Amanda Bailey
17 minutes ago
mandachilives When my mind is full i always head back to the water. this spot is also prime viewing for planes taking off. there is wonder in both.
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Chaya Cooper
2 hours ago
chayacooper One of the best parts of working from home is heading up here to review documents on a picture perfect day 😎 #startuplife #summeroffice #nycrooftop #theviewfromhere #relatedlife
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3 hours ago
krystaldoolittle Friday finds 😍🔥📚 i love a good treasure hunt in @gravyhomegoods
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Gabby Peyton
3 hours ago
gabpeyton Of course there were several giant plates of delicious canadian cheese at #fbc2017 kickoff reception! @dairyfarmersofcanada brought out all the stops with cheeses like this sylvan star grizzly gouda from alberta and urban blue harbour blue from nova scotia!!
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4 hours ago
talesofa5thgradeteacher First ever #familymovienight. complete with 🍕, 🍿, m&ms, and silly jams (including a pregnant mama in some footie pajamas). the #toddlerapproved 👍🏼
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Elissa Guidos
4 hours ago
elissa_guidos Photo 📷 challenge, day 20: lazy day attire. today i’m too cold and lazy to take off my boots. therefore, lazy day attire achieved. normally it’d be leggings and a hoodie, but read above👆🏻-too lazy to change.
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