Andrea Palaia - Videographer 🎥
5 minutes ago
andrea.palaia Did you know that your skin is the largest organ? our skin takes a beating every day from the environment (sun, pollution, our bad habits....), but yet it still can respond to the slightest of touches; like a caress from a feather. love the skin your in and don't forget to take care of it. this is a tease from a shoot i did using @native_cos new seasonal scented deodorant.stay tuned for more to come #gonative. model is the gorgeous @missashleyo
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Gerys •Makeup Lover•
2 minutes ago
Hola mis hermosas, está es mi recomendación del día‼️ uds saben que todo lo que yo les recomiendo es bueno, bonito y ... ok a veces no tan barato pero esta vez si lo es 😄 si eres como yo adicta a las mascarillas no puedes dejar de probar las face masks de la marca @biobellecosmetics 😍 se que a veces nos da pereza quitarnos el maquillaje en la noche antes de dormir pero esto es algo que no pueden dejar de hacer y es mucho más beneficioso si se hacen mascarillas a menudo, créanme que las van amar, se sienten súper ricas desde el momento que las colocan sobre su piel y mejor aún van a amar lo hidratado que deja su rostro con cada uso, especialmente si utilizas productos para el acné que normalmente tienden a resecar tu piel 😍 yo he probado muchas y estas son mis favoritas y lo mejor de todo??... pueden usar mi código gerys25 para ahorrar un 25% en su compra, genial no ? 🤗😍 #facemask #hydratedskin #softskin —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—� hello my beauties, this is my recommendation of the day ‼️ you know that everything i recommend is good, nice and ... ok sometimes not so affordable but this time it is 😄 if you are addicted to face masks like i am, you have to try @biobellecosmetics face masks 😍 i know sometimes we are too lazy to take off the makeup at night before bed but this is something you can not skip and is much more beneficial if you use something to hydrate your face, believe me that you’re going to love them, they feel amazing from the moment you place them on your face and you will love even more the hydration that leaves in your skin with each use, especially if you are like me that use acne products that normally tend to dry your skin 😍 i have tried many brands and these are my favorites and best of all ?? ... you can use my code gerys25 to save 25% on your purchase, great right? #facemask #hydratedskin #softskin
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Наталья Дементьева
2 minutes ago
dem_art41 Пралине для ванны. Бросьте 2-3 конфетки в теплую воду и наслаждайтесь восхитительнлй молочной ванной😌 Масло какао, нерафинированное масло ши и сухое молоко увлажняют и питают вашу кожу. Благодаря эмульгатору масла не плавают на пленкой на поверхности, а равномерно распределяются в воде. Также можно использовать плиточки непосредственно на чистую влажную кожу, после чего смыть водой. После такой процедуры нет необходимости использовать крем для тела🤗 #пралине #молочноепралине #натуралтнаякосметика #косметикаручнойработы #маслокакао #маслоши #карите #нежнаякожа #ванна #nature #bathe #milkbathe #milk #naturalcosmetic #softskin
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Pink Pinkee
3 minutes ago
pinkpinkee How can sugarcane remove hair?!?!! . . seeing is believing. 😉👀😮 . order yours today, for smooth silky hairless results! 💃🍯
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Thanks Cheese Products
15 minutes ago
thankscheese These are some pictures of me with my struggle with alopecia from 2014 - 2016 due to stress from working long hours and not taking care of myself. in january 2017, i left that job to repair myself mentally and physically. i created thanks cheese products to help myself and others with hair and skin conditions with all natural ingredients. my products are #madetoorder and can be used for #totalbodycare. click the link in my bio and begin your journey with #thankscheeseproducts. #yettasbodybutter #yettasbodyoils #yettaskokumandmangobutter #yettassheamixture #thankscheeseproducts
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Veronica Malmqvist
31 minutes ago
misswedishsunshine Try to drybrush your body, you feel like a new person afterwards. no dry skin, soft and smooth. good way to get your lymphatic system a boost. can help you get rid of fluid from the body. a good way to have a good regimen for your body. winter is a good way to take care of your body and give it a boost.
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52 minutes ago
littleladiesorganics It’s so lovely out, we hope that you’re enjoying your day!👋🏾🌺🌸💐🌻🍁🍂🌤 🌎:littleladiesorganics.com
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Heather and Brandon
54 minutes ago
habpark All three of these masks are amazing but, you guys, i have never found a mask that makes my skin as soft as this exfoliating one! #winning #softskin #exfoliate #oilcontrol #detoxmask #skincare #charcoalmask #oxygen
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Chitrangada Das
2 hours ago
ladyindifferent_hats Video alert 🚨 (clickable link in bio) festive season is in the corner and so here are few tips on getting a glowing skin 🙂 keep glowing and keep shining 🙂 happy diwali!!! https://youtu.be/vk58aenl5mo #ladyindifferenthats #feelgoodthewayyouare #diy#skincare #indianyoutuber #indianmommyblogger #indianfashionblogger #indianbeautyblogger #eggmask #eggs#glowingskin #softskin #diwali #diwaliskincare #saynotocrackers
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