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Videoproduction with local filmcrew in kinggeorge, brisbane, australia
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I am proud of many things in my life especially the past few years but nothing compares to being a father to this crazy pair ..
yes those are my shorts and yes both my 4 year old and 2 year old fit in them 🀦🏼‍♂️
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want a job? want to see a job through start to finish ? want to say my job is policing my capital, london ?
like, #pcgayle, his reason for joining the met police “getting the job done” - it could be yours too. #wearerecruiting !
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Everywhere we look lately there is so much loss and cruelty but i call you challenge this by appreciating the beauty that is right in front of you. no matter how grey the day or how tired you feel what you see is completely a choice. choose to see magic and the drama won’t have a chance to touch you. this is why i love children so much and they will forever be my inspiration because they naturally radiate joy and see magnificence. let them be our greatest teachers πŸ’«β˜€οΈ πŸ“Έ @steevsaul
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It's going to end this wonderful @buchmesse 2018! it's always a really pleasure to meet scouts, agents, publishers, translators, all these booklovers that are constantly working to make books travel. #walkaboutliteraryagency #makingbooktravel #thebestjobintheworld #booklover #frankfurt #frankfurtbookfair
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Aww the countdown is now on for the final weeks of seeing these gorgeous bunch! trying not to get too emotional but it’s been the most amazing 2 years bonding with these beauties! sending so much love on this beautiful windy, sunny autumn friday to you all! ☺️🐾🍁 #dogwalker #lovedogs #loveanimals #thebestjobintheworld
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Waiting for a publisher to make books travel. every 30 minutes a different meeting to find an author to share with a foreign publisher. the best job in the world. #walkaboutliteraryagency #makingbooktravel #findingpathforwriters #thebestjobintheworld #frankfurtbookfair #booklover #bookfair #literaryagent #literature #publishers #literaryscouts
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How was your thursday?
did you spend it working towards someone else πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’» dream…all while thinking about how close the weekend is?
i used to think that i would always have a job where i worked for someone else, and that i would be happy doing so, but it turns out all those πŸ•’ hours i spent working for someone else was starting to make me feel β›“captive. i used to come home so exhausted, i was imprisoned by time off request that generally got ❌ denied, and sick of trying to create a schedule for myself thats would hopefully allow for a little work life balance. sound familiar?
in 2018, my monday through fridays look a little different, they now consist of being present for my πŸ‘« kids, my πŸ‘¨πŸ½‍πŸ’Όhusband, and every single holiday, event, or sick πŸ€’ day that pops up out of no where. i work from wherever i want, get paid weekly, and still do what i did when i was a retail store manager. i work on my health all while sharing my πŸš— journey authentically and unapologetically.
i get to choose πŸ‘―‍♀️ who i work with,l and create my own schedule l. the best part is the amount of time and effort i put into my business is how i get to change lives and get compensated. i am for the first time ever 100% am in control of my finances and my time. i feel free.
im looking to mentor 7 woman who want to learn how to do what i do as a coach this month. im telling you if i could this as an exhausted mom working retail so can you!
-make some money, create long life friendships and truly be inspired every single day. slide into my dm, drop your email, or below for the application.
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Yellow diamond spring. this woman possesses the freshness of spring flowers bursting through snow.

i love showing the chaos of swatches before the finished product. it’s an experience of pure creativity and discovery.
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'la hora pico' spanish translation of "l'ora di punta" by @nora_venturini @librimondadori the first novel of a detective taxi driver series. here at the edhasa stand #crimenovel #crime #crimefiction #rome #thriller #makingbooktravel #findingpathforwriters. #novel #novelist #walkaboutliteraryagency #thebestjobintheworld
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The spanish edition of "il bambino del treno" by #paolocasadio @edizionipiemme published by #edhasaargentina. here with our friends publishers celeste e fernando. next spring the book will be published also in spain. #walkaboutliteraryagency #findingpathforwriters #thebestjobintheworld #makingbooktravel #translations #novel #novelist #literaryagent #foreignrights
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Vous connaissez le marketing relationnel ❗️ peu être pas bien, vous l’a t’on bien expliqué. vous êtes vous fait une mauvaise idée πŸ€”.
moi aussi j’ai cru à une #arnaque au début.
mais je me suis laissé emporter au #jeux
et puis...
ma vie change.
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Lavora divertendoti e soprattutto per una buona causa...
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You cannot spoil your baby with too many cuddles or too much you, it’s just all about finding the balance that works for the whole family. is there a enough opportunity for bub to get age appropriate sleep and are you having enough time to get what you need to done as well as nourish yourself? if yes then congratulations mama and if no don’t stress as i have got you! gentle plans for precious little humans! let me help you find the yin to the yang ☯️. i give you all the options and you make the choices that feel right for you and your family. πŸ’• πŸ“Έ @ourlovelylifestyleperth
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