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Endings can be so beautiful 🌆
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I admit, i was way too excited to get home and use my new hole punch to finish making these tags 😂 it’s the little things...
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Y’all, this is so much talent here in corpus christi! i’m thrilled to be hanging out with these gals (and more!) on saturday! come say hi! #shoplocal #shopcc #shoplocalcc
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When we stepped out in faith and offered to host and lead our own home group, it was nerve-wrecking. are we qualified to teach? will people think we are frauds? will they like us? will i be offended if they don’t come back? we started out with one family for a long time. then another came and stayed. and last week another came and stayed. and although our relationships with each other are rather brand new, it feels like we’ve known each other forever and are old friends. i am so grateful for our little community and how god led us to one another. if you’re thinking of starting or joining one, do it. show up, say yes, and watch god.
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Lovely roll-on perfumes in the most beautiful packaging from @skeemdesign.💗 there are six fragrances to choose from, but the vintage peony in my favorite!🌸
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Sunset missions.
7 46 January 2017


How are you spending anzac day? i’ve been wandering around broadbeach trying to capture things i see, seeking inspiration because i’m feeling like a bit of a blob this week. i suddenly realised that i hadn’t taken advantage of the fresh location i was blessed to visit so i’m trying to rectify that in my last few days.
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After strolling around with ayu and her family, we’ve got coffee... and banoffee pie! 🍮
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why do you rush so fast?
happiness caught now i'd return
i'll follow you on
lead down, i'm on your trail.'
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The contrast of this photo reminds me of a life as an entrepreneur or life in general; some days you get it all done, glowing with pure joy & others, seem so slow, dark and gloomy... which is the que to relax because you’ve done all that you can, and you can pick up where you’ve left off the next day. i used to try and work myself to the bone, but i’ve learned to follow the signs of call it a day because truthfully, i am working as hard as i can and so are you. enjoy the journey, don’t always have your head down. otherwise you’ll never see that sunshine.
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All times favourite
serve srundeng fried rice
emping c*****r
local ingredients
make it a good deal

srundeng cafe
jl gatot subroto no 20 bandung
everyday open 7.00 - 23.00
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This isn’t a pretty story. where did #fashionrevolutionweek begin? why is it this week?
on april 24, 2013 a five story building called rana plaza collapsed in bangladesh, killing 1,134 people and badly injuring another 2,500. these individuals were garment workers, creating cheap clothing to be consumed in major retail stores.
the building started to c***k the day before the tragedy, but despite the warnings, those in authority ordered workers to enter the unstable structure and keep working. there are also reports of the workers being beaten when they initially refused to go inside. of the 3,639 who worked there, nearly 1 in 3 would die that day.
this is not an isolated event, though it may be the largest. the death and injury of garment workers in developing countries is still rampant, not to mention the issues of child labor, unfair wages, s*x trafficking, and slavery.
i know these are ugly words. it’s an ugly truth.
this is why we’re using our voices in a #fashionrevolution to demand that people are treated with the most basic human dignities.
i’m wearing this shirt from @matterprints for three days in a row as a reminder that we can #livewithless and stop playing into the cruel system that fast fashion creates. (this is day two of three, see yesterday’s post for the first look)
ethical fashion is more than a trend. i try to keep things optimistic on my page, but it’s important to remember why we’re doing this. it’s not about the beautiful clothes, it’s about human lives. if you have the privilege of being able to buy ethically, or secondhand, or simply less. please consider it, and let me know how i can help.❤️
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Ladies, has anyone ever told you that you are intimidating? i have. i got it a lot in high school and till this day, i hear it a lot. for the longest time, i had no idea what to think or how to take it. is is an insult? a compliment?

“you just walk into the room with grace and confidence.” - haha you clearly haven’t seen me trip in my high heels or trip walking up the stairs. 😭

“you’re just so beautiful.” - um, thank you? to be honest, i’d rather be known for having a beautiful soul and having a heart of gold who fears the lord. ❤️

“you just dress classy and are always put together.” - um, homegirl just loves fashion. buttt, 9 times outta 10, i’m just one hot mess (hence the t-shirt) in comfy clothes and no bra. 😂

“you just seem to be so strong and know your worth!” - i was fortunate to understand/learn that early on. i’m not easy and i don’t just give myself carelessly to guys. i know my value and the respect that i deserve. i have amazing parents who helped instill that principle in me.✨

i’m told these things time after time. many times i’ve questioned it all and thought, maybe i should lower my standards of life and change who i am? then, i snap out of it and am just like, girl. stop it. you’re worth more than that.

apparently, these things that make me intimidating. lol ladies, if ya feel me on any of this: you do not have to apologize or be sorry for being a confident lady with class! someone who understands and knows our worth and value in this world. i believe we need more of us in being positive examples, setting the expectation for young girls out there.

through different life experiences, growing in my faith and surrounding myself with the right people - i’ve slowly began to see it as a compliment and positive character trait, striving to be a women of god.

so if you’re one of my old youth group girls, one of my old team 21 students or someone my age or older - i hope this inspires you to start being or continue to be an “intimidating women” who is strong, confident and knows your worth. one with strength, confidence and his grace.
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Dzień dobry! każdy nowy dzień to nowy początek, niezapisana karta, którą możesz zapisać we właściwy dla siebie sposób. niech wiosna i budząca się do życia przyroda zmotywują cię do zdrowej zmiany. wykorzystaj ten czas najlepiej, jak potrafisz. nie bój się... zaufaj...
jak mawiał szams z tabrizu
"zamiast opierać się nadchodzącym w życiu zmianom, poddaj się, ustąp. niech życie będzie z tobą, a nie przeciwko tobie. jeśli wydaje ci się, że twoje życie zostanie wywrócone do góry nogami, nie martw się. skąd masz wiedzieć, czy dół nie będzie lepszy niż góra?"
może zaczniesz od zdrowego śniadania przy zapachu zastrzyku energii? 🍋🍋🍋
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It’s been awhile since i’ve made some of these. maybe some will show up this coming saturday at the @wescorpuschristi market! come see us at @barunderthesuncorpus saturday! 🥂#shopcc #shoplocalcc #gussiedhandmade
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