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How ghana made itself the african home for a return of the black #diaspora: in a recently released #music #video, fuse odg and damian marley (bob marley’s youngest son) explore the themes of #slavery, #colonialism, #blackpride and modern day police brutality. ‘bra fie’ (which translates from the ghanaian #language akan as “come home”) is an #afrobeats tune that harks back to the pan-africanist themes of some of the older marley’s anthemic hits. but it could also be a #soundtrack for a potential wave of “homecoming” to #ghana for people of #african descent. august 2019 will make it 400 years since the anchoring of an #english ship in jamestown, #virginia carrying a small group of enslaved africans. while african #slaves had been in other parts of the #americas region (including the #unitedstates) before 1619, that year is widely regarded as the commencement of the african s***e trade to #northamerica. in all, the #transatlanticslavetrade from #africa to the new world lasted four centuries (1444-1888) and involved nearly all the #european powers. https://lnkd.in/ee3gcgb
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Sorry tyreese:( -
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Don’t miss the next instalment in the @wilberforceinstitute public seminar series with dr andrew pearson from @bruneluni
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We hope you will join us in wrapping gifts for local human trafficking survivors.
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A s***e in love 💔

i have heard them say that love
is only earned by young fair maidens;
with not a flaw in sight
because love is blind

i have heard them say that love
is the territory of those who live in castles
and throw masquerade balls
because love has a price

i have heard them say that to love
is to submit, obey and worship
and that one must never question the one they love
because love is a compromise

i have heard them say that to love
is to have secrets
and that one must never express their vulnerabilities
because love doesn’t judge

i have heard them say that to love
is to destroy the other
and walk away
because love is pain
i can’t help but wonder
if the love you have taught me
is not love at all
but slavery..... - mehrooz waseem

visit mehroozwaseem.wordpress.com for more.
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