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Last summer, i went on a solo road trip to the tetons and yellowstone for a week. i truly think these mountain ranges are some of the most incredible in the u.s. and i definitely did not spend enough time there. crazy to think that summer is almost over and i hope i can go back at some point to explore more of these beautiful mountains.
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Bridge patrol • i can’t remember one hour in switzerland when i didn’t drive past something worth to being explored. there’s so much to see there. what’s your favorite location in switzerland? if you don’t follow this dude on the bridge yet it’s your chance now. head over to @michikagerer to see more of his portraits & behind the scenes moments 🌚
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// reflective evenings 🌅 — there really isn't anything quite like catching the last light after a long day. watching the sun slowly dip below the horizon reminds me to be grateful of every single day we have on this beautiful planet.
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Şehrin efendisi💙
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This is one of my favourite view in alberta. i started the hike/scramble around at 2am. i got lost on the way due to multiple trails going off the main trail and a map that was showing the wrong way. 1 hour in the hike i realized i didn’t have any sd cards so i ran down and hiked up again. not the best feeling 😂. half way into the scrambling section i decided to stop at that viewpoint and wait for sunrise. conditions were perfect and these crazy high clouds started to form. then a small little cloud started to drift along the lake and i waited so it would be perfectly positioned in the middle. i couldn’t believe i was having all these crazy conditions in the same scene. it was really amazing to witness that. i kept doing panoramas without taking any wide angle single shot which i do not recommend because if one of your is slightly out of focus you are screwed. 🤪

on another note, yesterday i got tagged in a guy’s story saying that i inspired him to go on a sunrise hike, which made me so happy. please not hesitate tagging me in your stories if i inspire you to go on any adventure, i’ll re-share on my page 😊

sony a7riii + sony 16-35 f2.8.
16mm, 20 shots merged in lightroom
1/6 sec, f11, iso 100
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this final image a squeezed version of the landscape panorama squished in 8x10. the non-squeezed version without the human element will be soon on my website.
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Living in new york has its perks, but spending quality time in the outdoors is not one of them. i’m trying to fill the fall with some more of that. campfires and great conversation. where has been your favorite place to adventure this year? i’m looking for a couple new places to explore 🌲
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✨evening in potsdam✨
that’s how i decided to spend my last evening in potsdam😅 i took many photos but ended up using only two sequences (before and after sunset).
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music credit: dj quads
track name: “www is a thing”
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