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Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside. focus on kind, loving, and positive thoughts.

psalm 23:7 for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

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I can just hear my daughter, jaela, now saying “omg. my legs are like twice that size now!” 🙄 we’re already talking body love and shaving 👀... my goodness, she’s 10. i’m just not ready!
but nevertheless, we’re here. and when i think on how to program my daughter to love every inch of herself, i think back on what my mom did for me maybe without even realizing.
now i don’t know what went on inside her head, but it always seemed like my mom was pretty proud of her body. i’d watch her get ready, subconsciously taking notes on how to embody the feminine. i’d watch her moisturize and put on her lipstick. and mama always had the good perfume on deck!
she never hid her body from me and appeared so accepting of who she was. i never heard her speak a negative word about her body, and she indulged in what she liked when the time came. (explains my haagen dazs addiction. 🤣)
that time i came home upset because i was the “big b***y girl” in class, she told me not to worry - that one day i would be proud & happy with my blessing. at the time i found that advice super unhelpful. i wanted to be skinny like the mean girls who teased me lol so i wore sweatshirts around my waist to hide the junk in my trunk. but she was right, as moms tend to be.
i shared this story with my daughter recently and she was surprised i’d ever been insecure. from what she can see, i love my body because i don’t always make effort to hide it lol look, i’m not crazy about pants at home, okay? think we’ve gone over this..? 😂
i told her “you came from me, and i’m fabulous. so what do you think that makes you? we come from a line of beautiful, strong women on the inside & out. we take pride in who we are and what we’ve got. so i never want to hear you speak badly about your body.” something in the way she looked at me was reaffirming, as if she was proud to be in the circle. and now she self-corrects her self-talk.
include your daughters in the circle. be proud and they will be proud. radiate goddess energy onto them and they will be goddesses!
big b***y girls stand up!!
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The lord is constantly telling us in his word how to live blessed, how to enjoy peace, what really matters, how to live and be and what to pursue, but it’s as if we think those things are good suggestions for someone else, but for us, we will just stick to what we know.

we know trying harder, we know freaking out, we know anxiety.
we know doubting, we know blaming, we know trusting ourselves and our word over god and his.

sometimes i wonder if god looks at us and asks, “and how’s that working for you?”

god’s way is rarely going to make sense to us, it’s going to take faith, but if his word says it works, why do we doubt it will work for us?

he says seek his kingdom first and all these things will be added to us, yet we still seek all kinds of things first. he says not to worry because the lord cares for us more than birds, but we live in constant anxiety.

we say amen and nod our heads in agreement to the truth that we’ve known, sometimes for years, but we find it so much harder to live it out in our every day lives.

let’s dare to take god at his word, not just knowing truth in our heads but letting it dictate every single part of our lives, change us, allow us to live in true freedom.

we really can live in peace, joy, love, be more patient, hopeful, self controlled, bold and courageous but it’s not going to happen without faith.

this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it, if we don’t start believing now, living now, sharing now, walking in boldness and authority now, then when?

“and without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to god must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” heb 11:6 #walkingreflections
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🌸happy saturday everyone!🌸
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⚠️is it the right opportunity?⚠️
something i have struggled with so much on my journey is knowing whether or not the “opportunity” was actually as it looks or just a distraction.
not saying that it’s a bad thing but it may not be the thing that you’re looking for. i have went after so many different things thinking they were.....it 🤗 but i soon find out it’s not. get great at knowing the difference. or you may waste a lot of time. .
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I was at an event this am, pretty early & the humidity stayed off for a tiny while but then started up. that coupled with the fact that a vegetarian option wasn’t available/being offered (#carnivores 😠 - totally kidding!), i drove at high speeds to go grab something quick, as soon as i could. i pulled into the drive-thru & placed what i thought was a very ‘normal’/super simple offer but the lady ‘at the speaker’ seemed very agitated w/me & after i placed my order, the last thing i heard her loudly say was, “what in the...!” & her microphone cut off. there were a few people ahead of me so as i sat there, i was thinking, “wow i thought i had been very polite. did me being hungry/hot come across as hangry/rude?!” i definitely didn’t think so but you never know, i guess.
i had my window open so i heard her exchanges w/the people in front of me & it definitely wasn’t the ‘aggressive’ voice i had gotten so that made me wonder even more about how i had come across. i also noticed (after her ‘exclamation’) that my order was wrong & was now ‘worried’ about bring it up.
i pulled up to the window & was greeted with a huge smile. that made me wonder if the person i dealt with wasn’t there any longer (& if they were ok after the ‘exclamation’). she says, “girl i’ve been waiting for you!” long story short (or condensed some!lol) - the person at the drive through at the time i was ordering had two huge dogs that “came out of nowhere”, out the window towards her & the drive-thru window & she is scared of dogs. so it had nothing to do with me. for some reason, after having people fix my order/us talking, she gave me a discount on my food then offered me a free soda.
motto of the story/life: you don’t know what people are dealing with when you meet/are talking to them so exhibiting kindness always is a great motto to keep. also - when you do, you just might make a new friend! ☺️ #speaklife #dontjudge #bekind
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Hello friends!❤
new research shares that type2 diabetes can be reversed 💥using an low carb/lchf/keto with coaching support.
anyone experience this👇🏼
please share with us! ❤
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Thank god.
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Looking forward to next week. all because i gave my word to the creator that if he blessed me with 2 positive streams of income over the summer. i'd work my a*s off and declare the works of the lord. and obtain my new home for my babies to have stability again!

so far i've been in talks with fellow entrepreneurs that will generate me not 2 but 3 streams of income while continuing to build my brand!

my friend asked me 3 months ago what is it that i need to be happy. my genuine answer to that is:

1)grow my spirit/faith 2)eliminate negative people no matter related or not
3)positive streams of income
4)stop trying to change unchangeable humans
5)live in my gifts and talents (your gift will make room for you)

come on tuesday tuesday tuesday (in my norbit voice). god is good and i'll be moving into our new home by the end of summer 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #declared #alidib #alidibinc #transformationspeaker #youtuber #childofgod #gogetitgirlz  #faithwalk #spiritualjourney #thirdeye #healthandwellness #imamhappy #speaklife #wealthchaser #businesswoman #leader #goaldigger #currency #frequency #faith🙏
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**clothing bank now open!**
today we had the great responsibility of sorting out the donations for the clothing bank. what a job! thanks again to the people at the @holintl for an overwhelming amount of donations ❤❤❤ #soupkitchen #clothingbank #helpthehomeless #stophomelessness #walkinlove #prayer #care4thecommunity #holintl #wisdom #godstruth #soupkitchen #teamwork #god #foodies #kindnessmatters #loveyourneighbor #helpthehomeless #stophomelessness #blessingbags #sharethelove #communitylove #keephopealive #localcharity #outreach #yesgod #thejoyofserving #loveinaction #speaklife #mood #help
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**clothing bank now open!**
today we had the great responsibility of sorting out the donations for the clothing bank. what a job! thanks again to the people at the @holintl for an overwhelming amount of donations ❤❤❤ #soupkitchen #clothingbank #helpthehomeless #stophomelessness #walkinlove #care4thecommunity #holintl #wisdom #godstruth #soupkitchen #teamwork #god #foodies #kindnessmatters #loveyourneighbor #helpthehomeless #stophomelessness #blessingbags #sharethelove #communitylove #keephopealive #localcharity #outreach #yesgod #thejoyofserving #loveinaction #speaklife #mood #help
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Romans 8:38 ⚘
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Hྂuྂmྂaྂnྂ nྂaྂtྂuྂrྂeྂ iྂsྂ lྂiྂkྂeྂ wྂaྂtྂeྂrྂ. iྂtྂ tྂaྂkྂeྂsྂ tྂhྂeྂ sྂhྂaྂpྂeྂ oྂfྂ iྂtྂsྂ cྂoྂnྂtྂaྂiྂnྂeྂrྂ.
📷- @arshdeep_bedi .
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