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#special // 🎧 electric mantis "daybreak"
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“deep silence fell about the little camp, planted there so audaciously in the jaws of the wilderness. the lake gleamed like a sheet of black glass beneath the stars. the cold air pricked. in the draughts of night that poured their silent tide from the depths of the forest, with messages from distant ridges and from lakes just beginning to freeze, there lay already the faint, bleak odors of coming winter. ― algernon blackwood . next update on wood slices this friday the 12th.
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0058 hypno
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Upsized .//🔸 album art & commissions available 🔸. . . . . . . . . #thegraphicspr0ject#graphicart#graphicdesign#ep#mextures#m3xtures#albumdesign#albumcoverart#albumart#albumcover#d_expo#digitalart#bookcovers#photoshop#bandcamp#weeditit#albumartwork#albumcovers#dailyart#thedesigntip#musicartist#enter_imagination#launchdsigns#coverart#ig_creative#simplycooldesign#manipulationclan#gramslayers
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Daily sketch #004 - ok so today i went pretty experimental but i love it. i deeply love it. i can already see it finalized and printed on #letterpress just like my work for @iammrcup calendar. but i am going to color it for sure with different colors for each letter so it will help readibility. so here is one i am going to push further. i must say i am pretty pleased to play with letters and try new things with that challenge. you should do it too 😉
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The letter of the day is “h” . the shadow technique used here is the same as the “rainbow paint lettering” in my free tutorials at the link in my bio. . we also cover shadows in more detail in my lettering for ipad course - with a new megabundle option available if you want all the extra goodies! link in bio to read more. . the app is procreate. this is a 12.9” ipad pro with apple pencil, the pencil has a silicone sleeve on it. the procreate brush i’m using is available in my lettering for ipad megabundle or unicorn brush set at lissletters.com . tutorials and online courses at the link in my bio.
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Good morning everyone! this is my latest piece “rosa” i just finished her last night and i love how sweet she looks!! she’s part of my #pacalminis so now there’s two of them available (the rest have sold 😊) she’s available through the link in my profile if you want to take her home! . - ps the color scheme here is based on @colorcrushcreative ‘s beautiful palette of the week #cccpalette32 - #artforsaleonline #pacalart #insanelyinspiredinstagram #whimsicalart #ecuadorart #flowerartwork #creativelife #embraceyourtrueself #passionista #painteveryday #lovelysquares #sobestfriendsforfrosting #colorcolourlovers #solovelysofree #photosinbetween #oneofthebunch #theeverydayproject #interiorstyle #interiordesignideas #interiordesigners #instainterior #thedesigntip #designinspo #designinspiration #uniqueart #womeninart
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“imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” ― carl sagan . first update for this year on wood slices. i will try to have weekly updates on new designs. i ship worldwide ✨ . menisart.etsy.com
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Studio MPGgraph
Identité visuelle événementielle pour les « 1res rencontres régionales de l’habitat participatif » client : hab-fab 2017-09 collaboration avec @hollmann.graphicdesign
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Jack Royle
Touch screen
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Natascha Rosenberg
Cada vez que me dejan su cuarto la colección de dibujos que ellas hacen se unen a aquellas que les he ido enviando y alguna que hicimos juntas. // every time i use her room, the collection of illustrations that she draws join those i have sent over the years and some we did together. ❤️
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Natascha Rosenberg
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Find your life, your true life… . . . 📷@savetiar.friend
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71 / 365 dias extraordinários "que o amor é tudo que existe é tudo que sabemos sobre o amor."
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Massimiliano Parisi
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logo artwork design service
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Graphics Daily
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