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Beyonce turned it out with her dance moves. best moment when my bey breaks down my all time favorite song. #crazyinlove #otrii #beyonce πŸ‘‘πŸ #queenb #thisisreallife #thisisreallove #rosebowl
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Packed afffffff!!! y’all betta rose bowl! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯🐝🐐 #everythingislove #hov #beyzus #kingb #thisisreallife #otr2 #lovers #homies #soulmates #bestfriends #jayoncé #beyoncé #jayz #ivever #thisisreallove #otr
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The south side dance she does when j says to make some noise for htown’s very own πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯ #everythingislove #hov #beyzus #kingb #thisisreallife #otr2 #lovers #homies #soulmates #bestfriends #jayoncé #beyoncé #jayz #ivever #thisisreallove #otrii #musicroyalty #mrandmrscarter
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August 24, 2011 - b in barbados 😍😍
comment if y’all seen this pic before?😁
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December 10, 2011 - michael jackson: the immortal world tour in las vegas!
look at b with her cute swollen self🀰🏽😍
comment if y’all seen this pic before?
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Witamy jesieΕ„ πŸπŸ‚
rozwiane wΕ‚osy, chΕ‚odny wiatr i grube swetry, ale codzienne spacerki obowiΔ…zkowe πŸ‘ trzeba budowaΔ‡ odpornoΕ›Δ‡ πŸ’–πŸπŸ‚ na minus 10 stopni haha 🌧️
#hello #helloautumnπŸπŸ‚ #autumntime #smile #selfie #blondyneczka #wΕ‚osywszΔ™dzie #jesieΕ„ #outfitoftheday #polskadziewczyna #wtorek #wrzesieΕ„ #2018 #razemnajlepiej #thisisreallife #moomylife #happytime #mama2018 #milegodnia
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Thanks captain! πŸ™„
this is what happens when you vote red!
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Sometimes this is what motherhood looks like πŸ˜ͺ the guilt is real. if you’ve been following my stories you’ll see i hurt my back badly. this was the day i did it. i managed to crawl to our bed and lay down. i had been walking around in my u****s coz it was hot, ivy wouldn’t settle anywhere but my chest, jed was worried for me and wouldn’t go play with any toys so i let him have the ipad and my husband was at cricket so i just had to wait. not very glamorous. i could criticise this picture all day. the bed’s not made, jed’s drinking juice and on the ipad, my bad tan lines πŸ˜‚ but it’s real life. we don’t always have it all together ✌🏻 #motherhoodunplugged #parenthood_moments #parenting #motherhood #parenthoodunplugged #motherhoodmoments #mothering #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting #peacefulparenting #realparenting #reallife #reallifemoments #mumguilt #momguilt #mumsofinstagram #momsofinstagram #mumlife #momlife #thisisreal #thisisreallife #kids #babies #toddlers
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Keep this in mind πŸ€”
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My girl child is on the high school dance team with some of her besties. she always likes for me to come and watch. sometimes (usually) i am in my paint clothes. the best part? the girls don’t care. they still want a photo with me. this is real life. i’m a busy mom busting my b**t with two businesses, two kids and a part time job. i wouldn’t trade my life for anybody else’s. it’s the life i, and only i, am making.
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This πŸ‘†πŸΌβ €
this is how i imagined i would be spending my day today. β €
sunshine warming up my body and heart, my loves, happy and carefree. β €
instead, i was covering them both in head lice solution. β €
again...β €
seriously, that's twice in three weeks. β €
not cool world. β €
not cool. β €
.β €
.β €
.β €
.β €
.β €
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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯part sixπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ (if you don’t already know, check out my previous posts before carrying on with this one 😊) that continued to be the trend with n: he would make me feel loved, shower me with attention, make me laugh, allow me to feel on top of the world, share his “burdens”, borrow money, promise to pay back, lie about why he couldn’t keep his word, act distant, pay back a little then repeat the cycle. 😩 it was exhausting and emotionally draining for me. but i cared about this one. i believed that he could grow and become the man i always envisioned myself with. the scent of his cologne had a mystical power over me; whenever he would be in the vicinity, my nose would sense it. what about the way he looked at me? intense, magical, overwhelming! ☺️ this guy had me good, and he knew it all too well. at some point, i convinced myself that he was changing. i saw growth in him, and this is when i gathered the courage to go and talk to god about it. i was honest this time. i knew that the foundation of this situationship wasn’t right, but i was ready to do it god’s way this time. i surrendered and allowed him to have full control. soon after that, i went on a mission trip, and guess who my assigned roommate was? c!! πŸ™‰ who else was on our team? n!! wow! 😲 there’s always a first time for everything, right? how would this turn out? i was excited to finally get to know c for myself. you see, n had played us all along; he made sure that we didn’t get to hear anything positive about each other and form a friendship. he knew how to keep each of us at bay from the other. the night before we left, n gave me a pep talk about how i should “behave myself” on that trip. obviously, this came after he had showered me with compliments and insisted that we spend some “quality time” together, just the two of us ... he knew that was the best way to feed my primary love languages; words of affirmation and quality time. this man was wiser than he seemed. 😳😳 i wasn’t sure what he meant by me behaving myself, but i was insulted. what did he have up his sleeve? in less than 24hrs, i would find out. . . and so will you, in part 7 tomorrow! πŸ˜‰ #storytime #thisisreallife #staytuned πŸ”₯
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ha! pick a room- any room! my house is one big insta reality with the occasional corner tidied up for an insta photo. i don't mind that it's messy and i don't see it as pretending when i post a photo of something looking nice in my house. it forces to me to tidy up and it makes me appreciate how lovely my house is despite there being soooo much left to do. i also don't mind sharing what my house really looks like. we live here! there are toys everywhere, a 5 year old child, tumble weeds of dog hair from two constantly moulting, large golden retrievers, a husband who leaves his stuff everywhere and me. (i'm just as bad) i love a stylish house but i also love seeing houses that are lived in with all the c**p and mess and cute pets. 🐢 (swipe to see an additional parent reality photo where we allowed hattie to stay up and watch the x factor. except we didn't notice she'd actually fallen asleep! πŸ˜†)
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On the run ii | i’m still in shock that this actually happened! this is real life!!! ✨ i will forever be in complete awe of the essence that is beyoncé 😍...and jay-z wasn’t so bad either πŸ˜‰ forever grateful for this moment and these memories ♥️

#beyonce #jayz #otrii #ontheruntour #queenbey #beyhive #beyonceorbust #thisisreallife #losangeles
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I woke up to this. headphones in because well he’s not tired, he’s listening to the news... or something πŸ˜‚ oh and the cuteness of theo posing next to him is just too much ❀️
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I love capturing moments like this. they’re real and honest. this is my life. there’s no sugar coating here; mom life is hard, especially when you’re raising children who are all so very different. this is a typical scene that often leads to an all out war between my boys, from right to left we have: charlie the antagonist, edward the king who doesn’t give a s**t and jordan, the negotiator. charlie is a wind up, he push’s buttons he knows will create a reaction, he laughs at his own jokes thinking it’s bloody hilarious to get his brothers back up. edward, as we know, is king of this rabble; he commands attention and insists we meet all of his demands and as you can see, he isn’t afraid to stand his ground even against a giant sized charlie, he’s holding back only by the wise hand that is jordan. jordan is their mentor and subsequently, the keeper of the peace. he’ll try to calm a situation by getting them both to reason with sense and consequence although, sometimes, he does end up an inevitable casualty! sometimes these boys, although all intelligent and high achievers; can fight over the most s****d of things; almost to a point where i’m left wondering “are these really my kids” 🀷🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️ when all in the same room they could bring down an empire just with the screaming. i’ve learned to block it out and let them work it out between them, but honestly? it’s hard as f*ck trying to keeping them all in line! .
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Evening cuddles make everything ok.

busy days, homework, work, after school activities, chores.... everything is ok when you're home with your loved ones.
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