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Perception of reality?! the hanged man in tarot best represents this need i feel right now to surrender and put certain things on standby, while i have a “question-everything-party”. πŸ” for a good week i’ve felt the alluring and frightening approach of a new paradigm shift. i’ve gone through lots of minor and a few major shifts before, and i understand and know from previous experiences that changes in perception have almost always proven beneficial to me. they allow me to come at my life, my work, my relationships from new angles, which opens up to different experiences that moves me in directions i hadn’t dreamed of before. it feels a bit like discovering new colors in the rainbow 🌈

i thrive and find life easier, when i’m creating and sharing from a platform of at least semi-solid theories about who i am, what this life is about, and how to do life in the most pleasant and truthful way possible. from this platform it is a joy to question what goes on around and within me. however, when the entire platform on which i stand is put into question, that’s when the ego quivers and the game of challenging “what is” becomes a little tricky intellectually and emotionally. πŸŒͺ
one thing that seems to be unchanged about me throughout life, however, is my unwavering belief that it’s all good and that i always have options. i seem to know this for a fact, but that doesn’t mean that going through shifts is particularly comfortable 😊 i find that my best way forward in these circumstances is to go back to basics. while i’m questioning some of my foundational beliefs, i will have an honest chat with myself about what i still find to be true, and what am i on the fence about. everything that is in question right now, may either be reintegrated and reinforced, put on standby or replaced with a new belief. time will tell. πŸ•°βœŒπŸ»πŸ™ƒ /callie
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Dessa vez eu me empenhei para meu querido #dionisio. πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
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I am a knight whose armor is his dignity. i see to the conservation of all things connected through the spirits of the inner realms. #tarot #tarotcards #divination #tarotofthehiddenrealm #juliajeffrey #knightofpentacles
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A time to reflect .
as we near the culmination of a cycle , no matter if it's worked out to our advantage or otherwise. regardless of whether we're in the midst of happy times or facing challenges, whatever the consequences may be , we're now reflecting over the actions which brought us to this place .
how do we feel at this point ?
it's wonderful to have clarity about our goals and to feel the strength of confidence needed to act on our convictions. the motivation to achieve our aspirations is indeed a powerful thing to possess. to be 'single minded ' perhaps in bringing plans to fruition. dreams to reality.
but it's also a precious thing to be able to look back and see that we acted with integrity, with kindness and consideration for others along the way . have we been loving , generous , patient ?
it's worth asking ourself if we behaved with the best interests of the greater good too . did we spare a thought for how our actions may affect the world at large ?
what we do , say and even think, never affects only ourself, we are all connected.
it's important as we go through life to consider if at the end of our next cycle we'll be able to reflect not with regret , but with satisfaction that we acted with the best intentions for all.
nine of cups
knight of swords
queen of pentacles .
tarot of the hidden realm.
happy, blessed friday and a wonderful weekend ahead to all my beautiful kindred souls.
love , light and peace to every one of you as always.
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“faeries, come take me out of this dull world, for i would ride with you upon the wind, run on the top of the dishevelled tide, and dance upon the mountains like a flame.” - w.b. yeats. πŸ•―
i had been thinking a little about all the different tarot deck themes in existence. there are so so many. from mermaids, witches, vampires, pirates, faeries, floral and abstract.. all the way to classical and renaissance styled. we all have that one theme that works best for us, if done right. i know mine is definately whimsical, flowery and faerie like.
but that made me wonder, what theme do you connect with the most? what usually calls out to you and brings the best readings to your table? β˜•οΈ
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I drew 3 cards to ask about a relationship question... i'm pretty scared.
i thought that i don't really understand, so i picked a card to signify him (7 cups) and me (king of wands)... oh, i'm so fiery yeah?
now i see some story... we meet in the fool as a butterfly (him) and the laughing child accepting all pain (me)
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I tried #the4agreementschallenge by @aceofquills for prompts 15-21 since i felt they are talking about the same thing to me using #tarotofthehiddenrealm which was supposed to be one card each but i was just in denial so... slide 2.
πŸŒ•what were clear to me?
πŸŒ—how can i release these assumptions? shadow dance... to break out and see the chains.
πŸŒ’how can i discover what i really want? death. to be willing to transform πŸŒ‘how can i stop making assumptions? emperor and magician. understand that i already have it all. be confident.
🌈what i still don't understand? i will be happy to see some ideas!
🌻what assumptions do others make about me that aren't true? star and 6 of cups
🐻what assumptions have i made about others and discovered they weren't true? 7 of wands, world... shallowness????
🍁what assumptions do i make about myself everyday? knight of cups and chariot... ❀️how can i communicate what i want clearly? 10 of wands and wheel of fortune
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Day 15 #powerfullymagick #challenge how can my ancestors help me develop my magickal skills?
by helping me have a closer connection to herbs, the land and it's energy; a deep respect for the earth, myself and the mysteries; remind me to always listen to my intuition and to continue ancestral reverence. my ancestral roots are calling to teach what they've learned about the earth element in order to help me develop my magickal skills.
#cards : #tarotofthehiddenrealm by @stonemaidenart ; #themessengercards by @strokeofsoul .
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I asked my cards about my time of harvest that is yet to come.
i got the four of swords, telling me that i needed these past few weeks to quiet my mind, to let go of the mind-chatter and let go of the worries in my mind.
when i drew an extra card, i got the page of pentacles. 
she speaks of my commitment to the journey of connecting to the earth in this incarnation, even though memories of past lives are ever so present and cause a deep longing. 
she asks me to look at the bigger picture and take more time to connect to the land i live on now. 
my soul chose to be born here, where i live now. 
i decided to draw one more card to see how my purpose and longing will come together.
i was so happy to see the hierophant who speaks about teaching and learning. 
i hope to teach my new brand new tarot course, starting this autumn, that will hold all the subjects close to my heart: working with the ancestors, shadow work etc. 
i've been longing to do this for a very long time.
among others, i also hope to learn more about the lore of the land, the spirits surrounding me and my connection to my ancestors.
(the herb in the photo is freshly gathered mugwort)
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Tarot pep talk with #tarotofthehiddenrealm 🌻

separation. loneliness. jealousy. sometimes it looks like everyone else has it all figured out, but you. everyone else, but you, is having the time of their lives. everyone else, but you, makes their dreams come true. 🌻

well, it could be true. it is definitely a perspective that can be your reality. a mindset that creates a competitive atmosphere, where there's not enough happiness, love, resources for all. a world where you have to be deserving of the above. where happiness and love is something you pay for with money, hard work and sacrifices. it can be a truth. it can be an experience. 🌻

but, in danger of sounding like an advert or a new age nutcase - which to some extent i guess, i am πŸ˜† - you can make something else your experience. the external world is literally responding to your more or less subconscious expections of it and yourself. 🌻

if you feel isolated, start appreciating something. beauty is excellent for shifting perspective. especially, the beauty of your own being, but if that is too long of a stretch, try with a flower, a piece of jewellery, a sunset or whatever tickles your fancy. enjoy the smell of coffee, a funny balloon or a piece of music. tune in. the external and the internal world is one, but the key to mastery springs from the inside. here lies the cause of your experience. the external is the effect. your perspective is your power. connect here, and you are connected to everything, and everyone, everywhere. 🌻
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Today's card:

the blasted beech (the tower)

collapse and destruction. not a good card. infrastructure fails; lives are thrown into complete turmoil. sudden and unexpected changes that leave us with no other choice than to rebuild it all from scratch.
the only good aspect of this card is when it points to love at first sight. but even that can turn out to be utterly destructive, as those who have experienced it know all too well

tarot of the hidden realm, by julia jeffrey and barbara moore

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There are those times in our life when , although all seems to be fine and settled, inside we know that something is not quite ' right ' . no one seeing us will pick up on it , for outwardly all looks to be just as it should be and even we ourself can't think logically what could be amiss.
don't be tempted to disregard these feelings and ' put up ' with any doubts we're having as these warnings wil stay with us , poking and prodding until we give them their desired attention .
they want us to listen to the whispers of our heart.
to do this we must first still our mind , for the answers do not lie there. it's our heart's words we are hearing and to which we should now listen in order to hear the truth. for although all the signs are positive , that good times are on their way , remember that the most important things in life don't happen immediately . the best things are worth waiting for . seek calm , peace in solitude and silence and wait for answers .
when the time is right we will know all we need to know and do .
our forward direction will be clear.
the divine has granted us a gift. the gift of self - knowledge . of understanding what's needed to bring us the happiness we seek .
listen closely when our heart speaks , for it's the voice of truth .
eight of cups
seven of pentacles
fortune faery
the sun ( this card was a ' jumper ' as i shuffled the deck )
tarot of the hidden realm.
happy blessed tuesday to all my beautiful kindred souls.
love , light and peace to every one of you as always.
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Day 13 #powerfullymagick #challenge
what area of my life needs to be infused with more magick?
the hummingbird, jaguar, and red roses reminded me of love. the blood in the 3 of swords remind me of the pain and disappointment we both went through...yet he still crosses my mind. still remember when we stared into each others eyes feeling a deep connection that reached back into previous lifetimes. my love life needs to be infused with more healing magick. #calledoutbycards .
#cards : #tarotofthehiddenrealm by @stonemaidenart ; #themessengercards by @strokeofsoul .
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Day 11 #powerfullymagick #challenge
where am i blocking my magickal abilities?
probably when i'm too concerned on how to get started, over analyzing every little detail, and trying to figure out how it will help me evolve.
basically stalling tactics. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜£πŸ˜­
#cards : #tarotofthehiddenrealm by @stonemaidenart ; #themessengercards by @strokeofsoul .
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The #owlandbonesaugust challenge continues
treat this: reverse 8 of pentacles: desire to be perfect coupled with a total lack of motivation
rest this: page of cups: creativity and new projects
enjoy this: 9 of cups: happiness and goal fulfillment.

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#the4agreementschallenge by @aceofquills
one card for each prompt... lazy to type out πŸ˜…
what stood out for me?
🌻what poisonous words o i tell myself? hierophant... i "must fit in"
🌻how can i release myself from my fears and wounds? my favourite card in tarot: moon. my fear has always come from deep inside, so i must "come to the surface "
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Day 9 of #powerfullymagick #challenge how am i using magick in my life right now?
i'm using magic right now to create a warm and loving environment using music and art and giving away things i no longer use which is also helping me heal emotionally. i tried holding onto something for so long but i've learned that if i just let it go it opens me up for something better. that's where i am right now- where i let go and let goddess and continue to grow in my practice.
cards: #tarotofthehiddenrealm by @stonemaidenart ; #themessengercards by @strokeofsoul .
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Buckle down, things are about to move quickly. today you are going to stride towards your goals.πŸ† yesterday’s card guided us towards craftsmanship and honing our skills through hard work and determination. today, you are going to reap the rewards. make sure you keep the momentum going to keep things moving forwards.
just remember, communication and listening are are key to achieving goals.
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