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Big day for repotting yesterday! i think i only know what one or two of these plants are since they were all cuttings or purchases from my friendly neighborhood plant lady. id help welcome! (the only one i can remember right now is the firestick baby on the left side.) #whatsmyplant
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Spent some quality time in the yard sunday with a helping hand from one of my nephews.
the euphorbia ascot rainbow and foxglove in the first two pics were half-off clearance at @orchardsupply. can't wait to see them bounce back. and if the hot afternoon sun kills them dead...well, the risk was low thanks to the screaming deal.

also had the nephew transplant the dusty miller in the third photo from the p*t i got it in...to the worst dirt patch in the yard. all the plant care info says its happiest when in low nutrient soil.

and, of course, i can't spend time in my yard without playing with succulents. see @mysuccastashwish for more of that.
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Using the last of the lettuce and thinning the first of the green onions! #garden2018 #sundaygardening #freshgreens
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Ivy= privacy 🌿. i recognise this is not an exciting post to anyone but us...but today we planted ivy to climb us the trellis in the alley of our back wall. we want this to grow and create a green wall to ensure people can’t see into the house. exciting because we have never planted anything before, so we didn’t stop there and put some plants in the front under the window. now to go and buy some hanging baskets and plants for the flowerbeds 💐 my mum is giving me all the lessons.
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That's fathers day sorted.. gardening & day dreaming. wishing all those fatherly figures out there a wonderful fathers day.. #fathers #fathersday #sundaygardening #greenfingers #bookalocaltrade
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Today i potted đŸŒ± #sundaygardening i think i’m getting old, i actually enjoyed it đŸ€—
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Repotting and sowing more seeds ❀ #gardening #greenfingers #sundaygardening #vegpatch #homegrown
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P l a n t i n g o u t b a b i e s
lemonbalm amongst the strawberries & thyme amongst the sweet woodruff, marshmallow & mullein starting their own brand new beds. we’re off on an ad-van-ture in a few days so i’m feeling the need to get the plant babies out of the polytunnel & into the ground as before i go. some are a little on the small side & might not be quite ready but hopefully it will prove good for them to get out there with the other soil beings to toughen & grow up strong đŸ‘đŸŒ & yes that’s right, i do think of them all & treat them like my plant children hehe đŸ‘¶đŸ»đŸŒżâ˜ș
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