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Exfoliating is important in treatment of acne. bacteria can thrive on areas where dead skin collects.
remember not to over do the scrubbing and not to scrub cystic acne - you don’t want to spread the bacteria.
say goodbye to dead skin and hello to smoother texture with rodan and fields microdermabrasion paste twice weekly.
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Reverse sun damage and even out that complexion! #b**e
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Thank you ryland for taking us with you to utah. 📸@rylandwalter tricombeco.com
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Real results: “i have seen a couple of post asking for b&a of cystic acne so i thought i would share my results, i still have a little way to go however i’m am happy with my results so far. the before pic is when my cystic acne had calmed down however it did leave some inflamed red lumpy scars. using soothe for 1 month the inflammation & redness had disappeared & reverse has helped smooth out my skin & even out my skin tone. my acne has not returned which i am extremely happy about and am now wearing less makeup to cover my marks 😊”
#linkinbio browse the range! extra 10% discount for pcs plus free shipping
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Another month, another mention in #forbes. 🙌🏼
this time was for our doctors being ranked #13 on the list of america’s richest self-made women. 💃🏼 some other names on this list? kylie jenner (obviously), taylor swift, oprah winfrey, kendra scott, etc. can you say "boss babes?" if any of these women offered you a piece of their empire, would you even hesitate? 🤔

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Happy belated birthday to our chilean peach nicole basso! 🎂we're so happy that you made your way stateside and found us.  we don't know where our santa barbara salon would be without your smiling face and amazing personality.  your dedication is an inspiration to our industry! we love you! 🥂🍑#bossbabe
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▫️ a.c.e serum ▫️ this age defying serum aids in revitalising the skin against the ravages of the sun & other external elements.
rich in antioxidants, sea buckthorn & kakadu plum, this serum is naturally formulated to boost skin vitality.
a daily must for organic skin care lovers!
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Look at those results! lisa is a customer and cousin of one of my consultants on my team! she is ecstatic about her current results! with consistent daily use her skin will continue to improve! #justwashyourface she developed melasma after her second pregnancy and was feeling self conscious.

one of the many reasons why i love this company and our products! #skincarethatworks giving people back their confidence and giving them the best skin of their lives! #ashleysrfjourney #itstimetostartyours
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#makeovermonday 😍

which do you notice first ? her firmer skin, more even skin tone or her eye bags and eye wrinkles diminishing? because i see it all! 😍
thank you so much, mildred, for sharing your results! i love helping people find their glow again and helping it shine from the inside out.
want to get yours back? with a 60-day, empty-bottle, 100% guarantee why not?! you deserve it! 💕🎁 #lifechangingskincare #skincarethatworks
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This is one of my business partners ashley! she just retired herself as a teacher to work r+f. congratulations ashley😘!!!.

ashley rudolph is 23 and retired!!💖.

“i was 21 years old, taking a full college course load, president of my sorority, and working two jobs to keep from having student loans. that was the moment i was approached by a complete stranger on facebook about rodan + fields. she told me she had just partnered with the proactiv dr.’s in a new skincare business and it was still ground floor. what they did for acne they are now doing for aging skin and sun damage. i grew up watching the proactiv commercials on tv and had used the products for years due to stubborn acne. i was also impressed with the new way of marketing; no parties, no deliveries, and no inventory! i thought why not, with a 60 day money back guarantee what do i have to lose?
from that moment, october 2014, i haven’t looked back. i have shared with everyone i know... because i know, if i don’t someone else will! in a year i have reached to top 2% of the company and created a full time salary by working part time and get this, i did it all before i graduated college!!🙌🏽.
it is the best financial decision i have ever made! it’s so crazy to me to think a teacher from a small town in kentucky could create financial freedom in a small amount of time, with no sales experience! if i can do it, anyone can!”.

can you relate to where ashley was when she started her business? maybe we should chat about your future🤔. •

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Are you a high-end, plant based skincare user? 🌱 are you getting the results you are hoping for?
check out what fellow consultant natalie wenniger said:
“i used high end, plant-based, chemical-free skincare for over 10 years. during that time i would never have described my skin as soft, glowing, healthy looking, acne free or hydrated. 😳 i had sun damage, lines, dark circles, dullness...all the things that disappeared within weeks of using r+f. i became a believer in the safe & effective formulas in r+f because they transformed my skin.” - natalie wenninger
let’s make you a believer too!!! all products come with a 60 day money back guarantee... so what do you have to lose???? (aside from your dehydrated skin, acne, sun spots, fine lines etc...)
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Nothing like all natural skin care that gives results! so much all natural goodness in this photo. ❤️
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We put our products to the test through extreme climates - the desert, dry long-haul flights, tropical islands, you name it. skin doesn’t miss a beat with our collection. clean, innovative, sumptuous formulas deliver results and meet you where you are. #comingsupersoon 💋
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You asked. we delivered! our biggest sale event ever extended! sale ends tonight!
30% off stacks 💖
20% off tools 💗
25% off serums & peels 💞

plus, free shipping on orders $75+ us customers and $150+ international customers.
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Monday night skincare:•
▪️clinique - take the day off makeup remover.•
▪️niod - lvce.•
▪️niod - sanskrit saponins.•
▪️nip & fab - glycolic liquid glow.•
▪️may coop - raw sauce.•
▪️vichy - mineral 89.•
▪️holy snails - bamboo shark.•
▪️clinique - dramatically different hydrating jelly.•
▪️neostrata - intensive eye therapy.•
▪️bioderma - moisturising concentrate.•
▪️kathy sue-ann’s - nourishing eye stick.•
▪️neostrata - dermal replenishment.•
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Girl.....why wait when your solution for radiant even skin tone is just one bottle away! reach your #skingoals fast with lumi facial oil.
just one bottle with target your dark spots , brighten and even out your skin tone while hydrating and gently resurfacing your skin for a smooth vibrant youthful glow.
hyperpigmentation is a serious issue . those of you who are suffering from dark spots, there are natural ways of decreasing those marks from your skin. -touch to shop lumi
#sandalwoodessentialoil : one of the best ways to treat pigmentation on your skin is with the help of sandalwood. it is this sandalwood which helps to make your skin glow and radiant.
#papayaenzymes: papaya has a powerful advantage: an enzyme called papain. this enzyme is an excellent source of hydration for your skin. it moisturizes your skin and helps to smooth it. it leaves your skin healthy and glowing.
a great benefit of using papayas on your skin is it lightens and brightens your complexion. it even works on stubborn hyperpigmentation left behind by acne so you can soon say goodbye to red spots, brown spots, and other marks left behind from breakouts.

#pomegranateseedoil: pomegranate seed oil stimulates cells found in the outer layer of the skin. this helps to reverse skin damage, revive skin and reveal a more youthful appearance
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