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Omg i loved this so much💗 thank you @instagram for making this! millie as a vloger, its a big yes for me❤️#milliebobbybrown #supportmillie #millieons #instagram #threeminuteautobiography
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[my audio]
i’m uwu
ac : me obv
sc : huhbyers & me
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dt : @happyfinniie <3
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Idk why i always hear « taco bell » instead of « talk about » k bye
seeing her in 6 days. wtf.

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“one day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember »
i don’t often ask this here but could u plz tag her ? <3
i’m so happy to finally be able to post this. to all the persons who are gonna meet her tomorrow, have an incredible and amazing day. i hope i’ll get too meet her one day ♡ i’m so excited for all of u k anyway i need to go to sleep but she loves you sm and i love her
also did i cry while making this ? yes
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To turn insane ...
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The last time i edited them was 9 month ago. woah.
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dt : all sillie stans + millie’s dream team :) @milliebobbybrown @sadiesink_
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This interview was literally the cutest thing ever im crying omg @milliebobbybrown i love u so much
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[1day] « i love you »
please repost in story uwu
ac: i added voiceovers
dt: tagged
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