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Tomorrow!!! we are having a baby tomorrow!!!!!!!!
we cannot wait to meet you, sweet baby! and as was the case with our pregnancy announcement, caroline is the most excited 😂
one last poll on my stories for team boy 💙or team girl💗! or tell me below who you think will be joining our family tomorrow 🙀🙀🙀
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What my day off looks like..........not!
well maybe before kids! 😉
it's more like getting two little humans ready and fed before 8. checking bags and packing lunches. running to the bank, mail, and grocery store because if we run out of go-gurt in our house there's hell to pay! doing 100 loads of laundry and the dishes (found a old sippy under the couch...sweet).🤢 playing babies and house with ella, she always makes me be the baby! 🤷‍♀️ looking at my house and wondering how it got so messy? think of something my whole family will eat for supper and oh shoot it's time to pick up eva from shcool. my days off can sometimes be crazy but i wouldn't have it any other way.🙌
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Yesterday was national pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. being on instagram has helped a lot to not feel alone in the struggle of dealing with some of the feeling that are hard to explain. one misconception some have is the birth of a baby after a miscarriage makes everything better when in reality ...happiness is added ...but the pain from the loss never leaves. there is a quote “i’ll always wonder who you would of been “ and it couldn’t be more true! i actually had my husband help me take this picture and i really struggled to smile. as you can see from the sign the odds were not in our favor. i wanted to smile to let others know it’s ok and you can smile again after such an unfortunate event. anyone who is struggling with this internally know you can reach out to me anytime. sending hugs to all the women who lit a candle last night and are dealing with all the emotions. you are not alone!
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Strolling with my girl in the crisp autumn air is about as therapeutic as it gets...add our favorite snack and life is good! [#ad] @pbfit.official has been a favorite of mine for years and one of my secret weapons for kicking my sugar addiction. apples dipped in pbfit is what i often reach for when craving something sweet. john and i also eat pbfit + banana toast religiously before every workout (swipe). it has about 1/3 of the calories, 87% less f*t than regular peanut butter, and is every bit as delicious. have you tried it? i'm excited to try baking with it this week!
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I have to be completely honest. the last few weeks have been hard. i’ve been feeling much more emotional about everything and finding myself on the verge of tears as if i’m fresh out of giving birth again. i’ve felt like there’s so much more i could be doing and have broken down feeling like i’m just doing everything wrong. i question every decision and feel guilty for stepping away for a bit to find my breath or because i’m just exhausted. i feel a panic attack sensation brewing as the air thickens and my throat swells. it’s been one hit after another when it comes to our financial situation and where we will be next year with everything. i hug bobby and tell him that i want to do more and i want to help more and the moment we have some clarity on what we can plan for, everything changes and even an unexpected surgery gets added on. i wake up each day so thankful for what i have because i have so much. and i make a plan for my entire day to be scheduled out to allow time for both me and for my time with maci. but before i know it, i have minutes to prepare for my workout in the evening and the house is a mess. even though i feel as though i’m drowning and like the light at the end of the tunnel might not be seen, i say these words on repeat because it’s the only way to catch my breath.
you are enough.
and you may not do everything perfect every time. it may not be the situation you expected every time.
but you are enough.
and you always have been. the messy house, the bills piled up high, the errands missed, the burnt meal, the panic attack, the tired hugs, the pinterest fail, the forgotten appointment and schedule mix-ups, the late night feedings, the woman that we live and breathe as every single day, good days and bad.
i’m having a hard time, too, mama. but we have to always keep these words in our hearts... we. are. enough.
because those tiny hands and arms won’t be tiny forever, but they’ll always fit around us just enough to remember how tiny they once were. and if that’s enough for us, we are enough for them, too.
tag some mamas and let them know what they are doing has always been enough 🌸
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My baby wearing days with this wrap are coming to an end 😭 it’s so emotional! she’s so big! but today i will still wear her... because it’s freezing outside and she’s my own personal heat box 🧡
**this was my favorite when it comes to wraps! it’s so easy and stays tight! now that she’s bigger i can just use the one side as a sling. see 👉🏻 @studio_romeo **
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Mom confession: i hadn’t had my hair cut or colored in two and a half years. i got my hair done last wednesday and have yet to wash it. tomorrow will be 10 days 🤷🏻‍♀️ but i don’t ever want this balyage to fade. 😆 also, is it just me or does it look like that microwave handle is coming out of my other nostril or what? once you see it, you can’t un see it. 👃 happy friday!
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Briar brown. the cutest pumpkin in the patch since 2017. 😍🎃 #lovemybriarboy
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Psa: don’t ask a toddler to take a photo with you after they found a red rose just like in beauty and the beast and are in the second verse of “tale as old as time.” if you do, ask them to “hold” their sibling, you may not get a smile but it’s still a decent photo. then resume with the chorus of said song. #momhacks #shethinksshesbelle
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Happy morning routine with cookie🤸🏻‍♀️
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Are you looking for a photographer that has some s***k and a bubbly personality? no, need to look further because hudson dk photography offers you giggles, some funky dance moves and loads more! 🤣
i’m not sure how, but he knows how to “work” this cute wooden camera from @lafede_designs - probably a natural ( says all mothers 😍) .
ps: you can get 20% off using cisca123 when you purchase online from @lafede_designs - pictured here (swipe) is hudson the penguin and unati the ox and a wall banner that you can have custom made from white leatherette and is hand illustrated
happpppppy h**p day!
tee @luckylittle_za
jeans @earthchildclothing
shows @shooshoosza
. 📷 @its_a_momslife
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Little jack handsome and comfy in our classic pyjama... ♡ thank you @nicolinebeerkens 🙏🏻
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The un has set goal of zero hunger worldwide by 2030. be grateful. spread awareness.

the hunger project
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Shaniah has been at school just over a month now, in fact this week is the last week of her first term.
amongst other things, one of the first things that shaniah likes to do before she heads to school is take one of her bassetts vitamins. .
shaniah will happily take these each morning because to her they taste like sweets, they're chewy and bursting with flavour. i love them because they contain key nutrients to support her health. .
there are many different bassets packs that each sport a range of different vitamins so whatever particular vitamin you're after you are sure to find it within one pack, at least!
they come in packs suitablw for 3-6 year olds, 7-11 year olds, 12-18 year olds and adults. so wherever you are on the timeline bassetts have the perfect pack for you. ad.
p.s. the adult ones taste great!
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So many of my smiles begin with you 💕
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no, non c’è nessuna novità in famiglia. ❤️
se scrollate giù, e ancora giù, giù, giù, fino alla prima di queste 2.058 foto di instagram, scoprirete che questa è la prima che ho postato, poco più di 7 anni fa, quando ascanio aveva solo 10 giorni e io lo aspettavo a casa, sognando il momento in cui finalmente lo avrei potuto abbracciare.
lui era lì, lontano da noi.
in quella benedetta scatola di plastica dell’ospedale fatebenefratelli all’isola tiberina, combattendo come un vichingo per appropriarsi della vita e della sua famiglia, per tornare da noi.
no, io non l’ho potuto abbracciare appena è venuto al mondo e come ogni mamma di un bambino nato prematuro so cosa vuol dire il dolore.
sono stati lunghi giorni di solitudine, giorni in cui preferisci circondarti solo di chi ti ama, o forse hai la necessità di parlare più che altro con te stesso. per farti tante domande, sapendo di non poter trovare sempre le risposte giuste.
giornate durissime, infinite, ma che alla fine come tutte le cose sono passate.
e la gioia di poterlo avere finalmente tra le braccia non ha avuto eguali. .
oggi per noi è un giorno speciale.
7 anni fa sei entrato nella nostra vita come un fulmine, sconvolgendola, ma riempendola di amore. facendoci diventare grandi.
auguri amore mio, che tu possa essere felice più che puoi ❤️
no, there's no news in the family❤️
if you scroll down, and then down, down, down, up to the first of these 2,058 instagram photos, you'll find out that this is the first one i posted, just over 7 years ago, when ascanio was only 10 days old and i was waiting for him at home, dreaming of the moment when i could finally hug him.
he was there, far from us.
in that blessed plastic box of the fatebenefratelli hospital in rome, fighting like a viking for his life and his family, to come back with us.
no, i could not embrace it as soon as it came into the world and like every mother of a premature baby i know what pain means.
they have been long and hard days, but at the end like all things, they have passed.
and the joy of being finally able to hug him was unmatched.
today is a special day for us.
happy birthday my love, be happy ❤
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Another warm day for nap. mom couldn't stop herself taking pic of my fav bamboo wrap and "her" fav nappy. the vibrant tiffiny blue won her heart and so do my flamingo cool print muslin wrap? :) who wouldn't love their fashionable and cool prints😍
shop now: @cache_cache_style
receive 40% off and free standard shipping within australia until the 15th dec 2018.
use xmas40 as your code and receive 40% off store wide! **cannot ne used with any other discounts or codes
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I love that you guys send me and kenny tonnes of love everyday on our posts and stories and more than often you call me perfect mom, super mom or question me “how do you manage everything so beautifully?" and honestly i don't even have a response except putting a ♥ because you know what am neither of these🙆
on most days am trying to keep my s*** together. 🙊 with sids crazy travel schedule i have been solo parenting and i lose my patience and then feel guilty and i say the wrong things and wish i said something better or more meaningful to k. my health took a major toll last week and work as usual has been crazy. no break and no rest. i almost felt robotic moving back and forth from work to home.

i delayed a vaccination for 3 months! and the doctor just gave me the nod saying don’t miss the next one coming in a month. am trying, trying hard to stay organized and on top of things. sometimes am glued to my phone📲 because i have commitments, posts to be planned, emails to be replied and i try to calmly respond when kenisha snatches my phone. i am left feeling like a fail that am not giving her enough time.😑 when i put a story and you see a happy smile you may not know that i forgot to brush because we were getting late to drop kenisha to school and then rushing to work!🙄 i am not perfect, and i don’t pretend to be, because honestly i think that’s exhausting. 🤷 what i really want to say is that you mom's out there are constantly doing the best you can with the resources you have at hand. we all are trying to give our 100% each day to our children and that is what should really really matter. ♥️ some days we succeed and some don’t go as planned! in our own sweet ways we are keeping our s*** together!

tag that mom who needs to know she is perfect! 🤗🤗🤗
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Zadie smith, penelope cruz or bridgit bardot? or maybe anna wintour, gwyneth paltrow or amal clooney? ⠀

which of these real-life bobomamas do you most relate to? ⠀⠀
discover who you are most like by taking the 'how bobo are you?' quiz! (link in bio) or copy and paste: bit.ly/bmquiz⠀⠀
this short, fun quiz will also give you an insight into your unique talents and challenges as one of 5 bobomama archetypes ranging from 100% bourgeois (or boujee) to 100% bohemian. ⠀⠀
let me know your type in the comments below! ⠀⠀
#lifecoachformamas ⠀⠀
#formamaswhowantmore ⠀⠀
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Эми уже вторую неделю тусит дома на больничном. И иногда в моей голове даже проскакивает мысль «Может ну его, этот садик» 😆😆😆😆😆 Как представлю, как снова будет втягиваться после выздоровления 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
Но порядок дома все же хочется, так что пусть идет 😝😝😝
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Mister eric 💫 sus primeras sonrisas. aunque sean en sueños... y yo... me muero de amor 🧡 .
📸 @limalimonfotografos .
ayer os dejé por stories un montón de próximos eventos en elche! echadle un ojo por si os interesan! 🧡

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“if you want to be a knight, act like a knight.”
-don quixote
“if you want to be a well-fed superhero toddler, eat a don quixote bowl in costume.”
(this is so yummy btw, if you’re in need of something new & healthy for dinner. get the mango chimichurri sauce, holy wow.) #lfthx #madgreens #organicad
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