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Leave it all in the ring πŸ’― @rodtang_jimungnon @jhaggerty_
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The robots are coming! πŸ€– @mmashredded
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Kicks that make you go, "hmm…" πŸ€” @jmcoakle
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Treat others as you want to be treated πŸ’―
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When the bag hits back 😱 @taiki.naito @kaibutsukun1206
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Don’t turn around 😡 @pieterbuist
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Cosmo alexandre packs earth-shattering power! 🌎 @cosmoalexandre
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Elbow incoming! πŸ’ͺ @jhaggerty_
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This is my freedom πŸ₯‹ @azizcalims @thescottadkins
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Think about your motivation for reaching out to those you strive to attract. is it because of what you long to give them? or is it because of what you believe they will add to your life? remember only god can fill you with that which you long to receive from others. then you can give to others. in the giving you get. this is the cycle of true love _____________________ #book #submission #leadership #diversity #inclusion #powerofbeingawoman #lifecoach #success #inspiration #purpose #life #winning #women #emmyawardtvhost #blackauthor #relationshipquotes #expert #leadership #goals #mmh #bestsellingauthor
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Blast off! πŸš€ @aunglansang
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Chef’s kiss πŸ‘Œ @brice_delval_official
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Watch your head! 😱 @lightning_jab @elias_mahmoudi_official
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Let’s get lifted ⬆️ @mighty
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Just another day at the office πŸ˜… @amiraliakbari60
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No wonder his pad holder left πŸ˜… @itismoti
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Bridging the gap πŸ‘Š @colbeynorthcutt
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Ragdoll physics in real life 😱 @akiyamachoo
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Just listen to “the phenom’s” devastating uppercuts! πŸ”Š @vitorbelfort
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It’s a new world record! πŸ˜‚ @supersagenorthcutt
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🎞️ from the archives 🎞️ if at first you don’t succeed… @dzhabar_askerov
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“killer bee’s” got the moves! πŸ’ƒ @killerbeemma
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It won’t be fun and games for mark fairtex abelardo on friday! πŸ˜‚ @mark.abelardo #nosurrender
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Heavy is the head that wears the πŸ‘‘ @mighty
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There’s no easy way out πŸ‘Š @liambadco
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I was recently talking to one of my sisters about a post i put up last week. i expounded on saying physical intimacy is a small part of a marriage. i am attracted to my husband but there are many things more important and more valuable than that.⁠⁣
trev chose to spend his life with me and made me the mother to his children. he trusts me with his finances and believes i add to him spiritually and naturally. how beautiful is this?⁠⁣
in addition, hearing trev cry out in prayer in the wee hours of the morning is more attractive than his physical attributes. watching him study the bible to become the man of god that this family needs brings indescribable satisfaction, joy, and hope!⁠⁣
if i cherished physical intimacy over all of this, i wouldn’t really appreciate him for who he is, what he adds to me, and what we are building spiritually and naturally. ⁣
my advice: don’t be moved to marry a person because they are attractive. how good they look won’t matter when you start building a life together. the important question is do they love god, do you agree on the type of life you want to live? do they add to you, correct you with love, and bring you closer to god. be picky and wait on god. you have one life to live so live it with who god has for you if his plan is to give you a spouse.

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The upshot ⬆️ @alaverdi_ramazanov
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Stamp fairtex rules the clinch! πŸ‘‘ @stamp_fairtex #nosurrender
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When you hit the off switch 😴 @anthonyengelen
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Yodsanklai broke out his patented triple uppercut at one: no surrender! 😱 @yodsanklai1 #nosurrender
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It feels good to sing againπŸ”₯ @playbill
accompaniment by angela steiner @ivory_tickler89 #ivefoundanewbaby #bulletsoverbroadway #playbill #submission #searchforastar
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Feel the burn! πŸ”₯ @alain.ngalani
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His life must’ve flashed before his eyes 😨 @alain.ngalani
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Will rodlek shut down saemapetch this friday? πŸ€” @prasitprasertsin @saemapetch #nosurrender2
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