So Cal Soul Challenge
3 minutes ago
tapbackzack So cal soul challenge instructor #28 📇 ross, @rossramone ... 📍 clvr, btwd, hlwd, pdna 🎶 "electronic/pop remixes, emotional female voices, soulful males, and bands like coldplay, mumford, and the killers... like i said, it all depends on the story that i'm telling with the music" 🚲 thoroughly enjoyed ross's class (my first with him)! i knew before class even started that i liked his personality and presence as an instructor as he greeted the class. his ride was tough and as he explained above had a great variety of music genres and artists. arm series was very complementary to the pace and toughness of the rest of the class. looking forward to more of his classes, especially with his current versatility across four studios! 🙋‍♂️ he had a very friendly openness to him that i picked up on quickly. ross strikes me as the type of guy who is surrounded by constant positive first impressions. after class we chatted about his other studios/class times and music tastes more in depth. having met him and taken his class i am definitely regretful i did not ride with him when he was at weho close to my home 🤷🏻‍♂️ see you soon and thank you ross! . . #soulcycle #soulstyle #fitness #fitfam #igfit #fitspiration #bike #sweat #fit #challenge #cardio #biggestloser #inspo #inspiration #cycling #fitfam #fitlife #fitnessaddict #getstrong #l4l #sweat #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #getfit #extremeweightloss #health #active #instagood
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Michelle Park
40 minutes ago
michellepark Sharing the @soulcycle love with my love! 🚴🏻‍♀️❤️ even though this one isn't a fan of fitness classes, he's super supportive of my obsession and will join me when i ask him to. 💪🏼💦 thanks @karynnez for an extra warm welcome 🔥 and a nonstop sweaty ride (those isolations were killer)! ⚡️ now it's time to do dan's favorite workout 👉🏼 🎮🎮
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MK Hurlbutt
50 minutes ago
mkhurlbutt Found a wall to match my groutfit. twinning ☠️🖤🔲 p.s. 4:30 soma thankyousomuch for that midweek blessing of fun and good vibes you treasures all of you 📷 @andrewstinger _____________________________________________________ #soulstyle #soulcycle #groutfit
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Alexander W. McCall
1 hour ago
alexanderwmccall I just wanna ride front row with my friends. 🚲❤️🚲| @fabfitrochelle set the room on fire tonight. 🔥thank you, @soulcycle, for constantly being an oasis of calm and clarity in all the chaos of daily life.
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Devin Smith
1 hour ago
deviesmith Sometimes i ride real bikes, but i still do it in my own way, apparently. we all have to bring our own creativity forth to accomplish bigger things as a team ✨i say we do it together in a dark candlelit room tomorrow and after tomorrow. some fun things happening in the days to come, including subbing for sis @yaavano on sunday👇🏼. . thurs: 8a soma 6:30p smto *kendrick lamar vs beyoncé . fri: 10:30a wcrk *coldplay vs one republic 12:15p wcrk. . sat: 8:30a smto 10:45a smto. . sun: 8:30a soma 10:45a soma . mon: 6a smto 12:15p soma
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1 hour ago
scasarella 3 nights @ #soulprst this week... because there aren't enough reasons to sweat in texas in august. 💛💦#amiright #soulstyle #findyoursoul
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Nikola Zduńska
2 hours ago
kim_shiwon "zatrzymaj się weź głęboki wdech, i możesz iść dalej. pozwól sobie odpocząć" #artistic#koreangirl#soulstyle#gucci#poland#europe#likethis#
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3 hours ago
soulcycle You make august #soulstyle look good. tap the link in our bio to shop (📷: @ryfarr).
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Haynie Walker
3 hours ago
_haynes_w #thisisme... and we're about to get real honest with this post so brace yourself. this past week was a tough one for my self confidence. truth be told i just didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. i felt chubby, i didn't feel beautiful, and any comment about my physical appearance felt like a lie if it was positive and the blitz if it was the least bit constructive/less positive. just like the other posts, i don't tell you this so my comments flood with compliments. i say it to be honest. ideally we would all feel like queens and kings 24/7 but sometimes life just isn't ideal. sometimes it's annoying af. sometimes lies about who you are infiltrate your mind, and you just have to fight them or hold out until they leave. i don't feel very comfortable posting this picture. i'm not as toned as i used to be, i fell off the wagon on my diet, and a friend last week (jokingly but still) kept telling me i was giant. but this is where i am. my whole life i've been an athlete. i've had workouts tailor made for me and i had something to work toward. now i'm not competing anymore, and i'm learning what it looks like to make my fitness my own responsibility. i'm working every day to find a daily diet that works best for me. and i'm practicing every day, looking in the mirror and recognizing all the beautiful aspects of who i am. but all those things are works in progress. they're a constant battle and a constant place to achieve. and while i don't think we should make excuses for ourselves. i do think there's something to be said about recognizing and celebrating exactly where you are. so here i am. i'm still figuring things out. and i have challenging days/weeks/months, and that's okay. not only okay, but just another chance for observation, acceptance, and growth.
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4 hours ago
linzhasch Soulcycle x northern trust ⛳️ . . . . . . . . . #fedexcup #soulcycle #pgatour #northerntrustopen #soulstyle
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Noah F.
4 hours ago
noahfeinberg Heyy instagram just trying to stay relevant. here's my next bicycle appointments ⬇️ . . thu - 930am wtml | 1030am wtml fri - 730am wtml | 830am wtml sat - 1130am wtml | 1230pm wtml *hip hop sun 8/20 - 830am mntk | 930am mntk 📸: @marycann0n
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4 hours ago
fraserbarke My friend followed through and sent me money for clothing. thanks @austinwyne 💙 #support #gofundme
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Jenna Fields
4 hours ago
jennasoul I have the most badass b***s congrats @elzeitler here's to always keeping it 💯 . . . #soulcycleblvu #100rides @soulcycle #soulcycle #soulstyle #soulfam
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Beer Farts
7 hours ago
beer_farts Sometimes i just need a bit of soul style. west coast soul style of course. good to be getting some fairly fresh cans of this to our shores. a perfect combination of citrus and tropical fruits rounded with a floral background. a perfect example and still one of my favourites.
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Green Flash Brewing Co.
7 hours ago
Drop in on waves of hops! get stoked on layers of simcoe, citra, and cascade hops in each bottle of soul style, our tropical year-round single ipa.
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8 hours ago
tierneyread 🎉congrats x 💯 to @shea806 a.k.a. shea-buttah a.k.a. daddy-o a.k.a. the king of bike 24 🙌 you slayyyed 👯‍♂️podium with @tyrelldesean 🔥🔥🔥we can't wait to ride the next 100 with you! ☠️💛signed, t$ & your #soulfam #tribe . . . . . #tyland #soulpeoplearethebestpeople #humansofsoulcycle #soulcycle #soulstyle #findyoursoul #pack #rideorty #tyronto #fitfam #fitness #fitlife #fitspo #athlete #warrior #renegade #legend #badbitchesonly
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Ricardo Roig
8 hours ago
roiggallery Thank you to garrett wayne walters for putting together a beautiful group of paintings to show in our gallery this september! garrett is an la based artist and once his schedule is worked out we will announce the dates for the show and opening reception. #sneakpeek #abstractart @moondrips #wildstyle #freeform #rhythm #colorvibration #shapes #artforyoursoul #soulstyle #soulsurfer #nyc #la #hobokennj #nj #roiggallery
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