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New release @inknburn boho kit! so excited 😁🤗 i’m not a flower person when it comes to my clothes/outfit but this one is just too pretty to pass and my little girls are in love with poppies! .

this women's boho singlet features poppies to symbolize finding your inner peace, a peace symbol to share the love with all you see and even a hidden lady bug for good luck! a beautifully vibrant, energetic and feminine design. all hand-crafted for you at our warehouse in southern california with our dry i.c.e. technical fabric. .
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I thought i’d follow up with my thoughts on the #rekarb @carburealerable maple syrup-based fuel i posted about and tried last week.
the obvious question (for me, and maybe others in the #runto #runnerscommunity) is how it compares to endurance tap. i liked the flavour of endurance tap, but found it very intense (maybe due to the ginger) and thus difficult to take in more than tiny amounts- one pack literally lasted me a few days.
the rekarb gels were smaller, single serving packs, and i didn’t find it quite as sweet or overwhelming, so they were easier to swallow. the ingredients are very similar- just maple syrup and sea salt, with the option of either cocoa or matcha powder, though the difference between the flavours wasn’t massive. i preferred the straight maple gel (though i could hardly call it a gel; it’s very watery) and would use them again, probably in combination with more food like items.
but, i don’t think fuel can be give a good or bad rating because it’s so personal. rather, this is who i would recommend it for:
🍁 fans of endurance tap looking to try similar products
🍁 anyone who likes a very thin texture (ie. glukos, powergels). particularly if you’re mourning the loss of powergels, give these a shot.
🍁 anyone who prefers minimal ingredients, natural options, or vegan/dairy free items.

next up...
⛽️ campfire s’mores @guenergylabs . haven’t tried this flavour and it was the sole one left in the box, which made me twitchy. ⛽️ lemonade @goultima , which is my favourite electrolyte (the lemonade reminds me of old-school lemonade kool-aid, in the paper packages). i like that it’s calorie free; i don’t have any issues getting enough calories 🙄 but i do have issues taking in enough water, and i’m a gross salty sweater. hopefully i’ll be tempted to drink more if my water tastes good!
⛽️ @skratchlabs raspberry fruit drops- just never tried ‘em.

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While i do like being able to run just that little bit further every week on my long runs, i do miss the challenge of #chasingvert
oh and the views, definitely miss the views.
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Park days are the best days 🐾☀️
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Feeling like spring out here. it's a gourd feeling. #trailrunning #ultrarunning
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A algunos runners nos encanta la lectura, y nada mejor que cuando nuestras dos pasiones se viven juntas. hoy en el #díadellibro la múltiple maratonista y campeona @pao.fierro nos comparte algo de su literatura de running favorita. ¿y tú qué título nos recomiendas?.
repost from @pao.fierro #felizdiadellibro... de esos que nos gustan, que nos ponen a soñar, que nos enseñan, que nos inspiran!!!... de esos que hablan de correr! 😍
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Loose rocks and deep sand made for a hard run at the saguaro national park yesterday. still had a good time!
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Siguiéndole el ritmo a estas chiquillas.
conociendo "el patio de juegos" de las liebres.
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Checking out the trail conditions at lebanon! and a gorgeous sunset 🌅 can’t wait to bust out the trail running shoes 👟 for the year!
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Hello instagram world!!!!!😄😄😄🤗🤗🤗🙌🙌🙌
i'm back from social media break due to a growing family, but it's great to be back with all of you!!💙💚💛💜
during this break and the family, i wasn't able to train consistently for this weekend's @runrevel marathon. i'll still be running the race, but i'll be sweeping!!
but a bq is still on the goal list this year! i'm making mt nebo my qualifier! my 16 week plan starts next monday and i'm excited to get started!
i'm also on day 2 of a new diet. i'm trying out the keto diet and so far it has been pretty good. i'm not sure how long i'll last on this diet, depending if i feel drained during long runs.
i also started reading this book "why we run" i've had this book for many years but never read it til now. my previous coach told me to be a student of running. so i'll be reading many running books!!
so that's the quick update! it's short, but i'll blog more details about the break this week. i hope y'all have a great run today!!!
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