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Unintended art street gallery
"seating for invisible friends"
temporal installation
artist: domino nomore
apple box, half chair, transformer grate, gated community, vanishing street domino set.
#temporalart #installationart
#streetlife #dominoes
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What is that? 🐀 🦍 🦕 idk 🤷🏻‍♀️
🏙 the city is clean and there's so much to look at! i can read chinese but not japanese 😔
now where is the train station? 🚉
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“depois de todas as horas, depois de todos os silêncios percorridos, de todos os beijos recolhidos; depois de todas as palavras que nunca chegaram a ser, do desejo que foi ver-te crescer; adormeci profundamente no teu peito, ainda inconsciente acerca do nosso amor. (...)”
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Życie na streecie to nie rurki z kremem🍴 #streetlife #5050 #rail
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