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Am i the only one who can't stand lindsey? she literally is the most horrible person i've ever met and even if i try to appreciate her i just can't and gerard seems so happy with her but she honestly looks like she's not even caring as half as he does and idk it makes me mad g deserves more
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This quote is out of one of my favorite books "all the bright places". i cryed so much when i read this book, i guess it was because i had a very similar situation like in the book. my last boyfriend never took me serious, i told him several times that i don't want do live anymore and i will k**l myself at the latest when i'm 18. i wonder what would have happend if he took it serious. an this quote says exactly what i feel when i remember this relatipnship, i was desperatly crying for help, and nothing happend... #depressed #depression #suicide
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*photo challenge* today is your proudest moment....nothing to do with #slimmingworld but this year i raised over £25,000 for #papyrus in memory of my lovely cousin! this total was far more than any of us could ever have imagined and we all just hope it is helping another family!
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