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There i was, asleep in my tent one morning in the desert near terlingua, texas. it was about 5:45 a.m. and i was warm in my sleeping cocoon, dreaming of cheesy enchiladas and swift peregrine falcons and all those other crazy things one dreams of when one's mind is made uncluttered by the desert and all that open space. i woke up because of ---- as delicately as i can say this ---- "nature's call." my bladder was saying "get up out of this tent right now." i kept saying "hush, let me sleep." but it's always a losing battle. in the end my bladder always wins. always. i should know this by now, but still i argue with it. anyway, i climbed out of my sleeping bag, cursing. i could tell from inside my tent that it was beginning to get light outside. i finally found my shoes and stepped out. lo and behold, the sun was just beginning to rise over the chisos mountains to the east. i went from comatose to screaming consciousness in 2.3 seconds. tearing through my tent, i found my camera and went back out to greet the day. this is just one of the photos i took that morning. it turns out that my bladder had better photographic instincts than i do!

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Location: pedernales falls state park
photographer: @matt_sdr
pedernales falls is an amazing place not only to swim, but hike as well. did you know there’s over 30 miles of trails to hike here?
please remember to leave no trace, pack out what you bring in 😊
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Double tap if you love the texas hill country πŸ’™
photographer: @ryan_conine
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