protects while actively soothing skin), sodium hyaluronate (holds onto water), sugar cane extract (removes dead skin cells), carrageenan extract (water-binding agent), turmeric root extract (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties), centella asiatica extract (soothes irritated skin, healing properties). ✨results: after taking it off, i could tell the mask gave me a drink of moisture with a cooling sensation. my skin felt hydrated, calmed and relaxed. honestly, it didn’t do anything magnificent to my skin. redness was reduced, but not completely gone. it left a matte finish without any residue. no skin irritation or breakout whatsoever. ✨price: $24/a pack of 12 masks (redearth), $3/mask (nordstorm). provided by @redearth_beauty for free in exchange for an honest review but all opinions are mine. thanks camille for reaching out and sending me these products. ✨product origin: formulated in korea, made in prc. ✨rating: 3.5/5 - i think this mask is a pretty bare-minimum sheet mask but not a bad choice for a quick fix or daily masking. if i’m looking for a gift for my friend who is curious about sheet masks, i would give them a set of this mask. eye-catching packaging and decent effects! why not?☺️
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let’s take care of ourselves✨🌈
So i decided to post this as my first post on my new instagram!🙋🏽‍♀️ . it’s called anti-stress because you’ll feel a cooling sensation when you applied this mask on your face. di kemasannya tertulis for “all skin types” dan emang bener. . di kulit aku yg berminyak, ini bikin wajah aku lembab dan juga lumayan mengontrol minyak. . untuk kulit kering aku rasa ini juga fine fine aja karena ga terlalu bikin kering, tapi kalo bisa pake nya jangan 10menit, 5menit aja. . i hope it helps ♥️ . #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareblog #skincareindonesia #skincareproduct #freeman #freemanmask #skincarereview #freemanbeauty #freemanindonesia #reviewindonesia #beautyblogger #beautybloggerindonesia #makeup
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Review by Hani 💄🇧🇩
I colored by hair almost over a year ago. half head of golden blonde highlights. i have been maintaining my color really well for a someone who never colored her hair before. some tips so you don't have to spend money recoloring consistently : ✓ use a sulphate free shampoo so your hair color doesn't fade quickly. all hair care brands now make a color safe version . i wanna mention @ogx_beauty shampoos in particular as all their shampoos are color safe . ✓ if you go under the sun a lot use a a cap or head scarf as sun rays can fade hair color as well. ✓ coloring your hair makes the hair a bit rough than before so always use a hair mask (hair butter from of , cheap and effective) or conditioner every time you wash your hair (my colorist's advice) . * i am not affiliated with @ogx_beauty . . #bbloger #haircare #conditioner #hair #haircolor #highlighter #blonde #goldenblonde #salon #shampoo #hairmask #mua #potd #skincarereview #ogx #beautygram #instabeauty #hairstyle #parlor #instabeauty #igers
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Peng's Salon Official
#repost @redalicerao (@get_repost ) ・・・ i went to @pengsalon for #guinotparis hydraderm facial. the face is speaking for it self. the facial was an hour long & very thorough. the hydraderm machine experience was amazing. the roller massager felt so good. the lights and stimulation helps the gels that were applied to nourish and benefit deeper layers of your skin not just the first one which is provides better & faster rejuvenation & hydration to your skin. i totally loved the experience & the result. i am glowing like a💡due to nice skin mixed with happiness. the facial is for approx pkr. 7000 but worth it 🙌 . . . . . . . . @guinotpakistan #skincareblogger #guinotfacial #nomakeup #hydradermfacial #glowingskin #wakeupandmakeup #makeuplove #makeupremover #makeupslaves #thehappynow #skincare #beautyreview #skincarereview #selfienation #flashesofdelight #micellarwater #makeupguru #makeupartist #pakistanimakeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #associationofbeauty
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Tempat Berbagi Info Kecantikan
Aloe vera gel asal korea ini adalah produk yang beberapa taun ini popular banget. produk ini diklaim mempunyai banyak fungsi mulai dari melembutkan kulit, meredakan kulit terbakar, perawatan rambut, meredakan kulit sensitive, masker wajah hingga menjadi base makeup. . gambar ketiga adalah kandungan yang terdapat didalam nature republic – aloe vera soothing gel. . . rekomendasi untuk kulit : kering / normal / sensitive tingkat kelembaban : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ harga : +- 120.000 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––sudah cobain produknya juga ladies? bagaimana menurutmu? 😊 yuk, bagiin review pribadimu karena reviewmu akan sangat bermanfaat untuk para ladies di indonesia ❤️
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Tempat Berbagi Info Kecantikan
Aloe vera gel ini berwarna transparan dengan bau menyegarkan khas dari lidah buaya. isi yang terdapat di dalam jar terbilang lumayan banyak . . . untuk menggambil gel tersebut pastikan dulu jari kamu bersih ya ladies, karena produk ini tidak memiliki aplikator untuk pengambilan.
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Tempat Berbagi Info Kecantikan
Untuk hasilnya mimin rasa produk masih meninggalkan jejak lengket beberapa saat setelah diaplikasikan meski gel telah menyatu dengan kulit. tapi kulit memang langsung terasa lembut setelah penggunaannya. dan ada kesan mengkilap pada kulit setelah penggunaan. . . bagi yang mengklaim gel ini dapat menghilangkan bekas luka, mimin rasa produk ini masih membutuhkan proses yang cukup lama. dan untuk ladies pemilik wajah sensitive yang mudah bruntusan dan jerawat, mimin ngga saranin untuk pemakaian langsung gel ini di wajah ya. tapi, untuk pemilik kulit tangan dan kaki yang sensitive, gel ini masih cocok kok untuk kalian gunakan.
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Визажист Москва, Aspiring MUA💋
Попытка номер раз создать описание к фото длиннее трёх слов и поделиться своими знаниями/мыслями о косметике 😄 Если вам понравится, буду продолжать. Дайте знать лайком и комментарием. 😉 Начну, пожалуй, с самого начала, т.е. с очищения кожи и расскажу о своём любимом на данный момент средстве для умывания и его аналоге, который вызывает не такой восторг. Итак, знакомьтесь, bioré baking soda cleansing scrub. Пусть вас не пугает слово «скраб» в названии - на самом деле, это очень нежная пудра, которая при контакте с водой превращается в воздушную пенку и прекрасно и деликатно очищает кожу, делая ее мягкой и гладкой. Не сушит, но немного стягивает поры. Пахнет чем-то цитрусовым по моим ощущениям. Есть один минус - не продаётся в России. Но сейчас можно приобрести со скидкой на feelunique 😊 Аналог, который можно купить в Подружке за 699 р. (цена без скидок), - пудра для умывания a’pieu baking soda. Для меня проигрывает во многом: есть ощущение «мыла», не такая приятная консистенция, запах, не очень удобная упаковка (винтовая крышка). Но если хочется попробовать такой формат и долго ждать заказ из интернет-магазина, то можно попробовать. 🙃 Если осилили текст, напишите, пожалуйста, пользовались ли вы каким-то из этих средств, чем вы вообще умываетесь, есть ли любимчики 😊 и о чем бы вам было интересно от меня узнать. 🤓😋. . . #misskсоветует #бьютибаттл #misskbeautybattle #biore #apieu #facewash #cleansingpowder #beautyblogger #beautyhaul #beautyreview #skincarereview #отзывокосметике #бьютиблоггер #бьютиблогер #горячиевизажихи #ялбблюкосметику #beautyjunkie #beautylover #beautyholic #beautyaddict #morningroutine #skincareroutine #facescrub #exfoliator
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Can’t wait to tell everything about my new skin care @skntech ✨ my beautician @ktskinbeauty uses it on my every time i come in and my skin has been better than when i was in my 20s. no joke! i’m so excited to bring you my review this sunday ❤️ . . #skntech #ktskinbeauty #skincare #antiaging #girlsintheir30s #beauty #skincarethatworks #beautytreatment #leichardt #beautyreview #skincarereview #luxury #luxuryskincare
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Serenity Facials®
Good morning cuties! have an awesome day! don’t forget to like/share/follow
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Hello, so this morning's routine i decided to put up as a video with some moving objects and still objects. enjoy!!💕💕 . . 💕cleanse 1: @rodial bee venom cleansing balm- i've just got a single use left of this sample tube. . . 💕cleanse 2: @tataharperskincare purifying cleanser- don't ask why i cleanse twice sometimes😅it's just one of the best part of my routine and i just love water on my face. not like i had makeup on to bed😜😜 . . 💕masque: @freshbeauty black tea instant perfecting masque. this feels like a minty mousse dessert when placed on the face. skin feels soft afterwards. . . 💕tone/essence: @clarinsofficial hydra-essential biphase serum . . 💕treat: @niod cais 2:1 . . 💕mist: @omorovicza limited edition . . 💕sheet masque: dearpacker nourishing bio cellulose mask . . have a lovely day!!💕💕
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