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Are you the shoshone river at buffalo bill state park? cause dam
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Let's try this 3-panel panorama dealing, eh?
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Our forest health improvement project starts next week and the timing couldn’t be better with this weekend rain. #blessed #hydroaxe #redrabbitranch #newmexico #northernnewmexico #tierraamarilla #chama #rioarriba #theamericanwest #thewest #thewildwest
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Thank you to @spinellikilcollin for featuring my work on their journal ( blog ), “creative fathers featuring scott baxter” https://www.spinellikilcollin.com/blogs/news/fathers-day-scott-baxter , ( link in bio ). my younger daughter, lily works for @spinellikilcollin . they were kind enough to ask me to photograph some of their wonderful line of men’s rings. they gave me the creative freedom to photograph the rings in my style. thanks to 3 friends who gave me their time to photograph them wearing the sk line of rings. mike hammer @h2r_expeditions ( blacksmith, outfitter, and all around great guy), j. brad miller ( range rider, trapper, & cowboy), and longtime friend & educator, christopher bates. if you want to see some more of my work and learn a bit more about me and fatherhood check out the link in my bio to the interview with @spinellikilcollin . happy fathers day ! i am blessed to have 2 beautiful, wonderful daughters! #photography #spinellikilcollin #fathersday #creatives #rings #jewelry #theamericanwest #artist
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The sun approaches it's zenith in the coming solstice over the white tank mountains, as seen from south mountain. park rangers often hear the line "you get paid in sunsets". on nights like this, it's hard to argue.
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Deliberately ending up in a ghost town was just as fun as taking a wrong turn and stumbling upon it. •

📸: @butt_hey #ghosttown #theamericanwest #mininghistory
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Longing for just one more day in wyoming
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“there are more things in heaven and earth, horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” i dreamt about shiprock, nm last night. one of the greatest things seen this year. a dragon spine of volcanic rock, ending in a towering jagged cone. the surrounding plains were eroded down over millennia exposing this stubborn immovable monolith underneath. search for photos of it from the sky and be jaw-dropped. #shiprock #newmexico #theamericanwest #nothingescapesshakespeare #shakespeareforeverymoment #tbt #objectsinmirrorarecloserthantheyappear
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