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Alia, a 10-year-old female bottlenose dolphin, died early yesterday morning on may 22nd at @dolphinarisarizona . this facility has only been open for 1.5 years and 2 of their 8 dolphins are already dead... 7-year-old bodie passed away last september, and now alia too. dolphins do not belong in the desert.
alia was born at seaworld orlando on december 4th, 2007, to ariel and sebastian. prior to her transfer to dolphinaris arizona in august 2016, she lived at both discovery cove and six flags discovery kingdom.
according to dolphinaris arizona, alia’s cause of death is unknown. they also stated that “alia had displayed some unusual behaviors in the last few days and she was being monitored.”
dolphinaris arizona’s official statement:
“with deep sorrow, the dolphinaris arizona team would like to inform our guests about the passing of alia. the exact cause of death has not yet been determined. alia had displayed some unusual behaviors in last few days and she was being monitored. she was under continual care by dolphinaris staff and veterinarians. a necropsy will be performed, and the results will be reported and shared in the coming weeks when they become available.”
caption: @cetacean.inspiration
photo: @dolphinarisarizona
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t123 "stanley" spyhopping
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Because in 40 days i’ll be back in one of my favorite places with my best friend for 3 days πŸ’“ #thecove #letthecountdownbegin
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Vacation destinations that make you forget all about your worries and problems β›±
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Events for this weekend! theres always an opportunity to help animals, people and the planet! please join us! (links below are for facebook users, dm me for any questions)


10:30am- tokitae (lolita) totem pole journey stop - blessing event

2pm- homeless feeding in miami (no link, refer to info on image above)

6:30pm- evening program with the lummi tribe at fiu

7:30pm- soflo's vegan heroes celebration at zen mystery


9am- tokitae totem pole rally

12pm- sunday seaquarium protest
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I still can't believe people still go to places like seaworld.
seeing peoples photos of themselves swimming with the dolphins and having photos next to them or pictures of the sealions taking place in comedy sketches or the orcas jumping out of the water upsets and angers me so much!
i wish people would educate themselves before going to actually see how these animals got there in the first place.
it may look fun and happy but dig a little deeper and you'll see the dark side of this type of place.
its pure slavery and its about time it stopped. these poor animals are ripped from their families and homes to entertain us humans.
the final photo on this post is in taiji, japan. its where they drive the dolphins into the cove to pick out the young dolphins they want and the rest are all killed and sold on markets as other meat.
to anyone considering going somewhere like this please spend your money wisely and go see these incredible creatures in their natural environment!
don't support this animal abuse!!
#seaworldsucks #seaworldofhurt #education #thedolphinproject #thecove #taiji #japan #orcas #sealions #dolphins #blackfish #miamiseaquarium #emptythetanks #respectanimals #freelolita #seashepherds #peta #ewanmcgregor #christianserratos #animalcruelty #belugas
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Quattro anni di amicizia, amo questa ragazza @elisadepanicis πŸ‘―‍β™€οΈπŸŒŠπŸ‘£πŸ‘™πŸ’•
photo credzπŸ“Έ @kjsmeby #bahamas #nassau
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They take luxury seriously at @thecove_eleuthera.
4 63 January 2017


And now some much needed time at the infinity pool.
2 49 January 2017


The most tranquil and inviting beaches i've ever seen.
1 41 January 2017


Finding every hidden gem in the beautiful island of eleuthera.
1 34 January 2017


My home for the next few days. i could gaze at this view forever.
6 49 January 2017


Welcome to my current office, also known as @thecove_eleuthera.
2 47 January 2017


Sick evening at #thecove with #mashup! #seasonlife #cocktails
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What’s sup?! come on down to lake surf situated at the cove and take out our brand new paddle boards.
stimulate your senses
unleash your passion
preserve your health
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