5 hours ago
hellotofit_ Lessons from a 5 month old puppy 🐾 be patient af 💆🏻‍♀️ greeting people with gifts (i.e. dog toys) earns you brownie points 🎁 exercise can be done in little bits throughout the day if you’re busy 😂 love is unconditional, even if there are crazy nut balls in the house 🤪
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Corissa's Canines
7 hours ago
corissascanines Omg....i know it’s monday and all, but all of the pups were so amped today!! seriously—dogs were nearly busting down doors today!!! #dodogsdrinkcoffee ??! 😂games on, so i’m short cutting things with an album today 😋#dailydogcollage #gopats
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Hairypants Photography
9 hours ago
hairypants_photography Sun's out, tongues out!! poppy & boss wish you all a happy tongue out tuesday 😋😛☀️
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Casey Jo Wolf
9 hours ago
caseyjofosho Going through my photos, deleting all my awkward selfies and blurry animal pics and found these gems. #onthesamepage #sober #sunsouttonguesout
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Taylor Handley
10 hours ago
mrtaylorhandley This dog i just ran into reminded me that i need to relax. #sunsouttonguesout #chillax #takeiteasyhomie
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