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Strawberry silken tofu smoothie bowl with coconut chia pudding in my new @coconutbowls 🥥 love their natural and reusable products 🌿 did you ever add silken tofu to your smoothie? makes it super creamy and add loads of protein 💪🏻 have a lovely day, sarah x | verlinkung
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Smoothie bowls are one of the best ways to get your fruits & nutrients in, in an easily digestible form.
a staple in my bowls are bananas, papaya & berries.
usually around 2-3 bananas, mainly for fuel, but many other benefits too.
papaya, which is one of the best digestive aids. also easily absorbable.
blueberries, usually 1 cup frozen. they are one of the best foods you can consume. the deep purples are really cleansing and full of antioxidants.
then for toppings, usually seeds of some sort for omega fats. (not imperative, we make our own omegas). or dried fruits.
- banana
- blueberries
- dates
- chia
- strawberries - papaya
- puffed millet
- coconut
- h**p seeds
- goji berries
enjoy! 🌞
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Berry smoothie with white chocolate anyone? 😍
picture by @andreeasbreakfast 🌱
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Our oceans are already so polluted that when we cut open marine animals they are literally full of pollutions like micro plastic as well as big junks of trash 😟 we can only save our oceans together 🙌🏼 here are 2 of the most powerful, practical things we can all do right now:
1️⃣ stop eating fish
2️⃣ use less plastic
ocean pollution smoothie bowl ♻️🌊 by @naturally.jo
💡vegan nutrition & training ebook: vegains.org
📱vegan meal plan app: vegains.org (link in bio @vegainsfood )
📹youtube: vegains & vegains de
👕merch: @vegansavage
😎lifestyle channel: @vegainstrength
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Beauty smoothie bowl ♡
pink pitaya is known to be high in fiber, vitamin c, antioxidants & essential fatty acids - it may improve the balance of good bacteria in your gut and assist with the health of your hair, skin & nails 💅
smoothie recipe:
2 frozen bananas
2 tsp pink pitaya powder @unicornsuperfoods
a splash of oatmilk
top: lime, cashews, coconut flakes and h**p seeds ✨
created by @vegansheart
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“native humans didn’t have a word for nature because they saw themselves as one with it.” .

nature is my biggest inspiration 🌿🌊🏔 and whenever i hike, swim in a lake or simply spend a day outside breathing fresh air i feel recharged, inspired & at ease. living in the city has so many advantages but this time i realised more than ever that it’s a toxic environment that affects our health negatively. and the craziest thing is we don’t even notice because we are so used to it. when i move away from düsseldorf (end of the year) my next home will definitely be a little greener. 🍀 i have something in mind but it will be a surprise. 😊

today i am leaving switzerland 🇨🇭 but i enjoyed my little digital break sooo much. it was the perfect holiday! 🦋 i’m gonna make regular nature visits / hikes a habit from now on. 🙏🏼✨🥾🌲🏔 .

aqua bowl 🐬 recipe:
. * 3 frozen bananas
* 100g frozen mango
* 1 tsp blue spirulina .
* some coconut milk to get your blender going 💦 .
>>> add all ingredients to a high-speed blender or food processor & blend until smooth & creamy. 🐬🦋🌊💦🐚
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Five healthy vegan shakes + ice cream recipes☀️🍦🤩 *swipe for all 5 easy + delicious ideas!:)
which is your favourite 1-5?💕

it’s finally summer time 😎☀️ so these 4-ingredients-or-less ideas will be some great new additions to your recipe list and will keep you as cool as a 🥒;)
all vegan treats by @plantyou are perfect next time you fancy something sweet for a snack, breakfast or dessert!

🍫snickers smoothie🍫
⠀⠀270 calories
need i say more?!🙊 combine banana, nut milk, dates, cocoa powder and nut butter! top with coconut whip, crushed peanuts or sea salt if you wish!💫

⠀⠀250 calories
simply blend 3 cups of mango to coconut cream | milk. you can either use regular or reduced f*t coconut cream, or alternatively just coconut milk is in the fridge section of most supermarkets these days!

🥥creamy coconut🥥
⠀⠀300 calories
you can’t go wrong with this creamy coconut banana nice cream recipe this summer!✔️simply chuck bananas in the blender with coconut flakes and vanilla extract and voila🍦

🥜chocolate pb dreams🥜
⠀⠀300 calories
if you lovvvve pb this one’s for you! just add your fave pb with bananas, cocoa powder and your milk of choice!
so quick and so yummy🤩

🍓berry good🍓
⠀⠀175 calories
very berry nice cream is the new dessert you need in your life! simply blend the ingredients listed and enjoy:)

💕which dish is your favourite! 1-5? comment below!

👍🏻if you like this to have more of an “ice cream” consistency, freeze for at least an hour and then use an ice cream scooper.
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🍑green tea banana peach cinnamon smoothie🍌

this smoothie is so full of taste, aroma and health benefits that you’ll never be happier
about your diet!🙌🏻

1 cup of green tea
½ medium banana
½ peach
1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder
2 tablespoon of protein powder

mix in blender on high speed for 1-2 minutes and enjoy!💃🏻

green tea banana peach cinnamon smoothie is reach in vitamins, antioxidants and
fiber, all of which help you to lose extra weight and prevent health problems.💪🏻

🍌bananas are extremely rich in fiber and may also reduce appetite by slowing stomach

🍑peaches have a high nutritional value and have proven to be a healthy way to lose
weight. they are rich in water, fiber and antioxidants, in addition to several vitamins and
minerals that may promote hydration and provide many other health benefits.

🔸cinnamon contains large amounts of highly potent polyphenol antioxidants, that have
anti-inflammatory effects, which may help lower your risk of disease and lower blood

🍚protein powder assists with appetite control and supports muscle mass, promotes
better digestion of all nutrients, boosts metabolism and removal of extra fluids from the
body, helps you to remain fresh and active all day.
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