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For a pluviophile like me, the night is almost perfect! i just hope that the rain would not be aggressive as it progresses. clearly, the weather is not for everyone but i just love the sound of rain when it hits the surface. i love how the rush of the winds turns into a gentle breeze when they blanket your skin. just a cup of coffee and the night will be up to par, at least the way how i define it. :) :) :)
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Nel mio viaggio in sevilla la prima cosa che ho visto arrivato qui è questa: la torre dell'oro!👑💍✨💰🛡️ mi ha lasciato subito incantato nonostante la pioggia, il vento e il freddo e il caldo! di costruzione araba in passato collegata alla muraglia di sivilla per difendere la ex parte islamica dall'invasioni! 💣💣💣 #manuelcarta #sonyxperia #sony #xperia #xperiax #sonyxperiaxa2ultra #sonydsch300 #ig_italy #instaitaly #igersitaly #loves_italia #gf_italy #xperia #xperiax #thecreative #ig_masterpiece #bearscubsandscruff.
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When you can’t decide on breakfast options so you get a little bit of both!
thankfully whatever he orders is mine too so my gluttonous self can eat everything!
chinese breakfast inclusive of dim sum, congee, noodles, pork buns, & green tea. western breakfast with the usual bacon, sausage, eggs & fresh squeezed orange juice.
which would you order?
this is the only time i ever eat breakfast really! i’m never hungry when i wake up.
anyone else out there not a fan of breakfast? most of my friends think i’m a bit weird for it.
photo from a previous ‘stay-cation.’ lived in hk for 2 years now full time. (although my feet are rarely on the ground.) but been visiting 3-4 times a year for the last 6 years! long distance relationships certainly stacked up the air miles!

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"pisa, città assai antica, ma di forma elegante e decorosa, e sebbene situata in mezzo a una pianura, a differenza della maggior parte delle città, non possiede poche torri, ma ne ostenta tutte di eminentissime, come anche fu potentissima sui mari, finché nella memoria dei padri, vinti nella epica battaglia contro i genovesi, perse non solo le forze navali, ma anche lo spirito e il dominio dei mari." petrarca

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Been here here just over 24hrs now and i’ve loved every minute of it so much! the history is incredible, it is so dense, intricate, & layered. i could spend weeks here and continue to discover new things.
i’m not a religious person at all, but i have so much respect and awe for the antiquity and tradition of it all, especially in this city.

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The second city that we've visited on our indochina trip was phnom penh, cambodia. it was a good seven-hour bus ride from ho chi mihn, vietnam so i took advantage of my playlists on @spotify . this was actually the first time i travelled across countries' borders. phnom penh felt a little closer to home because of the establishments, the people, and also the food which had hints of filipino flavor profile. i mean at least the variants of food i've decided to try. this city gave me the best experience in terms of trying to learn about the country, opening the opportunity to bond with my friends, talking to the locals, and letting us immerse into their culture. we barely scratched the surface of phnom penh and its people for staying there for two days yet we were given months' worth of happiness already. mahal kita phnom penh :) (*from left to right: silver pagoda; throne hall; royal stupa, one of the many; a close-up shot of a praying buddha at the royal palace; locals playing a folk-game enticing tourists to join in; kids doing some kind of a team-building activity; locals playing with tourists from other cities of cambodia)
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We started our indochina trip with a one-way ticket to ho chi minh, vietnam which was the first city and country we've visited. we've basically tried the local stuff like riding the bus to the market, trying their cuisine and authentic streetfood, went to the post office to write on and send postcards, and did a historical tour at cu chi tunnels. vietnamese love their greens so if you're vegan, you'll love it there. they have some of the simplest and lightest yet complementing flavor profile, and they serve their veggies fresh, straight to a circular basket (bilao in filipino) like a serving of bún cha for example. ho chi minh also has one of the two "the world of heineken" museums, one being in its origin country, the amsterdam. there, a host walked us through the history and process of brewing heineken beers. the experience was fun and i personally enjoyed the vip treatment. we watched some clips, poured our own beer, partied at the bar, and played some games. too bad my personalised bottle got hold at the airport at bangkok :( but being on the viewdeck of saigon skydeck, looking at the expanse of city lights, and just drinking beer with unlimited chips on the side are more than enough for having to pay two admissions for the night(one for the observation deck and one for the @heineken tour). and boy did we enjoy :)))
(*from left to right: inside ben thanh street food market; notre-dame cathedral basilica of saigon; buu dien, saigon central post office; me writing on a postcard; admission tickets taken at the observation floor of saigon skydeck; heineken 4d ride; the host welcoming us to the pouring station; me and other tourists pouring our very own beer; drinking the fruit of labor; me and nich playing foosball at the world of heineken)
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Mi lola lolita lola ❤️👩🏽‍🦱 ayer lloraba tanto viendo este vídeo que me mandó... y es que hace dos días ella era mi bebé, y ahora es tan mayor. la echo tanto de menos 😔 te quiero como la trucha al trucho tía @lolitacircus 💕♾
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We were so looking forward for 27th because we hadn't been to negros for the longest time, and we've planned on going to carbin reef at sagay to spend the weekend and chill. sooooooo many mishaps along the way, like i literally thought we were so ready and come the night before, few hours before my flight, the van i rented still hadn't confrmed, we couldn't get ahold of our relatives from alegria because the signal there was weak, we still didn't know if the reservation we booked still stood because the tourism office can't be reached, and i forgot to plan on the food to bring for when we get to the island. despite all that tho, we were able to make it to the island and see one of the bluest waters in the philippines, and actually swim in it :) (*from left to right: shore view, carbin reef; family pic, cropped myself out of the pic cause i'm too wide for the frame, lol; road going to sagay, talisay)
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I have this thing with bikes.. no, really. 🚲🚲 (help, i think i might be obsessed with bikes & pretty backgrounds)
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Another country we visited when we spent the public holidays touring in southeast asia was thailand. the first time we arrived at bangkok, we were hustled by the taxi driver. one of my friends sprinted to get the train tickets on the other side of the building so i looked after our bags. little did i know that my other friend was locked at the vehicle since the driver was refusing to take the exact bill and decided to ask for almost double the amount indicated on the meter. we also had to run fast as we can since we didn't have plenty of time. we we're booked on a sleeper train going to nong khai so we can cross the border from thailand to laos. i also got food poisoned at the diner on the sleeper train so we're going through a lot that night, i guess. they're adventurous tho, so they laughed it all off while i sulked on my misfortune. going back to bangkok from laos tho is a different story. i was kind of fascinated with the temples, they're much more detailed than the ones we saw in vietnam and cambodia. i also loved roaming around khao san road where we experienced legit thai massage. i braved on munching some street food at chatuchak market considering i just got food poisoned few days ago. we chilled there for four nights and it was the most relaxed we've been the whole trip!!! :) (*from left to right: nong khai station; inside the sleeper train; an array of buddhas at wat pho; a corner of an area where buddhas lined up; a table of elegant tea sets on chatuchak market; the ceiling of one of the temples in wat pho, talk about attention to details!)
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Riesci quasi a sentire i dettagli, quelli che non hai mai pensato di esprimere con le parole. frammenti che si fanno sentire anche se non vorresti. li metti insieme e trovi il sapore di una persona, e capisci quanto ti mancano... - memento
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Tower bridge looking glorious in the winter sunlight .
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