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I finally was able to finish m****r on the orient express, and let me tell you, it was absolutely mind blowing!
this book put me in a strong reading slump, i've been not able to even read a sentence from it and not very much hate it, so what i did is download the audiobook and while i was giving it a try i found myself finishing it. the plot was amazing, and for it to be my first agatha christie, i have to say that i fell in love with her writing style and world building, so i've downloaded the audiobooks of her other books and guess what am i gonna do?

it was an amazing read and i wish i could have read this more faster but i'm so grateful i didn't give up on it, also the movie was fantastic.

have you read m****r on the orient express or watched the movie?
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Just curl up and repeat the words over and over for as long as it lasts.⠀
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Credit : @thevikingsbookshelf.. thank you
"you know so little of war. battles may be fought from the outside in, but wars are won from the inside out." - v.e schwab (a darker shade of magic)
quiet days spend reading are some of the best especially when you get to stay at home and take a day-cation from the world! hi early just trying to get myself prepared for koa and avoiding spoilers left right and center! 😂

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Azur et or (1974) by claude jauniere .

au cours d'une soirée donnée par ses parents pour ses vingt ans, gilberte josserand fait la connaissance d'un jeune homme qui n'était pas invité... curieuse rencontre ! penchée à la terrasse, elle aperçoit un homme qui se repose ; il vient de se baigner et, attiré par les lumières et les bruits de la fête, il est venu faire une halte avant de repartir... quelque temps après, le destin les réunit encore une nouvelle fois et gilberte retrouve au hasard des vacances son étrange visiteur. elle n'apprend de lui que son nom et sa profession : etienne longval, un chimiste. attirée par lui et ne voulant pas le placer d'emblée dans une situation d'infériorité, elle lui cache l'importance de sa fortune et déclare n'être que la secrétaire de m. josserand. etienne et gilberte vivent ensemble quinze jours de parfait bonheur... mais, au hasard d'une conversation, le jeune homme apprend qui est réellement gilberte. déçu, peiné du manque de confiance de celle qu'il aime, dégoûté de cet amour construit sur le mensonge, etienne s'enfuit et retourne à paris. gilberte est désespérée. elle ne comprend pas pourquoi il est parti, sans lui donner une explication.
le retrouvera-t-elle ?
saura-t-elle lui prouver la pureté de son amour ?
etienne saura-t-il, de son côté, surmonter son orgueil ?

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Favorite mythical creatures?

mine definitely aren’t vampires, so why oh why am i on book 8/9/10 (there’s so many i can’t remember at this point) of the sookie stackhouse series?

yeah, i don’t know either haha.

for anyone who doesn’t know this series: it’s what the tv show true blood is based on and it is ridiculous. like utterly and absolutely over the top. people get stabbed, murdered, kidnapped, staked left and right about 6 times a book, and lets not forget about the kissing, making out and having s*x that occurs at the most inopportune times possible.

now that you have the baseline down, what is it that keeps me coming back?

honestly, i’m not super sure. i think at this point my hate reading has turned in to an addiction i am powerless to resist and i’ve kind of gotten attached to the characters (even though every time i like a love interest they get taken off the table, yeah i’m salty about it) and i’m so far in i might as well find out how it ends!

to anyone who’s read this series and hasn’t stopped reading this yet because i’ve dragged the books to montana and back, what are your thoughts?

should i watch the tv show? and who was your favorite love interest so far?

spoiler alert: my favorites so far have been alcide and quinn in that order, fight me about it in the comments!

title series: the southern vampire mysteries

author: charlaine harris @realcharlaine

publisher: gollancz @gollancz

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How long have y’all been on bookstagram?

today is not only my 20th birthday (bye bye teenage years) but it’s also my 8 month anniversary on bookstagram! can’t believe i’ve been posting for so long already, it seems like my first post was just a few weeks ago.

coincidentally i hit 2.000 followers not too long ago and i can’t really believe that either haha!

that said i just wanted to thank every single one of you who decided to follow me, comment your opinions, thoughts, approval or just sent me a lovely private message!

i am forever thankful for this little community and i hope i’ll be able to be a part of it for a long time to come!

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Do you set yourself reading goals?

since the year is 3/4 over at this point i wanted to check in with everyone and see how your reading has been going!

do y’all do challenges or set yourself a specific number you want to reach in a year? or are you completely anti planning and just go ahead and read what you want?

i’ve set myself a 100 books a year challenge since 2011 or 2012 (can’t remember anymore, i’m getting old haha) and i’ve managed to reach it every year since. currently i’m at 85 books for 2018 so i should be on track, but since university starts for me on monday we’ll have to see if i can manage haha!

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Halloween: yay or nay?

i was a big fan when i was kid (who wouldn’t be?) but now that i’m older i don’t really do much at all haha. but since everyone on here has been posting halloween-y pictures all week i figured i’d jump on the bandwagon!

in more important news: this post gives me a chance to talk about the latest book i’ve finished: “when dimple met rishi”!

while it’s not halloween related at all (other than in color) it came to me at just the right time. finishing it in two days it left me feeling happy and confirmed that this really is the year of the contemporaries for me!

not only is the relationship super cute but both of the main characters felt very fleshed out, realistic and distinct! i loved how they got to know each other and how their culture played a big role shaping their actions and their lives but not exclusively defining them. they weren’t ‘just’ indian-american teens: they were indian-american young adults with aspirations and dreams and a whole slew of characteristics other than where their families and they came from!

also: the side characters are adorable and i’m crossing my fingers for a spin off! please, please, pretty please?

my only negatives: i felt like the relationship was a teensie bit insta lovey and the ending felt a little played out. additionally the antagonists were kind of cartoonish? since stereotypes of a******s are rooted in truth though i’ll give her that one haha! but those were only small irritants that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the overall story!

if you haven’t read “when dimple met rishi” i couldn’t recommend anything more to break up all the spooky recommendations you’ll be getting this month!

have you read this yet? and if so, any thoughts?

title: when dimple met rishi

author: sandhya menon @sandhyamenonbooks

publisher: simon pulse @simonbooks @simonandschuster

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Favorite book to movie adaptation?

i read “the maze runner” way back in the day when ya dystopia was taking over the world and kinda liked it. this year i finally went back and read the whole trilogy and my review would be: eh, i guess?

even though i finished these weeks ago i still don’t really know how to feel about them. the premise of the maze was great in my opinion but the backstory was really, really weird? like, it didn’t make sense in the slightest in my opinion?

then again, a lot of people don’t seem to love this series so i’m not alone haha!

contrary to the reading experience i have to say that i watched the maze runner movie and liked that way more! i can’t speak to the other two movies and if their back stories end up making more sense, but the fast paced writing and crazy action just really lends itself to the movie format!

have you read these? have you seen the movie? let me know!

series title: the maze runner series

author: james dashner @dashnerjames

publisher: delacorte press @delacortepress

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Do you like color coded shelves or hate them?

i reorganized my bookshelf!

since reorganizing color coded shelves is super annoying (anyone who has one can probably agree haha), i collected all of the books i acquired since i built these in june, separately. once i had a decent amount i gave them all a home on my shelf!

i’m so happy that the rainbow has expanded a little, for some reason i seem to have a million brown books haha!

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What’s the genre you’ve been reading the most of lately?

for me it’s definitely been contemporary! so who better to feature today than the original queen of ya contemporary?

i know i’ve been harping on about contemporary books a lot lately so bear with me here (and take a shot for every time i use the word contemporary in this caption because wow y’all are going to get crunk) but i figured i could use this opportunity to hear about your favorite genres and maybe leave my little bubble haha!

other favorites of mine are fantasy (such a unique answer i know), thrillers and true crime so leave any and all recommendations for books in those genres down below!

title: along for the ride

author: sarah dessen @sdessen

publisher: puffin @puffinbooksusa
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What’s the unread book you’ve had on your shelf longest?

this might not be it, but the six months it has spent on my shelf are far too long. the blurb on the book had me super interested and then life happened and now here we are aha!

now that the second book is coming out i’m thinking i really need to finally get to it. but if i’ll be able to read it soon or not at least we can appreciate the amazing cover design!

do you have a lot of unread books or are you good at keeping your tbr stack small?

title: this mortal coil

author: emily suvada @emily.suvada

publisher: simon pulse @simonandschuster @simonbooks

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Hufflepuff or ravenclaw?

this has nothing to do with the book itself but the cover just had me wondering haha, and since it’s always gryffindor vs slytherin i figured i’d ask!

i have expressed before how much i adore this book so i won’t go in to detail about how much i loved the characters and the world and the plot and the story and literally anything else in the book, but just so you know: i was delighted by it all!

i took this picture because i was thinking of the elmuthaleth desert. i might not have an actual desert close by to give it an authentic feel but this was as close as i could get haha.

anyone out there who hasn’t read this yet? or anyone who wants to gush about it? i’m down for either!

title: strange the dreamer

author: laini taylor @lainit

publisher: little brown @littlebrownyoungreaders

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Novelty socks or normal socks?

i decided to jump on the sock picture bandwagon here and yeah taking this picture was a really weird experience and i’m not sure if i’d recommend it haha!

if you’re in to novelty socks what’s your favorite pair?

i’m pretty partial to these flamingo socks, they’re just the absolute cutest!

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Long time no see!

but i figured i couldn’t go wrong with a sunny post for sunday!

another one of the books on my endless stack of tbr’s. i love how the premise of this sounds and i’ve heard some good things but the fact that this is a mass market paperback... why do these even exist? i just know it’ll be in tatters after one read.

anyone out there that actually likes mass market paperbacks? if so please tell me why, maybe it’ll convert me haha!

title: the magicians

author: lev grossman @levgrossman

publisher: penguin books @penguinbooks
⠀ ⠀
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Currently reading! ⠀
even though i own the whole series (let’s not talk about how scarlett doesn’t match the rest) i’m currently listening to the lunar chronicle on audio book!

i checked out cinder on a whim and then quickly fell in love! the woman who narrates the story does such a great job and gives everyone a distinct voice even though the cast is so big. if you want to give these a chance i’d definitely recommend giving them a listen!

but now i’ve been waiting for cress to come in at the library and the wait has been driving me nuts. the third book is hands down my favorite (as far as i can remember) and i can’t wait for all the cress/thorne interactions!

who’s your favorite character in the series? and which book did you like the most?

can’t believe i’m on my fourth reread and still loving these just as much!

series title: the lunar chronicles

author: marissa meyer @marissameyerauthor

publisher: macmillan usa @macmillanusa

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I think i’m in love!

normally i don’t buy a full series without having read a single book but when i saw the box set of these i couldn’t resist.

and now i am so glad i got them all at once! i just finished “to all the boys i’ve loved before” and i think i’ll dive right in to “p.s. i still love you” because i need me some more peter!

if you haven’t read book 1 don’t continue reading because i might be spoiling some things, just pleeease read the d**n book you won’t regret it!

this book made me squeal at parts and ignore my inner cynic just because it was so darn adorable! i am a sucker for the fake-relationship-turns-real trope so i enjoyed every minute of the back and forth between lara jean and peter!

it was also lovely to read from a girls perspective that was a little awkward, a little shy and unapologetically a homebody! i’m all for strong females who kick a*s but you don’t have to fight a war every single book to get that across imo.

to all the people who have read this (which might be everyone because i’m a tiny bit late to this party) did you like peter or josh more in the beginning?

who’s your favorite song sister?

and are you excited for the movie? because i’m dying (literally, like, dying) to watch the adaptation!

so here’s my psa: everyone go buy this please and read it, if you haven’t, and if you have gossip about it with me!

series: to all the boys i’ve loved before

author: jenny han @jennyhan

publisher: simon & schuster @simonandschuster @simonbooks

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