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As a wise man once said....... "don't clap them hands baby, clap them cheeks" πŸ“Έ:@mario_oreo
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Love or hate? | photo by: @sn_elvis #stancenation
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I officially started working as rn. time to get this bread. 🏎🍞
wrap install: @316autosalon #316autosalon wrap color: front @orafolvehiclewraps / rear @kpmfusa
air suspension install/trunk set up: @airrideequipment #baglife air suspension bags: @universalair
carbon fiber: @visracing
cleaning products: @revautosupply
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Ridiculously clean silvia available for purchase from @japaneseclassicsllc fellas. 😳 #stancenation #japaneseclassicsllc
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Stay wild @dusti_demon
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