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It chapter 2. in theaters september 6. 🤡 •
in frame: @blushh.boy 🌷
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Closed off 🎈| 2019
really hitting those fall tones nicely. i’ve been around this spot around 6 times before on a shoot but the lighting was hitting it just right on this day.
let me know what you think of this one!!
in frame: @sirthestar
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Relentless 🍂| 2019
shot during a thunderstorm!! this lighting was so weird because it was overcast and also golden hour at the same time. like a warm cloudy sky. probably some of the prettiest skies i’ve seen though.
let me know what you think of this one!
in frame: @jadeselenak
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Today i fully realized and learned that... photographers block... is very much a real thing! but i’m back and i will find the drive to get back out there soon! let me know how it is you deal with photographers block 👇🏾 in front of my lens: @ alyssaleedle ——————————————————————
gear breakdown 📸
@ sonyalpha a7iii | @ sigmaphoto 35mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4 | 1/8000 | iso100 | @ godox_photo_equipment ad400pro strobe light | @ adorama glow ez lock 36” octabox
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| summertimes ☀️ | 2019 |
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usually don’t shoot this late, but i definitely should more. probably the best lighting i’ve shot in for one of my favorite pictures ever.
let me know what you think of this one!
in frame: @faith_hinrichs
42 1,158 June 2019
Convenience store chronicles 🤣
model: @mia_mendez__
#pursuitofportraits #igcolor
50 806 July 2019
Hey golden hour 🤩☀️
27 641 July 2019
Here’s another late night post because i keep forgetting 🤗😅 glasses by: @tijneyewear
21 534 July 2019