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It wasn’t that long ago that this time of year meant a new hobbit movie. i was too young when the lord of the rings films hit cinemas to see them but by the time the hobbit arrived i was excited to see middle-earth on the big screen. i really enjoy the first two parts of this trilogy but the final film really left me with a sour taste and i haven’t seen any of the films since. this movies because of their release date remind me of the christmas season so i’m excited to revisit the trilogy this week. might even do a trilogy review after. #movie#film#bluray#trilogy#lotr#thehobbit#thelordoftherings#thehobbitanunexpectedjourney#anunexpectedjourney#hobbition#newzealand#middleearth#peterjackson#jrrtolkien#martinfreeman#andyserkis#thehobbittrilogy#book#fantasy#hobbitfeet
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โ–ช๏ธback in colorโ–ช๏ธ
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Hi! i don’t know if any of you guys remember me, but this is watashi (aka @law.watashi, @watashi.ki ) i figured i can’t really stop editing for it is what i like doing the most, but since i am so busy i am only going to be doing raw edits. my main account is still deactivated since i won’t be doing any creative edits. also, for those who don’t know, this account is multifandom. sorry for being absent for a very long time! i don’t know how often i’ll be making edits but i’m sure i’ll still be doing them— edits that i want to do of course. i hope everyone’s having a good school year. enjoy this legosas edit lmao.
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Impeccable opening scene where literally...the city of london is chasing after a smaller city to confiscate their 'old tech' so they can build a killer machine inside their cathedral (ironic, i know) •

we have a half-baked #heroine here as she started the story strong and somehow she just has to fall in love with a boy she just met 10 seconds ago. •

so, #mortalengines is a story set in the post dystopian era where we (the 21st century human) are considered the ancient. •

the visuals is surely tantalizing as the #director christian rivers has long been a seasoned player in the #cgi fields with #thelordoftherings

hester shaw the heroine is eager to get her revenge game on with a guy who subtly resembles a #monkeyking , who we found later, assassinated her mother and stole a quantum power source thingy that her mom discovered.

and then there were killer skull bots who actually have a soul named shrike but sounds like shrek to me.

i forgot who is the male protagonist because he doesn't make much impressions, mainly because of the lack of depth in the scriptwriting.

there's so many good things about this stories written by philip reeve, but i feel like #netflix should buy the rights and produce a 5 seasons of this great adventure.

all in all, it's not a movie that you should analyze or dissect, it's a good pre-christmas movie that you will definitely enjoy watching with your friends.
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170125 ๋ฐ˜์ง€์˜์ œ์™•
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Aragon's battle speach at the black gate: " hold your ground! hold your ground!
sons of gondor,of rohan,my brothers,
i see in your eyes the same fear that
would take the heart of me.
a day may come when the courage
of men fails,
when we forsake our friends and
brake all bonds of fellowship,
but it is not this day.
an hour of wolves and shattered shields,
when the age of men comes crashing down,
but is not this day!
this day we fight!!
by all that you hold dear on this good earth,
i bid you stand,
men of the west!" this day we fight by norloth/deviantart

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"he will come to death.
an image of the splendor
of the kings of men in glory,
undimmed before the breaking
of the world.
but you,my daughter,
you will linger on in darkness
and in doubt.
as night falling winter has come
without a star."
enduring renewal by daviddeb/deviantart

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#decvinylworship day 9: your favorite soundtrack

artist: howard shore
album: the lord of the rings: the return of the king
song: a coronal of silver and gold

for me it's pretty close between the lord of the rings and star wars, but i think lotr is a bit less common to hear in everyday life, therefore retaining a bit more of its impact. plus the vinyl i have for these is just above and beyond. each one comes in a book-like binding, with 5-6 discs per film, as well as a full booklet and part of a fold-out map. i have all three shown together, as well as all of the maps put together but i'm specifically featuring the return of the king because i feel like it kind of collects all of the memorable themes from all three and puts utilizes them at one time or another.

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Im gonna be taking a break from insta soon and this is my kik just so you all know
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Fill some free time with reading! can't hold a book? then get an ebook haha (why do i sound like someone promoting ebook๐Ÿ˜‚).
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What a wonderful weekend i've had!! @randystonehillmusic randy and his beautiful wife, leslie came and played a house concert in our home. we've been fans for years! they are precious folks! we had a blast!! house concerts are awesome!! (hosting and playing ๐Ÿ˜‰) this morning i watched my friend play for "agnus dei" at her church and was so blessed! (that's her on the big screen)๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ and on this cold and rainy day, @hafunori nori and i are enjoying "the hobbit" together, as i sip mint tea from one of our "lord of the rings" mugs, made especially for our family. (dave blakeslee- check out his pottery online!โค๏ธ) #thehobbit #thelordoftherings #coldandrainyday #agnusdei #friends #houseconcerts #snuggles #music #jesus #randystonehill #daveblakeslee #pottery #windmusic #wind
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It isn't exactly half a billion, they offered #seanconnery , 15% of box office collections which no one ever expected that it turns out to be half a billion, his biggest mistake ever probably to turn down #thelordoftherings.
pc : @didyouknowmovies
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