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Have you considered attending the live shiur, and just can't make it during the week?

the sunday schedule may work well for you, and a great opportunity to get a taste of the live chaburah.
as always, you are welcome to join us live.

this sunday we'll be learning (shabbos's daf) - makos 13.
time: 10:30am
address: 27 grassmere st., lakewood nj #sundaystyledaf #dafbysruly #reid #coffeewiththedaf
0 2 November 2017


Change & sunday: no shiur on shabbos. makos daf 13 will be given on sunday.
you are always welcome live shiur at 27 grassmere st., lakewood #sundaystyledaf #dafbysruly #reid come and enjoy #coffeewiththedaf #tfpcr
0 3 November 2017