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Wow, i just found this incredible picture of my romulan commander at star trek: mission new york a few years back taken by @trekcore .
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I recently had the opportunity to examine a screen-used admiral jameson jacket from the tng season 1 episode, "too short a season." read about it, and it's bizarre construction, in today's stcg blog post!

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Look what came today! yay! i just had the longest conversation with the guy who came out to give me an estimate on new windows. he saw my set up in the front and we got to talking about anime and cosplay. then as he was leaving this was in the mail. so ready for #wizardworldchicago. now to just finish my outfit, lol. #cosplay #cosplayer #blackcosplayer #plussizecosplay #poccosplayer #starfleet #startrekcosplay #scienceandmedical
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You are the kirk to my spock — you are the spock to my kirk.
. . .
Парные браслеты, y’all! (которые можно приобрести и по отдельности, конечно же).
Признаться честно, мы сами влюблены в них немножко🌚
Материал посеребрённая бронза/серебро. Так же доступен заказ собственной, авторской надписи. Шрифт не меняется.
По всем вопросам и для заказа пишите в личные сообщения нашей группы ВКонтакте, ссылка в шапке профиля! 🖖🏻
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C h e k o v
. . .
Кольцо с именем члена экипажа Энтерпрайз.
Дорогие друзья, спешу напомнить вам, что кроме толстовок вы можете заказать у нас украшения.
Материал посеребрённая бронза/серебро.
Это кольцо можно заказать не только с имеющимися надписями, но и с любой на ваш выбор (то есть на нем может быть любой авторский текст). Шрифт не изменяется.
Для заказа и более подробной информации пишите в личные сообщения группы, ссылка в шапке профиля!
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🚀📷 from @star.trek.stuff
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Realising why the original costume was a onesie with a skirt attached! i loved chatting to marina sirtis about this costume when i met her at a convention a while back; she’s so funny and honest, and happy to talk candidly about her experiences as an actress.
while i love a strong female character as much as the next woman, there’s space in pop culture for women to be more than this. i love a fictional woman who can kick ass, but i also love a fictional woman who wears fancy dresses.
who are your favourite women from sci fi/fantasy?

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Fun fact about this day back in 2017 at supanova in adelaide many photos were taken of me holding the phaser backwards...thankfully this was not one of them! 📸: @steamkittens (hopefully leigh is back at the 2018 supanova to make me and my girl look as good as we do in this photo!)
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