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Sherri Loves Berries
Fun fact:
did you know....hair follicles can lay dormant under the scalp for 5 years!?! if you have thinning hair, you have dormant follicles.
that means for any number of reasons the follicle has stopped producing hair. the good news: if it's happened within the last handful of years you can get those dormant follicles active again!

once you "wake up" the follicle and jump start production it's common for your scalp to feel itchy and even start getting pimple-like bumps where the hair is trying to come in. while it may be annoying, it is also exciting! it just means the treatment is working and is stimulating those dormant follicles...so don't stop!

if you experience this, use the rejuvenique oil as a scalp massage oil to help soften the skin more to help it break through easier with less irritation. this works especially well after a hot compress. you can also use a super soft bristle brush (like a baby brush) to help the process along and stimulate the scalp without damaging the skin with vigorous scratching.
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Salon Salon
Now offering volume+ hair thinning solutions and microlines integrated hair thickening system by hairdreams. hand selected 100% human hair from austria. this non damaging process has incredible results with no lifestyle limitations. please schedule your complimentary consultation to see how we can help change your life. (802) 253-7378. #hairdreams #volumeplus #thinninghair #thinninghairsolution #thickeninghair
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Glamorous Butterfly|Vanessa
Devine blend.....dark chocolate with cafe latte balayage. our own brand, our own custom colour work.
super soft and fine european hair.
small closed wefted cap with a full silk top parting. silicone or clips and combs can be added to the cap if this wig 🦋🦋🦋🦋 ....more photos of this wig to follow.

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Mane Attraction
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We like messy buns and we can not lie... the perfect evening hairdo after massaging in your weekly hair oil treatment 💦 who else swears by a good quality hair oil for a healthy scalp and hair?
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Black Elegance
Forest growth oil lagos distributor @bimfem_natural_hairproduct does a lot of sales, always has something going on, her shop is loaded with all kinds of rich products, you really have to check her out. *our 50ml bottle screams out loud with success stories in nigeria. thanks a lot dear royal ❤

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forest growth oil now in stock💃💃💃 this amazing oil repair hair follicles with infused growth stimulating natural oils.
great reviews on thinning hair growth. 💟💟 wholesales ? amazing discount for you!
whatsapp 07032378915 to order
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Trends Beauty Bar
Many clients suffering from a variety of issues related to alopecia, thinning, hair loss due to hormonal issues , aging or medical conditions can benefit from this treatment. each clients hair restoration treatment plan is customized based on individual needs using various methods such as ; custom made closures, weaving techniques, scalp micro pigmentation and custom units. the hair restoration method will be determined after thorough consultation.... call to book 905 608 1696 #smp #thininghair #unit #micropigmentation #alopecia #scalppigmentation #trendsbeautybar #balding #baldingsolution #thinninghairsolution #closure #weave #hairrestoration
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🇫 ᴀʙʀɪᴄᴀᴛɪɴɢ 🇫 ʀɪɴɢᴇ
Hair on point, life on point.
yeah, my house is bombed, and the school kids get home in 20 minutes. yeah, we're chilling here, and he smells like an outhouse. yeah, i have a bunch of emails, private messages, and comments to answer, and i need to make a couple phone calls, drop a package off at the post office, head to the grocery store, pick up a prescription, clean my house, and a whole bunch more on the to do list, but i'm sitting here with my stinky baby, while he chugs his baba. i decided to wear this @belletress topper from @wigstudio1 today, so i added some dark brown @toppikhair colored hair thickener to my mousey light brown regrowth on my thin front hair line, so it'd integrate a tad better. (worked like a charm!) with the pretty wave of this lace front mono top wave 18" heat friendly topper (color: ginger), i didn't even prep my bio hair... just let it air-dry wavy and plopped this topper on top! it's so light and comfortable! my to do list might be a million miles long but i feel like i can conquer the world! this hair is making me feel great today! isn't it funny how feeling good about yourself can make your whole day so much better, even when you might be surrounded by so many obstacles?! funny how that works. wishing you a happy day! •

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