Suzanne Ong
19 minutes ago
suzannewritesstories I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery - air, mountains, trees, people. i thought, "this is what it is to be happy."
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Ana Virginia Gómez
20 minutes ago
No es que solo me gusten los poetas suicidas pero este de sylvia plath me gustó mucho y decidí compartirlo, se llama "rival" #poesia #literatura #pasiones #sylviaplath #elementomortificador #notodoesmedicina
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Alena Pashnova
31 minutes ago
alenapashnova I fancied you'd return the way you said, but i grow old and i forget your name. (i think i made you up inside my head.) i should have loved a thunderbird instead; at least when spring comes they roar back again. i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. (i think i made you up inside my head.)" #кочевникчитает #якочевник #поэзия #сильвияплат #цветы #красиво #sylviaplath #americanpoetry #poem #flower #iamanomad #soynomada #poesiadediaadia #poesia
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Denize Nigra
3 hours ago
denizenigra "- i took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: i am, i am, i am." plath on skin, 2017
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1 hour ago
charlieandthebluejay Magnolia with a reminder to be strong by sylvia plath for #floralsyourway with @heysailor_ @sketchyminx @kryslauren_loveletters
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jade hart
1 hour ago
jadehart88 Out of the ash. i rise with my red hair. and i eat men like air. #sylviaplath #poetry
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Elspeth Cheley
2 hours ago
elspethangharad Pretty difficult to chose which books to take with me but a few of my favourites will do for now. 📖 #books #bookworm #movingout #sylviaplath #favourites
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Legendary Man
2 hours ago
_belegendary_ Genius and success doesn't exclude anyone from dealing with depression and mental health issues. as we gear up for national suicide prevention awareness month in september, today we're looking at 10 legendary authors who committed suicide. link in bio.
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Grace Peace
2 hours ago
graphry I took a deep breath to the old bray of my heart. i am i am l am #sylviaplath
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Luisa Chiddo
3 hours ago
santuzzas Nuova passione del momento: sylvia plath #lovelove
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Jéssica Patrícia Marques
3 hours ago
jessicaspmarques Depois de tanto tempo só usando kindle e sem comprar livros físicos, não deu para resistir a estes de capa dura ❤❤❤ e com preço incrível! #livros #literatura #claricelispector #aldoushuxley #marcelproust #sylviaplath #jamesjoyce
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3 hours ago
white_____satin Я ненавижу цветные фильмы. В цветном фильме каждый из персонажей чувствует себя обязанным менять один умопомрачительный туалет на другой буквально в каждой сцене и торчит, как лошадь в цветастой попоне, то под сенью чрезвычайно зеленых деревьев, то на фоне чрезвычайно пшеничной пшеницы, то на берегу иссиня-синего моря, волны кото¬рого разбегаются во все стороны на многие мили. #sylviaplath Удивительная женщина, от творчества которой становится то жутко, то грустно, и тем не менее завораживает.
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Alumbre Coffee
3 hours ago
alumbrecoffee Are we feeling our #endofsummerblues yet? 😹 that "odd, uneven time" (thanks #sylviaplath) that leaves us longing to hold on to the endless days, and slightly dreading the earlier mornings to come? our solution: #coffeestockpile and have all of our delicious, premium specialty coffees on hand to kickstart the day, snap you out of your afternoon lull, or help you linger with an evening cup. head over to our website to take advantage of free shipping! 👍😴😯☕️ #coffee #sustainablecoffee #alumbrecoffee #seedtocup #premiumcoffee #freshlyroasted
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3 hours ago
charchristine_ 'wear your heart on your skin in this life.' • sylvia plath🌹🥀#selfie #igers #tattooedgirls #inkedgirls #sylviaplath #silverliningtattoo
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