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Something to think about. #success #future #faith .
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Love is forgiving, accepting, moving on, embracing, and all-encompassing. and if you're not doing that for yourself, you cannot do that with anyone else.
when you have become emotionally close to another person, you have become more vulnerable. ... in forgiving the person that you love, you are setting aside your anger and your resentment. these are elements that can eat away at you and detract from wholeness within your relationship
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Let's talk colors! i just love going through my swatches ~all 200 of them~ and deciding what color to work with next! what colors would you like to see in the fall season? burgundis, dark greens, yellows? comment below and send a message if you'd like to take a look at the color swatches <3

thank you @ixlphotography for the gorgeous photo!
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Today it hit me, became strongly apparent how closing myself off physically to heal with my inner-self, has allowed me to accept my present outer world. i sat in much-needed silence for the majority of the weekend and separated myself from both technology and people. i realised how i have previously rejected blessings and prayers bestowed from total strangers and family - how i have continually given favour to the negativity by not placing strength in my own courage - and how i have basically discredited my generational wealth and helpful guidance by not believing in who, and what came before me.

i used to say no (in so many ways) to who i was, that not only was i disconnected from my reality but from my physical self. instead of just believing, having hope/faith... saying yes to the beguiling and guiding presence that surrounded(s) me and the power that's actually inside me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

it's really true what they say "...how can you love others if you don't even love yourself...". i have come to (and continue to) realise so much when i sit in silence, when i return to my inner om, and stay deeply connected and aware of all that i desire. i think it's so easy to fall into the trap of seeking outside help to make our own decisions and forget that we are in fact co-creators of our lives. ⠀

until you choose you, you'll never know what you're capable of. and you'll miss out on the chance, gift in being you ✨

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Are you a course junkie?
do you actually finish them?
i feel like there are people (not me... so can't tell you all about them...) who sign up for programs all the time but never do the work.
do you get results from programs?
i totally do.
but maybe i'm a bit of a nerd.
i do every.single.task, no matter if i like them or not.
i go through programs twice or more (i'm currently repeating rich b**e from kathrin zenkina and it's amazing how i can uplevel again and again with the same program).
i have a whole trello board with all links and programs i've ever bought, and i dare say it's 200+. i'm a personal growth junkie, and apart from working with two mentors 1:1 right now i am enrolled in... #counting 5 programs as well.
1️⃣ sales super star 🔜 bit.ly/salessuperstarwithcassie2️⃣ rich babe, which is a 6 weeks money mindset program
3️⃣ create your 6-figure brand story by my coach celinne
4️⃣ a live workshop with my previous coach jessica
5️⃣ a hula hoop online course
i got my business to consistent 5-figure months with a course.
i am addicted to learning, to growth.
i am disciplined as f*ck.
i always do the work.
i am the start tesimonial for people. ..... ⚠️⚠️⚠️
if you're this kind of person, check out my flash sale on my course visibility queen.
it's $399 instead of $1,000 and the original live program was sold for $3,333.
i've literally wrapped up everything i know about visibility strategy in this program. https://dreamlifedeluxe.clickfunnels.com/visibility-queen
all the strategies i used to...
. ...create $25,000 income in november and july (wait… what?)
... get fully booked in my 1:1 coaching and group coaching
... daily message requests from people who want to work with me
... 14,000 real followers on instagram
... a facebook group of 10,000+ location independent biz b***s ... 400 new people on my list in one week (for free)
this is an 8 week self-study course, with the content i usually only make available to my 1:1 clients.
if you are the kind of person that gets massive results without 1:1 guidance and a*s kickery, i'd love for you to check it out:
https://dreamlifedeluxe.clickfunnels.com/visibility-queen ⚠️
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Th oxfam australia trailwalk is 100kms of australian bush that is done within 24hours, both a mental and physical challenge. a friend of mine completed this last year and is going back again this year to help raise awareness and money for world poverty. i've added a gorgeous gift box to the raffle this year to help raise some much needed money to this cause. @mudandgee @84wine
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"don't take on every project." when i first started out, i took every freelance job that came my way.

but i quickly learned how easy it was to end up with projects that didn't pay well enough for the amount of work required or projects that weren't in my desired industry or projects that ended up in an endless cycle of revisions (sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and think i'm still revising that project...and i finished it five years ago...okay just kidding. but trust me it was truly a nightmare) or projects where it turned out my client and i weren't the best fit (it happens!). you have to take into consideration what you're looking to do depending on where you are in your freelance journey.

for example, if you're just getting started, it's important to land gigs that end with your taking home a piece for your portfolio (and hopefully a client testimonial, too!). of course, it's important you gain experience but if you can gain experience and put a piece in your book and post a glowing testimonial on your website, you're killing three birds with one freelance project.

on the other hand, if you're more experienced, you can focus on getting compensated according to your experience and expertise.

you'll certainly learn these things as you go but be mindful of every project you agree to work on.

like everything else, do what you do with purpose 😀👍☕
have you ever taken on more than you can handle or projects that you wish you hadn't?
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Gratitude should be expressed everyday. we’re so easily caught up in wishing for what we don’t have that we often forget to take a step back and smile at all the beautiful things we do have. gratitude is what turns what we do have into enough; big, small & everything in-between! ✨
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Whatever it may be or look like for you, i am wishing you all the success to be able to live the life you dream of and are working towards.
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What do you think?
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For my 25th birthday this past monday this thought came to be...
all my life i have picked myself apart, wondering why i have been given this body, this face, this shyness, this life...
and i know that’s a pretty “normal” way of thinking, especially for women, but then you see someone who’s been given a very difficult hand...
and you remember how f***ing lucky you are to have a body that works, a brain that thinks, a heart that beats, and a face like no one else...
and those parts about yourself that you don’t like...someone else would love to have. my bff told me yesterday how she always liked me because i was weird (something i never would have thought)
she liked that i didn’t fit in & blend in
meanwhile i’m asking my mom (pretty regularly) why i just can’t make friends & belong (she said she was always the same way, too)
i’m now in a stage where i love my unique qualities. i love that i am creative & dream huge dreams
i love that i’m not liked by everyone...if i was, i wouldn’t be me
i am so happy to have reached this point in my first 25 years of this life, & i hope my excitement bleeds into your life, too 💕
life is way too d**n short to be anything less than your absolute brilliant self
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I just posted a new video all about how to find high-quality, stunning photos for your website 🧐📸
click the link in bio to see what i suggest (+ the #1 you must do in order for this to work!)
hope you like it! 😘
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Last weeks event @sajewellness was so energizing and i didn’t even take the yoga or breathwork class! there’s just something about being surrounded by people with such #positivevibes. have y’all tried #breathwork? dang, everyone seemed to be really working through some things and i think i need to head to one of @ohkayyoga classes soon.

late to the game on sharing this but @thehealthymaven , @anchormeditation packed the house for a night of all things wellness last week. my worlds are colliding as i plan more events for davida with brands who have signed up for a partnership platform i support, @parsnipdaily.
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My latest #youtube video for #entrepreneurs talks about the problem of being a #solopreneur and an #introvert. check it out at philsmy.link/introverts #onlinebusinesscoach #success #digitalnomad #locationindependent
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How long into a trip does it take for you to adjust and be able to relax?

there is a definite transition period on this trip for me to get fully into vacation-mode. (you can imagine the amount of time and energy that it takes to pack for this trip alone... then port everything by boat to an island.... then set up camp. the process is truly an exhausting one.) it is remarkable how tough it can be to leave technology behind and completely submerse yourself into the outdoors. but once you do...ahhhhhhhh!!
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