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1/2 when i feel like i am not making any progress, i just have to look through old photos. it's a long journey but consistency is key!!! .

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So here's a transformation picture for you guys.
hopefully i won't get jumped on for looking "too thin" going "too far" or "looking dead" etc this time 😅
on the left i'd already lost nearly 2 stone, the right was saturday night, still maintaining 😁
do it to please nobody but you 💜
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#facetofacefriday find the plan that works for you - be that sw, ww, cc, keto etc
find the one that fits your lifestyle and give it 100%
it's not easy you have to work at it, you may even have tears along the way 😢 but if you want it bad enough you will fight your hardest for it 💪
it also doesn't have to happen over night. i'm 9.5 years along this road with just over 1 stone to go for target 🎯
i've had to accept this is my lifestyle, my way of eating and exercising for the rest of my life. and do you know what - i'm 100% happy with that.
if you're not ready to make that commitment chances are it won't work 🤷‍♀️
💕dream it, believe it, achieve it 💕
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❤️🧡💛full english💚💙💜
a 1 syn full english to start my saturday! it’s been over a month since i had a full english and i really enjoyed this!
my sister and her boyfriend were here as they stopped over after we went out for the meal last night so i made for everyone - they aren’t slimming but couldn’t tell the difference!
hopefully this will fill me up for most of the day; i’ll probably snack on some fruit and yogurt later. then we’re having a girls night in which won’t be ‘on plan’ of course! but i try to stick to it for the rest of the day even if i have plans and don’t write off the whole day!
❤️ 2 @aldiuk skinny sausages (1 syn) - first time trying these and i think they’re pretty good actually! will buy again!
🧡 2 rashers of smoked bacon, f*t trimmed and grilled
💛 syn free homemade hash browns - i make a big batch of these once a month and freeze for convenience! these are crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle 😍 my method is different to most - check out the highlight at the top of my page for the recipe!
💚 1 @frylight fried egg
💙 @heinz beans
💜 mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach fried in @frylight hq with some onion granules, salt and black pepper
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pumpkin spice pancakes - just 3 syns!!
i made a huge batch of these pancakes for the gals this morning! perfect autumnal sunday breakfast! 😍🙌🏼
recipe for one portion:
❤️ pancake mix is 40g oats, blitzed until fine in my @magimixuk (did at home) - then i add 1 egg, 1 egg white, 3 tbsp pumpkin purée (you can use your own freshly made or the tinned stuff - don’t get the one with added sugar!), milk (just a splash - only if mixture is too thick), 1tsp cinnamon, 0.5tsp ginger, 0.5 tsp nutmeg and some @trkghealthyliving vanilla skinny syrup and blitz it all again until combined! (bec15 saves 15% on the trkg site if you want anything! i use these syrups a lot; they’re sugar free, syn free and really tasty and there’s loads of flavours!)
🧡 to cook the pancakes i get a frying pan really hot then turn the heat right down, spray with butter @frylight and gently pour some of the mixture in. i usually get 5-6 pancakes from this mix and cook in 2 batches so the pan isn’t overcrowded. flip when little bubbles form on top!
💛 the filling between the layers is some quark mixed with options white hot chocolate (2 syns) and some @trkghealthyliving skinny cinnamon syrup
💚 on top we have a little bit of light squirty cream (0.5 syns) and some @sweetfreedomuk caramel syrup (0.5 syns)
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💖 weigh day results 💖 .
another 2.5lbs off!!!!! which means i’ve lost 5.5lbs in two weeks 😬 i was so shocked when i got weighed this morning considering i had a full day off plan on saturday eating and drinking so i’m over the bloody moon with this!!! this was my last weigh in until after holiday so i’m going to have another good week this week before we go away to prevent any gains and hopefully i can try and avoid a huge gain whilst being away!! .
☀️ 6 days to go until we’re in that beautiful sunshine for a week 😍 🌞 ☀️ •

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