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Yooooo i just realized that iv been listening to arctic monkeys since i was in high school. now they have tranquility hotel and casino album and they’re still killing it. also alex turner has facial hair and i’m digging it.😏🔥 #arcticmonkeys #ampm #suckitandsee #favouriteworstnightmare #biggerboysandstolensweethearts #humbug #whateverpeoplesayiamimnot #tranquilitybasehotelandcasino #attheapollo #submarine #thelastshadowpuppets #alexturnerisgod #musicloversonly
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Моя душа - субмарина,
Мои стремленья — торпеды,
Я скроюсь, незримый,
В глубину бытия,
Подстерегая суда,
Скучные, тяжело нагруженные торговые суда,
Изъеденные ржавчиной, чумазые галеоны коммерции,
Идущие вразвалку с самонадеянностью ожиревших,
Настолько отупелые, что не в силах пугаться и удивляться;
Их провожают насмешки волн
И плевки презрительной пены.
Я уничтожу их,
Потому что море прекрасно.
Вот почему я таюсь
В зеленых глубинах.
(eugene gladstone o'neill)

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Hawaii trip part 4:
uss bowfin

7 december 1942, nicknamed, "the pearl harbor avenger"

torpedo tubes:
6 tubes in forward torpedo room and 4 in aft torpedo room

24 total, 10 in tubes and 14 in reload racks. primary torpedoes used were the mark 14 and mark 23, both steam driven. by the end of the war bowfin was using the mark 18 electric torpedo and mark 27 acoustic torpedo nicknamed the cutie.

originally, one 4 inch 50-caliber and two 20 mms. upgraded to, one 5 inch 25 caliber, one 40 mm and one 20 mm.

main engines:
four general motors model 16-278a diesel, v-16

main generators:
four general electric 1,100 kw; 2,650 amps/415 volts propulsion; 3,600 amps/296 volts battery charging.

main motors:
four general electric 1,375 hp

combining and reduction type
2 -- 1,375 hp @ 1,300 rpm inputs
1 -- 2,740 hp @ 280 rpm output

two 126-cell exide type. each cell was about 4.5 feet high, 1.25 feet deep, and 1.75 feet wide, and weighed about 1,650 pounds.

maximum speed: 
20.25 knots surface speed; 8.75 knots submerged
23.3 mph/37.5 kph; 10 mph/16.2 kph

two four-bladed, 8 foot diameter

one balanced streamlined type, limits 38 degrees to port and starboard.

fuel capacity: 
diesel, 54,000 gallons normal; 116,000 gallons maximum
photo 6:
the conning tower is from the ex-uss parche (ss-384) a sistership of uss bowfin. the conning tower consists of a cylinder 8 feet in diameter, located above the control room of the submarines pressure hull.
#hawaii #ussbowfin #pearlharbor #submarine #onderzeeër #ww2 #worldwartwo #worldwar2 #tweedewereldoorlog #zweiterweltkrieg
source info:
http://www.bowfin.org/bowfin-specs and info panel inside the conning tower at pearl harbor
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My cat can do cartwheels i bet that makes you feel emasculated
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Ships of the future. visionary design ov underwater tankers. rys. stanisław szymański. source młody technik issue 1962 06. #submarine #navy #underwater #ocean #sea #water #boat #tanker #sciencefiction #engineering #vintage
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αυτό που συμβαίνει δε περιγράφεται με λέξεις ❗
ευχαριστούμε που μας επιβεβαιώνετε ♥️ #theheartoffunbeatshere #submarine #highlights
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How cool was #intrepid i cannot forget that experience of being on an actual aircraft carrier the intrepid and to get to go inside a cruise missile submarine the growler !! and also to actually see a real life space shuttle was truly an emotional experience.. and getting to chat with actual world war 2 vets was just the icing .. i wish i could share that emotion with my dad he would have truly loved it 😢 .
#intrepidairandspacemuseum #worldwar2 #sad #memories #space #aircraftcarrier #spaceshuttle #submarine #missile #coolstuff
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