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"why did you decide to join younique? you really sell makeup? why?" well. let me break it down for you.
25% of girls are sexually abused before age 18
60% of them will never talk about it...
90% know their abusers
shelaine maxfield said it best. "there comes a time in each of our lives when we become so painfully aware of a problem, that we can no longer dismiss it." i spend money on makeup every month anyways. so when i found out that younique was founded as a way to support the younique foundation and their haven retreat, it was a no brainer for me. i needed to purchase this makeup as a way to contribute and help this foundation. then the opportunity was presented to me to become a presenter. and i couldn't say no.
the younique foundation and haven retreat helps survivors find their voice and reclaim hope. over 1000 women so far have been able to attend this retreat in the beautiful mountains in utah. free of charge.
this retreat provides all sorts of therapy and activities to these women to help reclaim hope and to start the journey of healing. grounding techniques, art journaling, expressive writing, s****l health, learning about trauma and the impact of abuse, understanding forgiveness, group therapy, and many other healing activities. including a makeover and photoshoot to help them connect with themselves and feel beautiful again.
if by purchasing my makeup from younique and being a presenter i can help the younique foundation. i will. and this is only one way to donate and contribute. visit youniquefoundation.org/donate and fill out a donation form. blanket and journal donations are also needed. you can also write letters for the women attending the retreat. visit the younique foundation facebook page. and this is part of my "why" what's your why?

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Defend the innocence campaigns for the younique foundation. helping fight s****l abuse against innocent children. this bundle@is still available if you wish to order one it has limited addition colours which are the bombπŸ’£ go to my bio to check out how to orderπŸ’‹πŸ’„all proceeds go to this campaign so get yours now!!!! #defendinnocence #theyouniquefoundation #stoppingsexualabuse #helpthesurvivors #givingback #protectourchildren #youniqueretreat #empowering #validating #upliftng #youniquepresenter
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. it’s #worldmentalhealthday! i have never spoke about this on here and felt i should share my heart even tho it’s out of my comfort zone. not many like to talk about or share their struggles to people or on social media. people judge and may look down upon it. mental illness is serious. this awareness is important to me because my biological mother stuffers everyday from schizophrenia.
this topic, i feel like i shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it... no one is prefect. i myself stuffer from anxiety and depression. i remember having anxiety from a young age and being scared. i was made fun of and bullied. i bottled a lot of my feelings in because i was afraid and confused. the worst was after high school and moving out of state. i was in a bad relationship and i left obviously because i got tired of being depressed and tired of trying to fix what couldn’t be fixed. i wanted god in my life, a healthier relationship in my life and someone to love me unconditionally, no matter how i was raised or what i had gone through in my childhood.
.since meeting adam, my life has changed so much, but i still had a lot of room for healing, growth and forgiveness. after having penélope, i got diagnosed with postpartum depression. i was afraid of failure and i didn’t understand why i was feeling a certain way when i had a wonderful husband, daughter and a good life.
.the past 3 months i started talking to a counselor for my anxiety and depression. depression is real and is a disease. it sucks so bad to have this! depression is so strong that it can overtake your mind and you just feel empty and alone. even if you have the support and love around you. it makes you feel that you are not valuable and that everything you do is wrong, and that the world would be better without you. i’ve felt that way before. i’m glad that i finally opened up to getting help to better me! all i ever wanted was to be heard and be freed from all the hurt. it has dug up feelings from my childhood but now i’m able to understand a lot of my whys as a mother and why certain things trigger me. it’s ok not to be ok! talk to someone!! πŸ’œ #mentalhealth #theyouniquefoundation
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This months triple sizzle 😍😍😍
if you haven't tried our bb flawless tinted moisturizer.....ummmm you should!!!😁😁😁
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ummm and this kudos comes with your choice of shades πŸ˜πŸŽƒbb flawless tinted moisturizer πŸŽƒπŸ•Έliquid lipstick πŸŽƒπŸ•ΈπŸ˜ and dip.draw.dominate liquid linerπŸ‘€πŸ‘€
check out colors at www.amyounique.com
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This weeks featured tee is up!
one shirt is set at a discounted price every week! let us know what your favorite designs are & maybe it will be the next featured tee!

half of all proceeds go to #theyouniquefoundation! πŸ’œ

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This shirt is everything!!! #iamenough #theyouniquefoundation
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Thankyou @youniquefoundation for the daily inspiration πŸ’• today is your day!
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Loveee this tripple sizzle bundle. all profit goes to helping sexually abused women... younique is so much more then just make up
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This process is used at our haven retreat to help survivors see that even though they may be broken now they are still beautiful and it helps them with the healing process πŸ’œπŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ˜ #younique #theyouniquefoundation #makemanyripples #havenretreat #survivor #childhoodsexualabuse
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So. much. more. than. makeup. πŸ’œ so proud to have joined this mission.
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When your told it's time to get on your #biggirlpanties #bgp by jess parizek you do just that!πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ ready to slay my business like the queen i am meant to be!!!!πŸ‘Š #empoweryouott #boss #b***s #younique #filledmycup #mom #momoffour #momlife #bosslife #living #dreaming #cantstopme #theyouniquefoundation #youniquecorporate #mymission #makemanyripples #somuchmorethanmakeup #inspiring #uplift #empower #validate #exclusive #presenter #ylife #ynot #girlvibes #makeup #j****e #younique #empoweryouott
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Our little cuties had so much fun picking out items for chris and i to bring to mexico for the shelter! they have such big hearts!

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When you spend the day learning with 600 amazing women all working for the same cause and living the mission of this amazing company it's impossible not to be inspired and motivated. watch out world, we're coming for you!

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