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Fox News
2 weeks ago
Breaking news: a federal judge threw out a former colorado dj's legal claim against pop superstar #taylorswift late friday, saying that the radio host had failed to prove the singer got him fired and ruined his career.


Ferrari Fan Page
2 weeks ago
Beautiful tdf pic @supercarsoflyon


2 weeks ago
How many questions can @gracevanderwaal answer in 52 seconds? πŸ’Œ | #mtvsummerinthecity


MadWhips World's Hottest Cars
2 weeks ago
Lamborghini huracan check out πŸ’° @wolf_millionaire πŸ’°for our guides to grow followers & make money @wolf_millionaire click link in bio πŸ”₯ free guides-> 🚨 www.wolfmillionaire.com 🚨 check out @wolf_millionaire #wolfmillionaire photo by @jarensavage #lamborghini #huracan #lamborghinihuracan #madwhips


Exotic Cars & Supercars
2 weeks ago
Audi r8 v10 + check out πŸ’° @wolf_millionaire πŸ’°for our guides to grow followers & make money @wolf_millionaire click link in bio πŸ”₯ free guides-> 🚨 www.wolfmillionaire.com 🚨 check out @wolf_millionaire #wolfmillionaire photo by @carspotting_europe #audi #r8 #audir8 #madwhips


CNN Travel
2 weeks ago
Not your average brown bag lunch - try a fried fish sandwich from tribe road kitchen with a side of πŸŸπŸ’―shot by: @alex_rosen


Squawka Football
2 weeks ago
Five @arsenal players have scored on their @premierleague debut under arsene wenger. πŸ‘ @lacazettealex was the quickest. ❄️ #squawka #squawkafooball #football #soccer #fifa #fifa17 #arsenal #afc #emirates #lacazette #premierleague #bpl #pl


2 weeks ago
When you're sitting at home, in sweatpants, living the dream 😁 (@thenatewolfman)


Amazing Cars
2 weeks ago
Tag friends you’d travel with in @lexanimotorcars insane luxury mobile offices #lexanimotorcars #escalade #sprinter #limo #privatejet


Food Videos
2 weeks ago
Chocolate lava cake with ice cream! 😍🀀🍰🍫🍧 follow @foodvideo πŸ˜‹ follow @foodvideo πŸ˜‹ ——— πŸ“·: @foodyfetish


Rita Ora
2 weeks ago
Jamming in the car.....i'm so proud of this song πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ”₯ #yoursong


David Guttenfelder
2 weeks ago
A cut-out of a south korean marine, meant for keepsake snapshots, stands inside a memorial built in the remaining ruins of the 2010 attack on south korea's yeonpyeong island. the island is just 12 km south of the coast of north korea's hwanghae province. on november 23, 2010, north korean artillery shelled yeonpyeong island following south korean military exercises in the area. #korea.


National Geographic Travel
2 weeks ago
Photo by @babaktafreshi the world at night project if you have clear and relatively dark sky this weekend enjoy the perseid meteor shower, aug 11 to 13. the peak is after saturday midnight to the morning of sunday the 13th but the bright moon rising before midnight vanishes a part of the sky so try the darker evening hours too (10-12). this annual meteor shower is more favored for the northern hemisphere but its visible from anywhere on earth. the meteors don’t necessarily appear near the shower radiant in constellation perseus, they can be anywhere in the sky. in ideal condition you might see a meteor or two per minute depending on the peak hour, light pollution, and moonlight. photographed above was during the 2016 perseids peak from yosemite national park in california, with iconic half dome and el capitan in the foreground. note the pleiades (the seven sisters star cluster) and the reddish california nebula in the sky, captured with my astrophotography camera which receives more red than regular cameras. follow me @babaktafreshi for more of our planet’s night wonders. @natgeocreative @natgeo #meteorshower #meteor #shootingstar #perseids #pleiades #yosemite #california #nightsky #astronomy #stargazing #astrophotography #nightphotography #longexposure


b r 🎀n d Y
2 weeks ago
#fbf @rayj x @4everbrandy #ediblehigh #eyesofthestorm #rnb #brandyxrayj #brotherxsister i got you and you got me!!! thank you @4everbrandy101 πŸ“ΉπŸŽΆπŸ’‘


Marlon - CarsWithoutLimits
2 weeks ago
Range rover vogue make sure to check out & follow @phantom_ms_ for some of the hottest customized rides out there. #phantommotorsport #carswithoutlimits